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It only takes two wires to connect a phone , but most house wiring contains four wires. The red and green wires are on the two center terminals of a normal phone jack, and the black and yellow wires are on the two outer terminals. This arrangement allows most normal houses to handle two phone lines very easily. Many if not most line cords that you receive when you purchase a phone to go between the wall jack and the phone only have the two center wires.

How to Wire a Telephone Jack

Phone jack installation is one of the few basic wiring jobs homeowners can do. Home automation applications may include installing phone extensions in additional rooms or installing a second phone line in the house. Automation enthusiasts continually look for ways to make their homes more convenient, and installing additional phones is one of the ways they do it.

Before getting started, map out where in the house the phone jack should be. Consider where any desks or tables might sit so that you can avoid having wires stretched to their limits or hanging between desks. Telephone cable typically comes in the 4-strand wire, although 6-strand wire and 8-strand wire are not uncommon. The various strand types are referred to as 2-pair, 3-pair, and 4-pair.

A conventional 4-strand telephone cable normally has 4 colored wires that include red, green, black, and yellow. Although most telephones use 4 or 6 contact connectors, standard telephones only use two of the wires. Single-line telephones are designed to use the 2 center contacts in the phone connector. On a 4-contact connector the outside 2 contacts are not used and on a 6-contact connector, the outside 4 contacts are not used. This is important to know when wiring the phone jack.

Remove the front cover. The inside of the connector is wired to 4 terminal screws. Although red and green are commonly used for hot phone lines, older or improperly wired homes could have other colors in use. Another easy way to check the wires is to hook them up to the terminals, plug a phone in to the check and listen for a dial tone. Most homes are wired for two phone lines even if only one line is in use. When they do this, they are turning on your second pair the black and yellow wires.

Two-line phones often make use of this outside contact pair so that no extra wiring is required providing you have the black and yellow wires connected inside the jack. If you plan on using a single-line telephone for your second line then a modified phone jack will need to be installed. Remove the front cover of the phone jack and connect your yellow and black wires to the red and green terminals.

This will cross your second phone line to the center connector contacts so you can use a standard single-line phone. Share Pin Email. A computer technology writer with over 15 years of experience with information technology and home automation products. Whether you are installing a modular surface mount or flush mount jack, the wiring is the same: Connect your hot phone wires red and green to the terminals with the red and green wires.

If you experience problems, use a phone line tester to ensure the new second line is active. Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Lifewire, you accept our.

Adding a phone jack is easy, but you have to know which wires go where. Learn how to make the right connections. Discover how to easily connect the wires and properly install a telephone jack for your home or business in a few simple steps.

The fact is that small wiring jobs in your house or small business can be much easier than you’d expect, much easier than shelling out exorbitant hourly fees to the phone company. If you can figure out how to wire speakers for your new stereo, you can easily wire your home or small office for your new phone system. Wires, plugs, and the network interface The basics of the wiring is pretty easy to understand. Most telephone wires are one or more twisted pairs of copper wire. The most common type is the 4-strand 2 twisted pair.

Phone jack installation is one of the few basic wiring jobs homeowners can do.

A telephone plug is a type of connector used to connect a telephone set to the telephone wiring inside a building, establishing a connection to a telephone network. It is inserted into its counterpart, a telephone jack , commonly affixed to a wall or baseboard.

Install a New Phone Jack

Old phone cable typically has four wires inside: Category cable works just as well as the old cable for phone service, and it works much better for data such as for a DSL internet connection. The steps below show you how to install a new phone jack and make sense of the color combinations. In fact, only the phone company can shut off the power. But just to be safe, don’t work on phone wiring with wet hands or when standing in water.

How to install telephone wiring myself

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Telephone jacks can be either flush or surface mounted, so be sure to buy a replacement jack that fits your particular setup. Also, never work on a phone line during a thunderstorm, since lightning can travel down the wire causing serious injury. To disconnect the line, find the telephone interface box which is usually mounted on an outside wall where the phone lines runs into your house. On older interface boxes without a test jack, unscrew the terminals and detach the wires, remembering which one went on which terminal.

What do the yellow and black wires in a home telephone jack do?

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How to Install a Phone Jack

A lot of people shy away from home telephone wiring. They may think that they are not allowed to touch the existing ones. This is not so. Your local phone company will come and do your wiring for you, but it will cost you. Wiring a jack is not difficult and it is totally fine to add a new jack or internet phone jack to your system.

Doing your own telephone wiring

Adding a second line to your home is an easy task that even the least experienced do-it-yourselfer can do without costly interference from a telephone technician. In Part 1 , showed how to hook up your second phone line to existing telephone jacks. But, what do you do if you want the service in a room with no phone jacks? It’s not as hard to do as you may think. You already pay enough to the phone company for service, don’t give them additional money for an easy do-it-yourself job that can be completed in about an hour. Find a phone jack in the room next to the one where you need to add a jack, preferably on the same wall. Call this room with the old jack Room 1.

Instead of calling the phone company to request their services, try installing the new phone jack yourself. Any activity with the exposed wiring throughout this guide is an illegal practice in Australia unless you have an Australian Communication and Media wiring License. The filter installation and cords where you are plugging in or disconnecting the connection plugs RJ12 in the picture but RJ45s more common now are legal practices for anyone to do. To create this article, 18 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed , times. Electrical Maintenance. Learn more.

I’m not familiar with the phone wiring conventions outside the U. In years gone past, it was the responsibility of the phone company not only to bring phone service to your house but to do the phone wiring within your house as well. This is no longer the case. When you order phone service to your house, the local phone company installs a network interface device , a sturdy grey plastic box usually mounted either in your basement or on an outside wall. You can do your inside wiring yourself, or you can pay the local phone company or a third party such as an electrician to do it for you. Doing residential phone wiring is easy, however, and the local phone company’s charges for this service are steep. Even if you have to buy wire and modular jacks, you’re going to come out way ahead if you do your own work.

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