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By Trini , January 9, in The Flash. With the news about Jesse L. Martin, hopefully they have Cecile step up for those cross-generational parenting talks. Especially since Cecile doesn’t appear to have completely lost her telepathic powers. She was able to sense that Joe was in danger, and she was also able to sense that something was off at the softball game before anyone realized what was going on.

I’d say that giving birth didn’t so much weaken or nullify her powers as it did modify them so that they work in a more subtle fashion. That was a perfect moment to have her shown some type of cross-generational parenting, especially since she has an adult daughter like Iris is dealing with now. Underrated moment from “News Flash”: Iris is all, ‘Love you, but you kinda suck at this’ and Barry still goes in for the good luck kiss anyway. They were so cute this episode! Yes, that was lovely and completely took me by surprise.

Which says a lot about how stringently Westallen PDA is I wish Joe had been around, but I’m glad that Cecile had the sideplot with Nora to set her straight about her attitude toward Iris. The show has always been bad at female characters interacting, so it was good in that sense. It was also great to see Cisco express his feeling and fears and get support and reassurance from his friend, instead of the other way around for a change.

And I still don’t know if they have the guts to do it, but the part of Caitlin’s speech to Cisco about him not Vibe being “the guy she needs” could be a shiptease. It also parallels Iris’ reassurances to Barry that she loves him and not just his superhero persona. I’d even accept it if it happened offscreen during the hiatus.

Cecile being the one to set Nora straight was such a great scene in so many ways that I wishfully hope it had been planned that way, regardless of JLM’s condition. I’ve seen people upset over Barry not helping with Caitlin’s investigation as if he does’t have his own family situation going on. What did they want Barry to do? Plus, Caitlin already have Ralph, Cisco, and Sherloque.

Is it really that important for Barry to be involved? I’ve seen people claim Barry is not being there for Cisco. Again, Barry has his own thing going on. If Barry was near Cisco when he passed out, he would’ve been there for him. It’s amazing how they don’t care that neither Cisco nor Caitlin asked Barry how things are going, yet Barry should know what’s going on with them? Another related part of it is whatever is going on with Barry is usually related to the A plot and therefore gets more focus.

And also that they don’t want these characters to get stuck on their own little Plot Islands where they have their few minutes of stuff but never get anything else to do for the episode because it doesn’t involve Barry. Neither one has check on Barry or Iris about Nora being there. Not the hill I would want to die on, imo. What is unclear is if Caitlin has told Barry that he is not responsible for making Caitlin Killer Frost with Flashpoint.

I’m very eager to see if she’ll confess that and apologize for all the awful things she said to him. The writers will probably have her start an apology, but have Barry interrupt her saying that he understands before she actually gets the full apology out of her mouth. Caitlin is very allergic to apologies. I don’t mind the plot islands because they all have the same threads running through them: If done well, the threads will intersect periodically and finally connect by the end of the season.

Even if the support characters are in the A-plot, half the time they don’t have much to do anyway. Caitlin is off on an island, but having her own storyline is a vast improvement from how they wrote her before: In this week’s speculation about ‘will they go there with KillerVibe? Which, to be fair, has always been the case; but it seemed a not-so-subtle reminder.

And it was great that Nora and Iris were bonding over Iris’ time as a speedster, but it was still a little jarring seeing Nora be so “fangirl-y” considering they’ve spent most of the season so far at odds. Glad they’ve made some progress, though. Unless there’s a real sea change, DP is against a romantic pairing with Cisco and calls him a ” brother ” as often as she can. I absolutely see it as a very much sibling relationship, you know, they riff each other a little bit, but they also love each other so much.

In 2×16, they wrote Cisco to say, “Hey, I know I’m practically your brother Cisco and Cynthia were perfect together, and they could have thrived given the chance. What Ralph and Cisco were saying was that if it had been meant to be, it would have been. And Cynthia would also have had to believe that Cisco was The One for her. If the relationship doesn’t feel right for her, it can’t be right for him. There’s simply no such thing as a lasting one-sided relationship.

There’s actually a Tumblr page that has been counting the screen time for all the women since S1; it’s very interesting to see the change over the seasons. Kudos to Valerie Perez for her time and patience in putting it together! OMG – S2 is really infuriating. All the writers did was set things up for certain fans to be spoiled and then entitled and bitchy once the screentime was set to how it should have been all along.

I’m so angry looking at that. SO angry. It enrages me how black people became the face of Affirmative Action when 1 white women benefit more than anyone and 2 DP never even auditioned – she got her part via “connections”, AKA privileged affirmative action. CP had to actually earn her spot and then she literally is 10x the actress DP is but she still had to fight against DP, racists and AJK having an agenda for her first 3.

The screentime stats really make it obvious. Privilege is one hell of a drug. It’s one thing to not audition and get a role. I hate that. It’s a wonder CP can even manage to come across as warm to DP onscreen. I’d hate her guts. Iris’ connection to Barry’s powers would be very difficult for them to undo. Plus, they told us in 1×20 that Barry and Iris would marry. They have also told us that Barry and Iris are together in every timeline and earth. One big issue keeps being overlooked in regards to the source material topic: They have a lot more control than some are contributing to them in these threads.

None of these producers own the rights to any of these characters. Before beginning any season, each DCTV show has to sit down with DC Comics to go over the plan for the year and get permission to carry out storylines, and use villains for the year. Iris is still a huge part of the comics, and she’s set to be in the Flash movie that’s coming out in a few years. It messes up their universe to have a version of the character dead on DCTV.

I’m also not so sure that it was ever set to be a midgame ship, either. The level of concern that DC Comics would have for these would be different for each Flash character. All the characters belong DC and it decides which characters can be used and which romantic pairings can be done. Geoff Johns wrote The Flash Rebirth hit comic series. He made the decision to cast the Wests as African American because he has been working to diversify the superheroes in DC Comics.

It doesn’t matter if he thinks she is “dead” or he doesn’t remember her or vice versa or the timeline changes, they always reunite across the centuries. She is his lightning rod. In the first season, the by line of the newspaper article was changed so that it was written by “Iris West-Allen” so that fans would know that Barry and Iris were destined to fall in love and marry. I believe this is misinformation.

And Kristen Kreuk basically left the show at the end of season 7 only returning to finish up some episode obligations the following year so she wasn’t even going to be around to be endgame. There have been more comments from writers about them considering and discarding a Chloe and Clark twist with Chloe being revealed as the comic Lois than the show fighting for Lana to be endgame over Lois and Clark. And after following Smallville very closely, this is the first time I’ve ever even heard this suggested.

Barry was dating Patty and Joe dating Cecile for a couple months and they are all “you should tell her the truth. As if no one has ever breaks up or has a bad break up. And what did Barry think would happen after he told Patty? I will never understand what the producers were thinking there. I would like to find some interviews with them. It all feels so instant with no development in their relationship. They never even discussed terminating the pregnancy. Too bad there was not a miscarriage.

I think the decision to make them have a baby was a miscalculation. For one, that kid is never going to be part of the plot, so we’ll likely never see her. Two, the fact that they still haven’t gotten married, and they haven’t even addressed them getting married or not getting married, shows how little the writers care about the relationship and the child. I mean, they could have easily had a conversation where they both decide that they actively DON’T want to get married again, since their previous marriages failed and they just want to do it differently this time, but to not even address it when they’re having a kid?

After this all this time it seems like such an oversight.

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By Trini , January 9, in The Flash. With the news about Jesse L. Martin, hopefully they have Cecile step up for those cross-generational parenting talks. Especially since Cecile doesn’t appear to have completely lost her telepathic powers. She was able to sense that Joe was in danger, and she was also able to sense that something was off at the softball game before anyone realized what was going on.

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