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  • This Dating App Helps Vegans Meet Other Vegans
  • V Love: A Dating App for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Vegan Singles Dating in Australia
  • Vegan Singles Dating in Australia
  • V Love: A Dating App for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Australia Vegetarians singles ads. Australia vegan singles ads. Australia raw food singles ads.

Successful relationships are based on shared values. Disagreement is of course healthy, but holding opinions that sit at the complete opposite end of the spectrum is going to make for a bumpy ride. I know two married couples where one partner went vegan while the other remained a meat eater. Not only does this cause tension, but where kids are involved it can get pretty difficult:. Okay, enough of the horrible visuals already.

This Dating App Helps Vegans Meet Other Vegans

Living in sydney , Australia Raw food diet. I am a fruitarian who would like to meet a lady who is also fruitarian vegetarian or raw fooder. My interests are gardening health issues reading exercising classical music singing. Chris is a 59 year old, Atheist female. Living in Kingaroy , Australia Vegan diet. An animal lover, no speciesism. Everything I have, I earned myself no relationship breakup windfall.

Meg is a 41 year old, spiritual female. Living in Melbourne , Australia Vegan diet. Living in Adelaide , Australia Vegan diet. I’m a passionate vegan and Christian, seeking same. My career in aged care consumes a great deal of my time but I’m hoping to have a better work-life balance in I enjoy exercising, cooking, movies. I love writing and still hope to be published some day.

Living in Kingston , Australia Vegan diet. I believe in the spiritual evolution of the human being. Exercising physically and mentally is the key attitude to a rich and peaceful existence, and a vegan diet has contributed to it. I love and respect the wonders of nature, animals and those less fortunate who need protection. A good relationship, when it comes to love, is well worth the effort to be here. I’d like to think I’m a fairly balanced individual, perhaps a bit unconventional.

Love to go to concerts, some movies and outings for lunch with friends, this last bit difficult due to my diet! Sure all vegan may understand this situation. Love cooking and sharing a variety of meals and everything is made from whole ingredients. I have been fortunate to live and travel within Australia, Americas, Asia, Europe with a glimpse of Africa. I consider love, mutual respect and communication important for maintaining a healthy relationship.

My parents have lived their natural life. My Profession: Engineering Consultant in Telecom however recently inclined towards animal rights, environmental issues, healthy living and leading a minimalist lifestyle live lightly on planet that would result in minimising degradation of the environment. Living in Brisbane , Australia Vegan diet. I am a fun loving 27 year old, who is looking for a serious long term relationship with someone.

I enjoy having laughs, spending time with family and friends, going on picnics and reading. I also love ten pin bowling, going to restaurants and travelling. I am a genuine and honest person who is very reliable. Living in sydney , Australia Vegan diet. I’m an animal and nature loving gal seeking a like minded lesbian. Vegetarian, mostly raw food since Dean is a 49 year old, 7th Day Adventist male. Living in Perth , Australia Almost veg diet.

Hello, I’m a single guy from Perth, Western Australia. I like to travel overseas times a year, and see the world. Would you like to travel the world with Me? Maha is a 42 year old, spiritual male. Down to earth friendly love nature lIke to support people in distres. Have a positive attitude. Prefer to get along with people of my wave length.

Sex n romance in bedroom. Poh is a 27 year old, Buddhist female. Vegetarian transitioning to veganism. Loves nature, hiking, photography, drawing. Living in ballan , Australia Vegan diet. Dani is a 45 year old, spiritual male. Born a rocker, die a rocker: VEGAN, animal loving, freedom fighting, punk rock drummer, wanting friends on the same level. No nutters! Living in Brisbane, Qld , Australia Vegan diet. I’m happy, loyal, university educated MBA , vegan.

I like most kinds of music, and movies. I like dancing, keeping fit. I enjoy having good conversations and hanging out with family and friends. I’ve traveled a fair bit and want to do more. I’m independent with a good career. Garry is a 68 year old, 7th Day Adventist male. Just an average Aussie male. Love the beach, fishing, driving, touring, sightseeing, animals and nature in general. I’m retired and living in Kewdale, Western Australia. Sarah is a 48 year old, spiritual female. I am artistic, highly creative and have just restablished my own business.

I am super happy with my life now. I have moved 2 hours north of the city and live on 5 acres. I am building a home here and love the trees all around. I was vegetarian heading forand have been vegan for a few months now Aug I enjoy people and quiet time and I definitely need the balance of the two. I love the outdoors and enjoy occcasional social dancing. I have no children and am happy with that.

My goal is to build a great space here for people to have creative adventures in. If you are vegetarian and heading towrards vegan, or vegan I would love to hear from you! Peter is a 32 year old, spiritual male. Living in Perth , Australia Vegan diet. I am a laid back, quiet, ambitious guy, looking to connect with other like minded healthy people.

Looking to find a partner with similar interests, passions and outlook on life. I used to drink and smoke when I was younger but not any more! I am also into mindfulness, personal development, moving the body and taking care of it. I follow a plant based vegan diet. I am very open, honest and direct. I have a good sense of humour! P I love the sun and beach life, so am very open to relocating as not enough sun here in Ireland!!!

I want to live somewhere warmer I am a big believer and practitioner of holistic health. A few of my interests in no particular order: I have travelled a lot, all over the world! Just recently returned to Australia. I just recently joined this site so still figuring it out Margaret is a 67 year old, spiritual female. Living in Alice Springs , Australia Vegan diet. I really enjoy my job living with teenagers, but I am nearing retirement and realise I need to become less of a workaholic and focus more on my future.

In the holidays I love the peace and quiet. I am definitely not a city person. I enjoy the countryside and love keeping fit. I love gardening and have just created a beautiful garden from wasteland and this has given me a lot of pleasure.

Vegetarian dating service for vegetarian singles, vegan singles, vegetarian dating, Vegetarian Dating and Friends in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Find groups in Sydney about Vegan and meet people in your local community who share your interests.

Living in sydney , Australia Raw food diet. I am a fruitarian who would like to meet a lady who is also fruitarian vegetarian or raw fooder. My interests are gardening health issues reading exercising classical music singing. Chris is a 59 year old, Atheist female.

If a member posts a question about whether a certain product is vegan, or where they can get decent food in a particular suburb, they can usually expect a response within minutes. A recent request for vegan toothpaste drew fast responses, amassing over 50 comments in just a few hours.

Are you looking for vegan love? Want to meet that special person who shares the same ethical values?

Vegan Singles Dating in Australia

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Vegan Singles Dating in Australia

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V Love: A Dating App for Vegetarians and Vegans

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Australia Vegetarians singles ads. Australia vegan singles ads. Australia raw food singles ads.

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Should Vegans Date Non-Vegans?