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It works by automatically putting two 12 volt batteries in series when you need to run the trolling motor and in parallel for charging. It is bi-directional so when not trolling, the trolling booster battery backs up your starting or house battery. The Trollbridge24 is suitable for installations with alternators up to amps and 24 volt trolling motors up to 85 amps. Two pages with wiring diagrams. See the Trollbridge24 FAQ for answers to common questions and to send us a technical question.

How to Wire a 24 Volt Trolling Motor

Many customers have questions on the subject of wiring trolling motors and marine electronics. This step-by-step guide aims to simplify the process. Marine Battery Wiring Author: Wes Wiedmaier Many customers have questions on the subject of wiring trolling motors and marine electronics. The battery system on most boats can be broken down into two parts: The volt starter cranking battery delivers cranking power to the outboard motor.

It can also be used as the power source for onboard electronics, such as depth finders. The trolling-motor battery system consists of one, two or three volt batteries connected together in a series using jumper wire. The batteries used to power the trolling motor should not be used to power additional accessories. Just remember red goes to red and black goes to black. Other electronics should be connected to the starter battery in this same manner.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to set up your trolling-motor battery system. It is broken down into the four most common voltage systems for trolling motors. Manufacturers recommend using 6-gauge wire for all connections. Be sure to install a amp manual-reset circuit breaker in the trolling motor leads within 72″ of the batteries. Be sure all switches are in the “OFF” position before connecting your battery system. Use a amp circuit breaker on this connection.

Connect the BLACK wire from the trolling motor power cable to the negative – battery terminal of one battery battery B. The jumper wire should be the same gauge as the leads to the motor. Use amp circuit breaker on this connection. This will be your volt lead. Include a amp breaker on this connection. Use a amp circuit breaker for motors with 81 lbs. Use a amp breaker for motors with more than 81 lbs.

Both the 24v and 36v trolling motor wiring diagrams are listed below along with the Simply wire each bank of the charger to each battery accordingly. Jumper Wire – If you have a 24v or 36v trolling motor you will need short lengths of wire to connect your trolling motor batteries in series. Make sure to buy the.

Map Viewer Select State. Desert Angler. I was just wandering if anyone out their knows how to hook up a 12 volt trolling motor to a 24 volt system. I currently have a 24 volt 71 pound thrust in the bow. I was wandering if I can take a 40 lbs thrust and hook it on the transom for backtrolling using the same batteries?

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How To Wire A Trolling Motor

One of the great jobs in the Man Cave is rigging, maintaining and working on our boats. We love working on tackle but there is something special about boat work. Whether it’s a new one like the Polar Kraft TX , the Ranger Z or even the old washtub, the Ranger Banshee , there is always something new to add or something to do on them to make them work more effectively. All of us at Wired2Fish are detail oriented, love challenges and that carries over to our equipment. Installing new electronics, shallow water anchors, or our recent project, changing a 12 volt trolling motor to a 24 volt one takes careful planning.


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Wiring for a 24 volt trolling motor requires basic electrical skills and tools. Understanding the theory of wiring in series and parallel is helpful, but not necessary. A 24 volt system will need two additional 12 volt batteries and extra equipment to keep them fully charged. A cut off switch should be installed so the batteries can be easily separated for charging. The average weekend mechanic can perform the installation in about an hour. Put on the safety glasses. Place two new or fully charged 12 volt batteries next to the existing 12 volt battery or as close to the trolling motor as possible. Do not make any connections to the existing charging system; use a solar or a manual charger as needed. Mount the cut off switch on the positive terminal of either new battery. Connect a cable from the “On” terminal of the cut off switch to the “Negative” terminal of the other new battery. Connect the positive test lead from the volt meter to the vacant positive terminal on the first battery using its alligator clip. Connect the negative volt meter lead to the vacant negative terminal on the other battery in the same manner.

A Beginner’s Guide To Wiring A Trolling Motor

Installing a new trolling motor on your boat is a relatively simple process, but you need to have the right equipment and parts. Below is a list of the parts that are included with your trolling motor and other parts recommended and required that you will need for installation. Once you have the required parts for the installation, you will want to be sure that the trolling motor is wired properly to the batteries. To do this, identify the positive red and negative black power leads and attach the leads properly to the battery. The positive leads of a 12v trolling motor system usually trolling motors with 55lbs of thrust or less will attach to the positive battery terminal, while the negative lead will attach to the negative terminal. If you have a 24v or 36v trolling motor system you will need to attach multiple batteries in series.


Altering boat wiring should be completed by a qualified marine technician. The following specifications are for general guidelines only. These guidelines apply to general rigging to support your Minn Kota motor. Powering multiple motors or additional electrical devices from the same power circuit may impact the recommended conductor gauge and circuit breaker size. If you are using wire longer than that provided with your unit, follow the conductor gauge and circuit breaker sizing table below. If your wire extension length is more than 25 feet, we recommend that you contact a qualified marine technician. An over-current protection device circuit breaker or fuse must be used.

3 bank charger for a 12v battery and 24v trolling motor

One of the best upgrades to small fishing boats is replacing the volt trolling motor with a more powerful volt model. In addition to producing more thrust, this upgrade will also let you spend more time on the water, as the combination of two trolling motor batteries will last much longer before charging is required. Determine a suitable location for the battery tray for the added battery. If possible, try to mount the tray where the weight of the two batteries is evenly distributed side to side in the boat. Make certain the tray is in a location where the screws will not protrude through the boat hull. Attach a battery cable from the negative post of the first battery to the positive post of the added battery. Lowell is a freelance writer who has been writing professionally since June , with articles appearing on various websites. A mechanic and truck driver for more than 40 years, Lowell is able to write knowledgeably on many automotive and mechanical subjects.

Learn how to connect two 12 volt batteries to make one 24 volt battery unit. This is a common application needed to supply power to a trolling motor requiring 24 volts. Some larger trolling motors will require 36 volts by connecting together 3 deep cycle 12 volt batteries in Series. Similar to Flashlight Batteries. Connecting 2 or more 12 volt deep cycle batteries together need not be intimidating. Some flashlights will hold “D” cells end to end.

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How to Wire a 24V and 36V Battery System Deep -Wiring Trolling Motor Batteries in Series