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Christian Life. The views represented are entirely those of the original author; inclusion in Chinese Church Voices does not imply or equal an endorsement by ChinaSource. One of the challenges for young Christians in China is finding spouses who are also believers. Because of family and society expectations to marry, young people, especially those whose parents are not believers, are under extreme pressure because their parents do not understand or accept their commitment to marry other Christians. This pressure is particularly acute for single women.

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It has not just changed entire villages and family constructions; it has also reshaped the landscape of dating and marriage. Millions of Chinese women and men go online every day in hopes of finding their Mr. In China, online dating is serious business for many. I n a country of 1. Iphone and Android dating apps such as Momo or Tantan comparable to Tinder have become increasingly popular. This makes it possible for members to look for a partner who lives in the same neighbourhood, or goes to the same karaoke bar.

These apps, that generate revenue through paid membership or advertising, are not only serious business for their creators. Innocent flirting aside, many users are seriously looking to get settled. Especially for women, the pressure to get married is very real. These meetings are generally arranged by the parents themselves, who attend public matchmaking events where they search for suitable partners for their single sons or daughters.

Parents looking for a suitable partner for their single sons and daughter Xinhua. Not all daughters give in to the pressure to get married. This year, a group of young women boldly protested in Shanghai, holding signs saying: Others are less confrontational: This way, their parents can stop worrying, and they will not have to go through the process of being asked nagging questions. Well-educated young men with good looks charge high fees to play the ideal boyfriend for a day.

Ironically, China has more single men than women. Since the implementation of the one-child policy in , China has been dealing with a disparity in girls and boys, due to traditional preferences for sons and the widespread occurrence of illegal sex-selective abortions. In , This gender ratio imbalance has drastic consequences for Chinese society. Currently, there are around 20 million more men under the age of thirty than women in the same age category, which could lead to something-million eligible men not being able to find a bride in Statistically, this would suggest that women have no problem in finding a partner.

Owning a car and a house are often mentioned as requirements. Dating and marriage thus involve much more than love alone: They can search for their Mr. Perfect based on location, age, looks, education and financial standing. Members have to provide their real names, and are encouraged to add information about their educational background and economic situation. They even offer the option for third-party agencies to confirm their financial condition. This makes it easier for Chinese women to control their partner search according to their requirements.

Baihe recently celebrated its tenth anniversary with a mass wedding of thirty couples. Throughout the years, Baihe has brought together thousands of people. According to CEO Tian Fanjiang, the dating platform will keep on growing together with its member base, offering wedding services, marriage counseling and trainings in the future. Unfortunately, online dating is not all moonlight and roses. There are also companies taking advantage of the fact that so many single men and women are desperate to find a partner.

Although online dating offers many possibilities, it also comes with risks, turning love-wanting netizens into easy victims. Featured image: Baihe bride, by Sohu. Manya Koetse is the editor-in-chief of www. She is a writer and consultant Sinologist, MPhil on social trends in China, with a focus on social media and digital developments, popular culture, and gender issues. Contact at manya whatsonweibo. Your email address will not be published.

The function allows Weibo users to create and join interest-based content community pages that are online groups separated from the main Weibo space. Similar to Twitter, hashtags make it possible for Weibo users to tag a topic they are addressing in their post so that their content pops up whenever other people search for that hashtag. Different from Twitter, Weibo hashtags also have their own page where the hashtag is displayed on top, displaying how many people have viewed the hashtag, how many comments the hashtag is tagged in, and allowing users to share the hashtag page with others.

A Super Topic goes beyond the hashtag. It basically is a community account where all sort of information is shared and organized. On the main page of every Super Topic page, the main subject or purpose of the super topic is briefly explained, and the number of views, followers, and posts are displayed. A super topic-page can be created by any Weibo user and can have up to three major hosts, and ten sub-hosts. The main host s can decide which content will be featured as essential, they can place sticky notes, and post links to suggested topics.

Super Topic pages allow hosts to organize relevant content in the way they want. Besides the comment area, the page consists of multiple tabs. Below the sticky notes, all the posts posted in the Super Topic community are displayed. This is often where opinion pieces, articles, official news, or photos, etc. It features links to the personal Weibo pages of the super topic page host s , links to the Weibo pages of top contributors, and shows a list of the biggest fans of the Super Topic.

Although a Super Topic could basically be about anything, from cities to products or hobbies, Super Topics are often created for Chinese celebrities, video games, football clubs, or TV dramas. Through Super Topic pages, a sense of community can be created. Super Groups are ranked on Weibo based on their popularity. This also gives fans more reason to stay active in the group, making their Super Topic top ranking within their specific category TV drama, food, photography, sports, games, etc.

If they choose not to, their comments or posts will only be visible within the Super Topic community. Follow whatsonweibo. Spotted a mistake or want to add something? Please let us know in comments below or email us. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce our content without permission — you can contact us at info whatsonweibo. First published Feb 1st , updated version published March 7, It is confusing even for Chinese netizens and journalists: And which is the right one to use?

D onald Trump has two most commonly used different names in Chinese. Both names have been used by Chinese mainstream media and netizens for years. Considering that Trump is making headlines every day, more people are wondering why Trump has two Chinese names, and which one is the correct name to use. There are even discussions about the topic on Chinese social media. Why are non-Chinese names actually translated into Chinese at all?

With English and Chinese being such vastly different languages with entirely different phonetics and script, the majority of Chinese people will find it hard to pronounce a foreign name that is written in English. At present, aside from being standardized, it does not just help Chinese speakers to pronounce these words, it also makes it easier to remember them.

Most Chinese names usually consist of two or three characters; the first character is the surname, and the last character s is the given name. Translating a name to better adapt to the culture in which it is used does not only happen with English names in China; you often see the same happening with Chinese names in foreign countries. In that case, the first character surname is moved to the back, and the given name changed into an English one.

There are multiple ways to translate a foreign name to Chinese. Most commonly, a name is translated into Chinese characters that are phonetically similar to the original name, without necessarily being very meaningful. Another option is to choose a name purely based on meaning rather than phonetics. The best option when translating a foreign name into Chinese, however, is to make sure it stays close to its original pronunciation while also using elegant characters. Even when the characters used for a foreign name in Chinese are not necessarily intended to convey a certain meaning, it is important that they do not have any negative connotations.

Nobody wants a character in their name associated with divorce, disease or death — it is believed to bring bad luck. To give an example raised in this Nikkei article: Transliterations of foreign names, therefore, are often easily recognizable as foreign names on purpose. In the case of Trump, his Chinese names are mainly chosen for phonetic reasons, with different sources using different characters.

Author Ke Long explains that Chinese translations of foreign names try to stay as close as possible to the pronunciation of a name in its original language. More so, the author writes, it does not make sense for Chinese media to take over the British transliteration of the Trump name. Considering Trump is American, Chinese media should follow the translations made by American media.

He also notes that if it would be about the Prime Minister of Britain, the Chinese transliteration should follow the one used by the media in the UK. In the end, the reason why Trump has two names most commonly used in Chinese is just a matter of media, with various mainstream outlets adopting different names since Trump first made headlines, and without there being any clear consensus on which Chinese name to use across all these different Chinese-language media platforms around the world. On Chinese social media, President Trump even has more than two names.

Although there have been online discussions on the right transliteration for the name Trump, it is unlikely that there will be one official Chinese name for the US President in the near future. Many netizens simply use both versions of his name in one post to avoid confusion, and some news reports have even started using both names in its headlines image below. Despite the somewhat confusing situation at hand, there are also those who do not seem to mind at all.

This article first appeared in and has been republished with various corrections: Connect with us. Share Tweet. Related Topics:

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Do you often find yourself working overtime and having less personal time? When was the last time you went out and met someone new? In a society that puts an emphasis on hard work and endless working hours, it can be hard to go out and find that special someone. Finding someone online via dating apps has become a convenient way out for those seeking love and companionship, or even just to find someone to date casually so their families and relatives will stop nagging them. A bigger pool means there are more fishes to catch. Of all the Chinese Dating Apps, the most popular one is Tantan. It even looks like Tinder. Users can manually fill in their profile description and interests as there is no automated collection of user data the way Facebook works. Once signed up, you can start using the app. You can start a conversation with that person if both of you select each other.

Chinese women are good partners for dating and long time relationship. They are attractive, smart and loyal.

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There are different dating sties out there some are geared towards those looking for true love ever after, others are for people looking to flirt and have fun, have casual hook ups and potentially find true love as a result. I have a passion for women s health and Chinese. Formerly a chorister of this church. Lunch at your maimland mainland dating site between work meetings. Slumber It Up: CeCe, Rocky, and Dina are having a slumber party and CeCe decides to invite Tinka since she has never been to a slumber party.

It has not just changed entire villages and family constructions; it has also reshaped the landscape of dating and marriage. Millions of Chinese women and men go online every day in hopes of finding their Mr. In China, online dating is serious business for many. I n a country of 1. Iphone and Android dating apps such as Momo or Tantan comparable to Tinder have become increasingly popular.

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