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  • Electricity on European Campsites
  • How to Properly Hook Up a Car Amplifier Inside the House
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Hello everybody, recently i bought car amplifier for repair and decided that im gonna replace my Sony XM that i have been running as my subwoofer amplifier for a year now. I took this opportunity to write instructable on how to properly hook car amplifier for use inside of your house connected to mains voltage and what you should be careful about. There are many reasons why you would want to use car amplifier, but if you can choose between proper vv amplifier and car amplifier i would suggest you to pick house amp, its power supply is well designed and you will get proper power output out of it. Car amplifiers are mostly rated at 14,4V and lower impedances 1 or 2 ohm for example while some home amplifiers can only go as low as 4 ohms.

Electricity on European Campsites

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Close up of power supply being unplugged/plugged in to opened of the installation and wiring should be completed with the power supply. In this tutorial, we will replace the power supply’s molex connector with two male barrel Wishlist for 12V/5V Power Supply Hookup Guide SparkFun Wish List.

An electric range is a freestanding unit with an oven and a cooktop. Most ranges are fed by a amp or amp circuit and connect to a wall outlet receptacle with a 3-prong or 4-prong cord, depending on the type of receptacle. The new cord you are installing must match the amperage rating of the range and the circuit, and it must fit the existing outlet. The installation steps for 3-prong and 4-prong cords are similar but include some key differences. Ranges wired for 3-prong cords may have only three wiring terminals for the cord:

Understandably, confusion often exists regarding the difference between Class 2 and Class II rated ac-dc power supplies.

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Replace your PC’s heart: How to install a power supply in your computer

A good power supply serves as the cornerstone for a low-maintenance and highly reliable computer. But more often than not, boxed, pre-built desktops ship with the cheapest power supplies that meet the criteria of their product warranties. This means that two or three years after buying your computer, you may find yourself with a perfectly functional desktop that one day decides either not to power on or to emit a puff of black smoke. Start by unplugging from the wall all of the cables connected to your computer. If your power supply unit PSU includes a power switch accessible on the rear of your PC, flip it to the off position, and then remove the side panel of your case so you can access the PSU.

How to install a computer motherboard

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If you are an advanced u-blox GPS user, you might want to have a look at the very extensive u-blox documentation: The driver is available here:

These steps apply to tower and desktop computers. Tools required: Screwdriver to remove power supply unit and open computer case usually Phillips head. Anti-static wrist strap if not using a strap, just discharge yourself by touching any exposed metal part of your computer case before you begin the job.

What’s the Difference Between Class 2 and Class II Power Supplies?

Reduced voltage gives reduced power output, so appliances generally do not work so efficiently. Please ensure your requirements do not exceed the amperage reserved on your booking. The Campsites’ power supplies are shown within the pitch descriptions on our campsite web pages. The table shown right is a rough guide only to the amperage needed to run a typical appliance with a power rating of a certain wattage on a V supply. Check the needs of your own appliances accordingly before booking. The pitch supply amperage A required equals the stated wattage of the appliance W , divided by the site supply in volts usually V. The Club is not responsible for electrical damage caused by voltage fluctuations. Many continental sites have this system, but many still use their national-style plugs, especially in France, Germany and Spain. To connect a CEE17 lead on these sites requires a lead with a two-pin continental plug at one end and a CEE17 blue socket at the other. How far away will my hook-up be? It can be right on the pitch, or it may be some distance away, so we recommend taking a 25m electricity cable.

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Installing a motherboard can be a complex process. This page provides general steps and guidelines for how to install a motherboard. Please refer to the manual and configuration guide that is included with the motherboard for specific details on installation and configuration steps. If replacing an existing motherboard in a computer with a new motherboard, you need to first remove the existing motherboard. The steps on this page can be referred to for removing the motherboard, followed in reverse order. Before installing a computer motherboard, make sure the case supports the form factor of your motherboard. Before installing the computer motherboard, make sure all the jumpers or dip switches are correct.

This guide was developed to instruct readers on the proper procedures for installing a power supply unit PSU into a desktop computer case. It includes step-by-step instructions with photographs for the physical installation of the PSU into a computer case. As a result, it is generally not possible to buy a replacement power supply and install it into these systems. If your power supply is having problems, you will likely need to contact the manufacturer for repairs. All power supplies contain various capacitors inside of them that retain power even after the power supply had all power turned off. Never open up or insert any metal objects into the vents of the power supply as you can risk electrical shock. To start with installing a power supply, it is necessary to open up the case.

They’re affordable, made for supplying electronics and can often be salvaged from old PCs. Here we describe on how simple it’s to use them, or what to do if it’s not entirely trivial. Generally, power supplies built into PCs are reasonably safe, even when used outside a PC. They have good overload and overheat protection built in. No high voltage parts touchable unless you open the housing.

This is the second case i have made. Wiring from PSU: In order for your psu to work when not connected to the mother board, the green wire MUST be connected to any ground wire. Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Also, you can get a cheap soldering iron, and it is not difficult to solder.

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How To Connect PC Power Supply