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In May we have shared our plans for preferential matchmaking and later detailed an update in July, detailing our plans on how we aim to improve the vehicles themselves and the current issues we have with the matchmaker itself. VIII VIII T VIII Type As a side note, regular Tier VIII vehicles face a similar issue with matchmaking, amplified by the fact that they also compete against Tier X tanks. The underlying problem for these vehicles is too many battles versus Tier X.

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In this article we will cover 7 of the best Premium tanks in World of Tanks. It can be tough to define what makes a Premium tank the “best” so we’ve tried to collate a few tanks from varying tier levels – that way there’s a Premium tank for all occasions. In order to own a Premium tank you have to do one of a few things, either use an Invite Code, receive it from TankRewards, and for the best Premium tanks, you have to buy them. Premium tanks are one of the best things you can purchasing using Gold , so it’s well worth considering!

Premium tanks are designed to be better than a free tank using stock parts, but not as powerful as the same free tank using upgraded modules. Here are some of the best Premium tanks money can buy! Unfortunately, it lacks armor and a decent gun, so the best strategy when using this Premium tank is to keep moving and scouting! For a lot of people, Tier 3 is where the game can become a bit difficult to manage, but thankfully there are a few Premium tanks worth looking into to help level crews for the later tiers.

One such Premium tank is the T, a U. R Light tank that boasts decent speed, especially considering the amount of armor it has. If the BT-7 was an appealing tank to play , the T offers more armor than the BT-7 and the chance to earn more credits. Another positive of the T is it won’t be matched up against Tier 5 tanks – but it should still be cautious around Tier 4 opponents.

The Churchill III has a high rate of fire gun that reloads quickly. Thankfully, the Churchill is excellent at earning Experience and Credits, so using it as a Crew Training is a good idea. Check out our guide on how to train and transfer crews. It should be played from the sideline and from behind cover or bushes, as it lacks any amount of noteworthy armor.

Despite this, the Dicker Max is excellent at making Silver, just keep it at range and perhaps even consider slapping the Camouflage Net Equipment on it to help boost its sneakiness. New players should tread lightly, as you will, typically, face opponents who are well-versed in tank combat. As such, these tanks are better for players who have already had experience playing in Tier 8 matches. Nevertheless, the FCM 50 t is one of the best Premium tanks in World of Tanks for players looking to farm credits and level up French crews.

It also offers preferential matchmaking, meaning no Tier 10 battles! Take advantage of the FCM 50 t’s large tracks and decent mobility to avoid enemy fire or have the tracks absorb most of the damage. Though it does suffer from sub-par gun depression, you can still take advantage of what gun depression there is to mount yourself above enemy positions.

Finally, the IS-6 rounds off this list of best Premium tanks in World of Tanks, and rightly so, as this tank is often cited as a fan-favorite. What makes this Tier 8 Soviet Heavy tank so rewarding to play is its astounding damage-per-minute, its alpha damage, along with its mobility. The IS-6 is just a well-rounded and enjoyable Premium tank to play. Premium tanks are the bread and butter of almost every tanker. Let us know in the comments what tank you think belongs on this list of best Premium tanks in World of Tanks!

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Can someone with this tank answer does this tank have a special mm? I read some texts about it but I’m confused in some they wrote that it meets tiers in some (like paulnoir.com) that it only meets Remember tho: When you platoon up with your IS6 alongside tanks that do not. In May we have shared our plans for preferential matchmaking and later The IS -6 will enforce its role as a first-line fighter: the increased.

World of Tanks Update 1. As a side note, regular Tier VIII vehicles face a similar issue with matchmaking, amplified by the fact that they also compete against Tier X tanks. The underlying problem for these vehicles is too many battles versus Tier X.

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is6 or t34?

Jump to content. Prepare for the worst. Here is the rub, I can get a solid 50k out of 34 with a bit more in really good games. The IS6 is about the same but it comes down to the MM. There is just more damage to do in higher tier games but more dangerous tanks. If you do so-so expect only k from non premium a game.

World of Tanks: Preferential Matchmaking in Update 1.2

Jump to content. How can you govern a country which has varieties of cheese? If at first it doesn’t succeed, try again. If it still doesn’t work, stop trying. It’s stupid. Just another demo account, nothing to see here. IS-6 is an old, uncool and forgotten tank. The T on the other hand, is a bland remake of Russian meds so it is hip and worth. Member of the Training Room Police Department. Your local friendly credits guru:

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Jump to content. I have recently bought an IS-6B and immediately regret my decision when I find out I keep getting stomped by better premiums of the same tier, type and nation do I really have to mention it? I barely even play this tank just because I can’t stand its awful accuracy and penetration.

Preferential Matchmaking Vehicles in Update 1.2

Posted By: WoT Guru January 11, The IS-6 has become a favorite among many as their go to tier 8 premium tank. The standard AP shells only have mm of penetration which is enough for dealing with most tanks you will be facing and also at close range. The premium shell bumps that penetration up to mm which will help you deal with any tank you come in contact with aside from non weak spots on some heavily armored tanks. A full weak spot guide with armor values can be found here on WoT Guru. Another thing to keep in mind is that the turret front while it looks strong like other Russian turrets is somewhat lackluster. With the IS-6 being a good all around tank the mobility is better than most heavy tanks by a hair. Playing the IS-6 your main worries are the lack of penetration, accuracy, and view range which is m. Your armor, mobility, and short range gun performance are all above average meaning that you should pick your spots to avoid your weaknesses. Even while firing premium rounds you can turn a hefty profit as long as you do not miss to many shots int he IS The downsides of this tank are easily negated with the limited matchmaking tier 9 max along with a few premium rounds sprinkled in.

IS-6 matchmaking

Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: The IS-6 is a Soviet tier 8 premium heavy tank. Plans for this vehicle were drawn up in the construction bureau of the Chelyabinsk Kirov plant from December to the summer of Further development and the construction of the first prototype took place at the Uralmash plant. However, the vehicle had no advantages over the other heavy tank designs under consideration, and its armor was seen as inferior to the IS-4 Object , so the IS-6 was not selected for production. It is also currently available from the gift shop as a bundle with a garage slot all year-round.


Update on the proposed preferential MM tank changes that were first talked about with the testing of a changed KV-5 some months ago. From here on out this comes from the WG portal:. The fixes described below are not final. This past May saw us test changes to the KV Had they proven agreeable, they would have been applied to other preferential tanks. As the feedback and testing showed, the reason you take these tanks into battle or bring them into your garage in the first place is their preferential status and unique characteristics.

IS-6 matchmaking

RSS Feed. The second stage of supertesting for the upcoming changes to vehicles with preferential matchmaking has begun! Greetings tankers! The redesigned Personal Missions system, Polish tanks, brand new maps—all these things delivered in 1. Yet we have to do more, and this includes improving the state of tanks with preferential matchmaking. During the first testing round, we improved the stats of these vehicles. Then we checked the dynamics of battle statistics and your feedback. Both the battle data and your reaction showed that we should make additional adjustments.

The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. For example it is IS – russian heavy with tier 7. The matchmaker takes the corresponding line from the table below and sees that the IS has battle tiers from 7 till 9. Randomly is the tier for battle selected. In our example let it be 8 from 7 to 9 incl.

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World of Tanks IS-6 – 11 Kills 8,6K Damage