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The series hinges on the introduction and altering of alien robots who can transform into vehicles and machines that exist on Earth. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it’s a concept that has been ingenious enough that the series has lasted several decades and spanned numerous TV shows, comics, video games, and even movies. One of the most controversial pieces of Transformers history has to be their movies. While there were was a successful attempt at creating a movie based around the characters in the 80s, the same can’t be said of the live-action reboots.

The series hinges on the introduction and altering of alien robots who can transform into vehicles and machines that exist on Earth. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it’s a concept that has been ingenious enough that the series has lasted several decades and spanned numerous TV shows, comics, video games, and even movies. One of the most controversial pieces of Transformers history has to be their movies. While there were was a successful attempt at creating a movie based around the characters in the 80s, the same can’t be said of the live-action reboots.

While they made a ton of money at the box office almost every time, critics everywhere couldn’t be more displeased. The reason why these movies are such a controversial topic is because of how they’ve treated the characters, arguably the most important part of the entire franchise. This is where we get into the quiz. Let’s roll out. Optimus Prime is the main Autobot and the leader of the faction.

He is constantly fighting for the preservation of both Cybertron and Earth. Despite being an all-powerful alien robot, he fights for the preservation of humanity. He is one of the greatest leaders ever to grace robot-kind. Bumblebee was the first Transformer to show up in the live-action reboot. He doesn’t have the ability to talk and can only communicate using his radio. He’s also well-remembered for being bright yellow as well as taking the appearance of a Chevy Camaro.

Megatron is the greatest villain of the Autobots. Since the Autobots began their crusade to protect Cybertron, they’ve always been met with resistance from the Decepticons. Their leader, Megatron, has sworn that he would, one day, kill Optimus Prime once and for all. Starscream is the right-hand man of the Decepticons. Often fighting right next to Megatron, he is quite a bit of a coward. When he sees his opportunity to get the heck out of dodge and live to fight another day, he easily takes it.

He has also been willing to overthrow Megatron when he sees fit. Hot Rod was a bit of a young speed demon, but Optimus Prime knew there was more to him than met the eye. He became known as Rodimus Prime. He was a quirky high school student who had an ancestor that discovered the Transformers on an expedition. Stumbling across some ancient artifacts, he was quickly wrapped up in a Cybertronian war. Jazz is the most attitude-filled member of the Autobots.

As his name implies, he has a bit of a catty attitude and is willing to lay back and kick it before going into battle. Despite his smaller size, he is willing to jump into a fight guns blazing in the hopes of winning the day. Ironhide is the Autobot that carries the defense and the artillery. When there is a big job needing done in the live-action movies anyway , you bet that Optimus Prime will call on Ironhide to get the job done. This Autobot has enough firepower to take on even the largest Decepticons.

Barricade was one of the first Decepticons to appear in the Transformers film. Taking the appearance of a police car, he was able to go through many locations unnoticed. However, he was relentlessly chasing Sam and Bumblebee in the hopes of gaining access to the Cube to unleash Megatron’s full might. Sentinel Prime is another Autobot with a similar legacy to Optimus. However, in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, it was revealed that this former leader was hiding a dangerous secret.

He was actually working with the Decepticons and killed one of the Autobots, forcing Optimus and his comrades to retreat. Every band of war heroes needs a medic to help them get better. That’s where Ratchet comes in to save the Autobots. He is so dedicated to his job that he will rush into the thickest battle to pull one of his friends out and help them get better.

He’s the best medic a Transformer could ask for. Sideswipe is one of the most agile Transformers in existence. Using the wheels on his feet and the blades on his wrist, he can glide around just about any battlefield to get as close to the enemy as possible. He fights with the utmost strategy and skill and doesn’t give an inch. Cade Yeager was the protagonist in Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: The Last Knight.

He was an inventor who aspired to create something amazing for him and his daughter. During his work, he came across Optimus Prime and was sucked into a conflict much larger than himself. Not every new Transformer can be a winner. Take Skids for example. This Autobot was introduced in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Despite helping out Optimus and his comrades, Skids happens to be an extremely racist and stereotypes Autobot.

It doesn’t make sense in the universe. Unfortunately for those of us that hated Skids, he wasn’t alone in his introduction. Revenge of the Fallen also gave us Mudflap, who is just as racist and poorly written as Skids. He was equally annoying and, to this day, no one is sure why he had to be added into the film. Grimlock is one of the most savage Transformers in history. Being one of the Dinobots, Grimlock can transform into a mechanical tyrannosaurus rex.

Despite being an Autobot, he tends to disagree with Optimus Prime and his methods. However, he hates Decepticons much more and allies with the Autobots by default. Mikaela was the love interest of Sam Witwicky in Transformers and Transformers: It was a typical attractive girl and dorky guy scenario. However, it was the conflict of the Transformers that brought these two together against all odds. Cogman was a Transformer created for Transformers: The Last Jedi.

He was the butler for Anthony Hopkins’ character and his mansion. Cogman happened to be a bit of a psychopath and would say and do crazy things often. Despite his small size for a Transformer, he also happens to be one of the best fighters. In Transformers: The Last Knight, a little girl named Izabella was introduced in the movie and her little companion: He wasn’t much of an impressive robot and didn’t offer much in terms of fighting capabilities.

He was just a little robot who was there to be cute. William Lennox was one of the military operatives who dove headfirst into the war between Autobots and Decepticons. He came across Bonecrusher in a desert battle before being swept into an all-out war. After a hiatus for several years, he would return in Transformers: The Last Knight for another battle. The Fallen was one of the first Decepticons and a member of the original Thirteen Transformers. He fell from grace and became a sadistic psychopath.

He would later be risen again in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and it would take every ounce of strength from the Autobots to defeat him. Megatron has a lot of targets to hunt across the universe and needs a loyal servant to get the job done. That’s where Blackout comes in to hunt down any target. He can find just about anyone in the entire universe and destroy them with extreme prejudice.

After Mikaela and Sam broke up, he found himself with a new girl in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Carly Spencer was a model who also happened to get wrapped up in a war between the Autobots and Decepticons. At the end of the film, it was teased that the two would get married. Blackout was one of the most brutal Decepticons ever made. In the first Transformers movies, he was the desert scorpion who laid waste to all of the military guys. Later on, he was one of the main Decepticons who battled the Autobots in all-out war.

Soundwave is one of Megatron’s most loyal soldiers. He is similar in status to Starscream but isn’t a coward or someone that was trying to usurp Megatron’s authority. He will die for Megatron and his fellow Decepticons, and Megatron finds him one of the most valuable soldiers ever. Joshua Joyce was a character in Transformers: Age of Extinction.

This is your Transformers Prime life! Are you a con or are you a bot? Will someone from either fall for you? I hope you enjoy this is my first quiz. Ever wonder which Transformers Prime character you’d be best paired with? Look no further! *Reader is gender-neutral*.

It is far and away the best-reviewed entry in the franchise to date , with many critics praising it for its emotion and heartfelt story. Still, this is hardly an ideal showing for Paramount. Case in point: Into the Spider-Verse which should have strong legs due to its critical acclaim.

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Michael Benjamin Bay born February 17, [1] is an American filmmaker known for directing and producing big-budget, high-concept action films characterized by fast cutting , stylistic visuals and extensive use of special effects , including frequent depictions of explosions. He is co-founder of commercial production house The Institute, a. Despite his commercial success at the box office, Bay’s work is generally held in low esteem by film critics.

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Directions for the quiz: This quiz, that is the Current Affairs Quiz 25 July , is meant to be a check for your learning and is meant to serve as a tool for assessment.

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What Transformers Prime Decepticon is Your Guardian?

All Quizzes. Age of Extinction Characters Quiz Enter an answer into the box. Quiz by zizzers4 Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? Enter answer here. The quiz is paused. You have remaining. Keep scrolling down for answers and more stats The leader of the Autobots who initially transforms into a rusty Marmon 97 semi truck and later, a blue and red Western Star XE semi-trailer truck. An Autobot scout who plays some voice clips and transforms into a modified Chevrolet Camaro and later, a Chevrolet Camaro concept. An Autobot tactician and a former Decepticon who transforms into a black and blue Bugatti Veyron

Transformers: Age of Extinction Characters Quiz

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Зачем же ты убил Чатрукьяна? – бросила. – Я не убивал его! – Крик Хейла перекрыл вой сирены.  – Его столкнул вниз Стратмор. Я все это видел, потому что прятался в подсобке. Чатрукьян хотел вызвать службу безопасности, что разрушило бы все планы Стратмора. Ну и ловок, подумала Сьюзан. На все у него готов ответ.

Quiz: Who’s your BTS boyfriend?

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Новый стандарт шифрования приказал долго жить. Никому не показалось удивительным, что два дня спустя АНБ приняло Грега Хейла на работу. Стратмор решил, что лучше взять его к себе и заставить трудиться на благо АНБ, чем позволить противодействовать агентству извне. Стратмор мужественно перенес разразившийся скандал, горячо защищая свои действия перед конгрессом.

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Who’s your Red Velvet best friend/girlfriend?

Проверку шифровалки службой безопасности Хейл допустить не. Он выбежал из помещения Третьего узла и направился к люку. Чатрукьяна во что бы то ни стало следовало остановить. ГЛАВА 51 Джабба был похож на гигантского головастика. Подобно киноперсонажу, в честь которого он и получил свое прозвище, его тело представляло собой шар, лишенный всякой растительности.

Коммандер был абсолютно убежден в том, что у Хейла не хватит духу на них напасть, но Сьюзан не была так уж уверена в. Хейл теряет самообладание, и у него всего два выхода: выбраться из шифровалки или сесть за решетку. Внутренний голос подсказывал ей, что лучше всего было бы дождаться звонка Дэвида и использовать его ключ, но она понимала, что он может его и не найти. Сьюзан задумалась о том, почему он задерживается так долго, но ей пришлось забыть о тревоге за него и двигаться вслед за шефом.

Стратмор бесшумно спускался по ступенькам. Незачем настораживать Хейла, давать ему знать, что они идут. Почти уже спустившись, Стратмор остановился, нащупывая последнюю ступеньку.

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