Su 122 44 preferential matchmaking

  • What is the playstyle of the SU-122-44?
  • SU 122-44 getting preferential matchmaking
  • SU 122-44 getting preferential matchmaking
  • Special matchmaking for Su-122-44
  • Special matchmaking for Su-122-44
  • Special matchmaking for Su-122-44
  • Preferential Matchmaking Chart for Premium Vehicles

Jump to content. Just got this tank. It looks great but how do you guys use it? Tried using it as a flanker, assaulter and sniper. Accuracy is troll sometimes! Thank you for replies!

What is the playstyle of the SU-122-44?

Jump to content. Just got this tank. It looks great but how do you guys use it? Tried using it as a flanker, assaulter and sniper. Accuracy is troll sometimes! Thank you for replies! Normal tenks: T1, Pz. If you have any concerns regarding the game or reports of AFK players, send a PM with uncensored evidence and it’ll be passed on. A good tip is to use hills to slope your frontal armour further back, and of course angle I have some issues with this because I always like to look at my targets.

I run a camo net, vents and rammer personally, for that maxed camo. Given that the SU already has very good camo, this is a potent selection IMO but I’ve never tried it with binos instead of vents, please inform me if binos work better. Always keep in mind that you have 4 degrees of gun depression when figuring out where to go. Because the traverse of the SU is nerfed in comparison to PC, you will get circled by some tanks.

Take plently of gold, because you mightn’t be able to penetrate some tanks, and don’t worry about shooting it. If you don’t make a profit in this thing, you’re doing something massively wrong. Expect to get trolled by the gun to varying degrees, depending on what your luck as a player is like. I recently bought this TD as well.

Did ok with it I still need to work on improving my awareness to pick the right moment to make shots in high tier games. The biggest pro and con I found with this TD is the gun Owainmorgan, on 18 April – The DPM is just a touch lower than the Comet. Camo net is close to useless due to the limited amount of gun arc. Yeah I dont know about that re derp of either, I plat with my buddy, and regulary out HP him and hes a better player than me, the gun is trollish, lots depend on the map,and what your team is doing, most of the time the muppets make it hard, when no one scouts, but you can imo do it all in this tank, but its a thinking mans TD, right decisions at the right time, but a fun TD for me to play and a great credit earner.

Had plenty of Top Guns and nearly a Rasin in this one, but for a kill stealer and many top of HP lists, also get a shocker now and again! Who dosent now a days eh! As for the rest, all I will say is The camo on the SU is incredible. The gun arc has never felt small, and even when I have to move, as long as I don’t fire without pulling back I don’t get spotted. In that regard, a good argument could be made for not taking camo nets. Personally, I just love being able to sit in a bush and have tanks just outside auto detection range drive right past me.

That could be because of the vents though, and WoTLabs suggests taking GLD and camo net or optics over vents interestingly, but I just wanted to max camo and get that all round bonus. The chocolate probably adds a lot to my camo and makes not having GLD more bearable. People using a standard account will probably have to do 2. With premium I get about profit 60k off 2. Even if I used all my consumables and shot all gold, I’d have made a small profit off that game, probably about 5k.

Usually I abuse my very good camo early game and clean up late game probably why my WN7 is unicum in the thing, but my WN8 is only great. I can’t impress how good the camo of a still SU is with the nets. I can sit in the open and not be seen from mid ranges, unless I fire. With all of that said, the full assault tanker role is going to work very well as well, as long as you’re prepared to have less flexibility in favour of brawling ability.

When I get the extra six percent of camo I have left in the camouflage skill I mightn’t feel that it’s necessary to take camo nets. Regardless of how you play it, if you play it well, you’ll be getting very favourable results and racking in the credits. Artisto81, on 19 April – Obviously, I’d prefer if neither happened.

Owainmorgan, on 19 April – Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Help Files. What is the playstyle of the SU? Started by lexus , Apr 17 Please log in to reply. Hey forumers, Just got this tank. S Had only a few games with it. I am not the guy to comment on this as I suck at turretless TDs but I can say that even an incompetent TD driver like me can play this aggressively, almost like a fairly well-armoured medium, and do alright.

Do not camp, the gun has a ok accuracy. Use the mobility and be aggressive if you are a top tier. It has good armour, angle it and you will bounce prem shots of equal tier. In a high tier match, support your allies. Be sneaky and put shots in while using their hit points. You can do that mobility, That’s how I play it. It’s a medium without a turret. Owainmorgan 5 Posted 18 April – Maverickdh 11 Posted 18 April – Edited by Maverickdh, 18 April – Owainmorgan 14 Posted 18 April – Artisto81 15 Posted 19 April – I’ve just read this thread then I watched this video: Owainmorgan 16 Posted 20 April – Diamond 17 Posted 20 April – I used mine as an assault gun, supporting mediums and heavies making a push towards a flank.

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SU getting preferential matchmaking – posted in Gameplay: Hello there, As we all know, that the E will be removed from the shops. Special matchmaking for Su – posted in Tank Destroyers: Hi, I thought of The SU does not get preferential matchmaking.

Jump to content. Development of the SU started in the summer of to be an agile TD that packed a punch but was more mobile than its counterparts. The self propelled gun was mounted on a T chasis which gave it the 44 in its designation. In December of the project was finished and ready but was terminated in favor of the much lighter and faster SUM

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Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: The SU is a Soviet tier 7 premium tank destroyer. Development was started in June by the Uralmash Design Bureau.

SU 122-44 getting preferential matchmaking

Hello everyone, just a quick update on the M56 Scorpion and how it is doing on supertest. Scorpion set of characteristics including pictures was, when the vehicle was introduced to the supertest server. The developers allegedly agree, they too are unhappy with the vehicle performance. This is however extremely preliminary at this point, further tests and tweaks are being conducted. This entry was posted in.

SU 122-44 getting preferential matchmaking

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: BountyHunter, on Jun 01 – AGMx, on Jun 01 – Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. This topic is locked. Su 45 members have cast votes Get or no get? Get 27 votes [

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Special matchmaking for Su-122-44

You are viewing a news item in the old website format. There may be display issues in some browser versions. Don’t miss them out for the world! Event Start: Event End: Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range. Can’t decide which bundle to get? Let these information below about the bundles help you in making up your mind. Despite being a premium tank, the SU boasts the second highest DPM of all tanks, has an excellent angled armor that no gun under mm penetration will go through, excellent mobility and speed and great ammo capacity. Due to its incredible gun, decent mobility and surprisingly good armor, it is a common consensus that the SU outmatches almost every other tier 7 Tank Destroyer in the game despite its premium status. Although the Matilda IV is classified as a medium tank, it is played more like a heavy tank due to its low mobility.

Special matchmaking for Su-122-44

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Special matchmaking for Su-122-44

На самом деле я его не продала, – сказала Росио.  – Хотела это сделать, но она совсем еще ребенок, да и денег у нее не. Вот я его и отдала. Но если бы знала, сколько вы мне за него предложите, то сохранила бы это кольцо для. – Почему вы ушли из парка? – спросил Беккер.

Preferential Matchmaking Chart for Premium Vehicles

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How to play the SU-122-44 [World of Tanks]