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While recreational cannabis usage has not yet achieved legalization on a federal level, it has received mainstream acceptance in the society on a nationwide level. You no longer have to hide your love for weed; the community now exists openly. With a mainstream appeal, the tech industry has responded by creating mobile apps to help stoners connect, access weed or find valuable information concerning pot. Here are 4 apps that every marijuana user should have on their phones.

Great Mobile Apps For Cannabis Users

But those of us who still live in the dark ages have to meet with our pot sellers in order to smoke some herb. Everybody who buys from marijuana dealers knows that they can be very interesting characters. After visiting some marijuana dealers , I go home and smoke a joint and laugh about how funny the encounter has just been. Finding a consistent dealer in your area is one of the biggest problems for a stoner in states without legal marijuana.

Having a dealer that is consistent, on time and has good nugs is something that every stoner needs. That has lead to a lot of people moving to online to find green. Social media has taken over a big part of our lives. Just about everybody has a Twitter or Facebook. People are online for a large part of their day: People have asked in our comments tweeted there email address saying what city they need bud in, forums and the list goes on. You still run the risk of it being a setup. You never really know who is running that Twitter handle on the other side.

The comments in that section fly all day with people asking for weed in certain areas with their email. I did a post about sending marijuana through the mail. It had insights about delivery companies, laws and stuff you would need to know about sending marijuana. But, blatantly putting online what you have for sale is just asking for some trouble.

Then following through with it. Most of this comes to light after a Louisiana teenage girl had the police at her doorstep after posting a picture people smoking marijuana on Social Media Instagram. The St. This may have been a random investigation but if it happened to her, it most likely can happen to any of us. All she did was post a picture of marijuana. Imagine if you were caught trying to buy some weed from an online cop? The chances do seem very small of getting caught.

However, if they went after this girl. Imagine what they would do if they saw illicit selling of marijuana via the internet? This is much less sketchy than on a message board or a comment thread. You somewhat or personally know these people you follow on Twitter or Instagram. It is a long shot but if you have enough followers I think you can find weed just about anywhere. Most of the time dealing with a fellow stoner should be fine. Unless you actually use Craigslist to find weed?

As you can see, it is pretty laid back with nobody really sketched out. I blurred out all of the names. Even if you live in a weed friendly state, you know at least one of the dealers on this list. The shady dealer always asks to meet somewhere dodgy… and will never let you come to his place. The paranoido and the shady dealer are usually friends!

You gotta call — and you have to be really inconspicuous. He calls you every time he has a new supply and especially if he has other illegal goodies. Maybe he even has a day job. That means you know for sure his dealing phone is off between 9 and 5, so if you have that craving you have to wait for the right hour! There are dealers that love money — but not too much.

In fact, he probably likes weed more than he likes money and is excited to throw you a couple of grams for free every now and then because he wants you to get extra high. Could this dealer be any more frustrating? Ladies, be careful. It puts a gnarly edge on smoking herb. I rather just avoid this dealer all together. The entire exchange becomes a fight for you to get the hell out of there. Image Source. If you could find a dealer that delivered pizza and weed, he would be a keeper.

It takes all the hassle out of having to find the time to get over there to score some herb. You found a rare and precious kind among weed dealers if you have a reliable one on call. He just hates being out of pocket for his own habit. So he buys an ounce at a time, sells half of it to make up for what he spent on the other half. He never wins and never loses — but he always has something to smoke. The gift giver almost always smokes you up when you come over because you buy weed from him.

In most cases, this dealer is pretty chill. One Hit Wonders are a strange kind among pot sellers. For one reason or another, you only ever bought weed off them once! You got along great, you got a great deal and the weed you smoked was good. But then they disappeared off the face of the planet! This is an interesting phenomenon in the weed dealing business. Most of my friends are social dealers. But of course, you can never score off them during the week. You know exactly where to find him! The opposite of the stationary dealer is the phone dealer.

You actually never know where the phone dealer is going to be — they never even seem to be at home. Do they ever sleep? But you can always call them. And they always want to meet somewhere different. It makes buying weed a surprise every time! On the other hand, when they are out of stock, everybody you ask keeps telling you to see that guy! The middleman never keeps weed handy.

He always has to call his dealer. But you can guarantee that he has a million dealers lined up and always wants to make a buck for being the middleman. Everybody knows a weed dealer that fits one of the personality profiles listed in this article! What is CBD Oil? The Flake Could this dealer be any more frustrating? The Sleeze Ladies, be careful. Buddy buddy! The Delivery Boy Image Source If you could find a dealer that delivered pizza and weed, he would be a keeper. Mr Reliable Hallelujah!

The Gift Giver Image Source The gift giver almost always smokes you up when you come over because you buy weed from him. The Social Dealer Most of my friends are social dealers. The Phone Dealer The opposite of the stationary dealer is the phone dealer. The middleman The middleman never keeps weed handy. Related Posts.

patronestaff / ShutterstockFinding weed is getting easier with time (well, The good news, however, is that there are delinquent pothead stoners like might be willing to hook you up if you buy them some beer (assuming you. This is a good question though, with weed being more and more . Yeah dude if your really looking for someone to hook you up, its not very.

I apologize for this taking so long to post, but I wanted to hear from as many people as possible in order to get as many tips as I could. If you have a tip that is not found in this article, PLEASE leave it in the comment section so that others can benefit from your expertise! This is the second part of a three part series that we are doing at TWB. This article the second of a three part series is about selling marijuana the old fashioned way. If you live in a state that has dispensaries or collectives, then you might not relate to this article anymore, but it is still worth reading to reminisce about the good old days.

There are some places where the weed finds you.

The best smoking experiences often come with the best marijuana buds. When flower is really good, you spark up and experience pleasant highs, great flavor, relaxing aromas. The worst smoking experiences often come when flower is, well, just bad.

How Street Dealers Are Dealing With Legal Weed

So you want to score some fresh weed, and you are not fortunate enough to live in one of those states that has made the sensible decision to decriminalize it. Come with me as I guide you on a keef-paved road to sparking up. First of all, forget any worries you may have about running into undercover law enforcement. Except for the racist ones. The following are broad but discreet strategies you can employ, depending on where you are. You just have to do a bit more sleuthing.

Weed 101: How to Choose Marijuana

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This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Weedmaps is your guide to cannabis. Discover and explore products and brands, and find dispensaries, deliveries, deals, and doctors near you. Learn about cannabis and stay up-to-date with the latest industry and cultural news.

How To Find A Weed Dealer And Types Of Marijuana Dealers

While there are an increasing number of apps designed to help drug and alcohol users in recovery , drug dealers are also taking advantage of apps to increase their customer base. I have just 4 April updated the post with another app running in to legal challenges — weedmap. On Instagram, people looking to buy drugs simply search via hashtags such as weed4sale or the names of the drugs themselves mdma, mephedrone etc. The customer then contacts the owner of the account and the deal moves along through direct messages. In the case of Tinder, potential customers can swipe through profiles until they find a dealer and match with them. Buyers can either meet face-to-face or pay online and have their purchases posted to them. In the UK, this means of selling New Psychoactive Substances or legal highs will soon probably be illegal once the government decides to implement the New Psychoactive Substance Act. It should have come into force on 6 April and is now scheduled for some time in Spring this year — the reasons for the delay are set out in this Guardian article by Alan Travis. In addition to the mis use of mainstream apps, there are also a number of apps dedicated to accessing drugs. The company has been among the breakout success stories of legalization thus far.

How to Be a Marijuana Dealer — Growing Your Business

Your weed dealer is probably the only name in your phone whose number you have memorized. But what happens if you move to a new city? A good bartender can talk about sports, movies, the best clubs to go to, restaurants, and even where to find weed! Opening up the possibility of getting a connection for your weed and also maybe making a new friend in the process! Another way to use colleges to your advantage is to go on the actual campus and sniff out the stoners.

Grinding for Weed

Buying drugs from another human is quite possibly one of the most fraught interactions anyone can have. How do you know if your drugs are pure? Is it rude to ask if they’re bath salts so you can save room after dinner for some face? When we got down to thinking about it, we had more questions than answers. So, instead of spewing our own childish speculation about what makes a good drug deal on you, we asked our friend, the infamous anonymous multi-drug dealer for his advice on buying drugs the not-so-stupid way. Infamous anonymous drug dealer knows a thing or two about smooth transactions; he’s sold everything from LSD to molly to weed, moving quantities of all sizes into the waiting hands and mouths of our nation’s future leaders both in state and beyond.

An experienced dealer gives us his best advice on how to buy drugs

MDMA, cannabis and even cocaine are all available on mainstream websites such as Craigslist. Alongside listings for second hand cycling helmets and composting bins, Craigslist’s ‘for sale’ section features around 10 new ads a day openly offering drugs. Alternatively, buyers can simply click ‘reply’ on the ad, and respond anonymously via their email address, which isn’t visible to the person receiving the message. Still, it sounds a risky business. Who’s willing to sell illegal substances in view of the entire world? Daniel, from Columbia, has been selling drugs in London since he was ‘transferred’ here by his boss two years ago. He started placing ads online a month ago, on the advice of another dealer, “I decided to go online and promote our business,” he says, “I found Craigslist! Craigslist ads — which are free to place — stay online for 45 days, but new ads are placed all the time, pushing the older ones down.

Don’t have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Dear Stoner: I’m flying to a bunch of weddings this summer. What’s the best way to get weed when I’m out of town? Dear Crasher:

For better or worse nah, probably for the better , weed culture of the modern era has far surpassed its stereotype-laden roots. And thanks to the ganja-loving nerds of Silicon Valley , there’s now a whole wide world of wonderfully helpful and convenient apps out there just for the weed lovers among us. What it is: Yelp for weed iOS: Free Android:

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