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  • Young and single female expats in Saigon
  • 2018: Most Active Facebook Groups for Expats in Vietnam
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Young and single female expats in Saigon

Steve has a lot of words for things that already have words. It applies to all expats, but especially women — no, make that single women. Our time, he figures, is elastic: It stretches across continents and over oceans all the way to Saigon. Some people carry this tension just fine. Steve says this because he knows: He loves Vietnam.

He loves his wife. He loves everything here and that pull is something he no longer registers. Eventually, the rubber band contracts. Steve gestures with his hands, never picking his elbows up from the desk. By the time five comes around, Steve says, expats cannot adjust to life at home. He has another theory about that.

From the time we arrive in Vietnam most of us are, in fact, on our way out. But something about the theory bothers me, the way it sounds so final. Over the next few weeks, I starting asking around. Sometimes to friends, sometimes to strangers, I bring up the rubber band theory. Opinions fall all over the spectrum, from fervent agreement to absolute rejection and everywhere in between. Male and female, single and attached, everyone seems to have evidence which supports the idea and evidence which negates it.

As it turns out, being young, single, female and expat can mean many different things. Though she is currently in a relationship, Lindholm has spent time in Vietnam both as a single woman and as part of a couple. Lindholm does not buy into this assumption. When she first arrived in Saigon in , it was as part of a couple. Still, she chose to come — and stay — of her own free will, a fact which too often goes unacknowledged. For single women, however, this makes the conversation that much more confusing.

For men, a stock answer is usually enough, yet young, single women are often required to justify their presence in greater detail or, at the very least, to fit their life abroad into a larger trajectory. For Ozog, the move to Vietnam turned out to be much less difficult than she had expected. In fact, the accounting student believes that being female actually helps in the long run, as locals seem to view her as more personable.

Vietnamese are never shy to come up and have a chat. As far as relationships go, she is also blissfully unattached and plans to keep it that way for the time being. Because Vietnam is a family-focused place, Ozog understands that the usual line of questioning — about age, marital status and children — is simply part of the culture.

However, expats can be just as bad when it comes to divorcing romantic pursuits from the rest of her life. For the most part, Ozog remains unfazed by these presumptions. With romance removed from the equation, Ozog finds her interactions with both local and foreign men are more genuine. That said, she still has a few friends who try to set her up, not to mention meeting the occasional guy in a bar. Ozog pauses for a moment, catching herself before she rolls her eyes.

Independent women In expat life, independence is all but a requirement. However, in the realm of relationships, this is seldom a becoming trait for foreign women. For Ramona Slusarczyk, a lecturer at RMIT and five-year Saigon resident, it has been the deciding factor in several of her relationships. It comes to me having a bad character. In fact, this trait is mentioned in every one of my interviews, almost always as a positive. The more women I speak to about the rubber band theory, the more I hear about the perks and freedom that come with living in a foreign culture.

While some are gentler in explaining the effect an independent lifestyle has had on their relationships, Slusarczyk makes no bones about her stance on the matter. In part because of this attitude, Slusarczyk feels that dating in Saigon seldom leads to healthy relationships. In her experience, the expat community holds a different set of social norms than the ones which exist at home.

There is a feeling of perpetual holiday, she explains, which can lead expats to behave in a way here that they might not elsewhere. While she sees no problem with this, certain behaviours which she views as more prevalent among this group mean that foreign women who are unwilling to behave in the same way pay a price. As an example, she brings up the women, often Vietnamese, who accompany their boyfriends to a bar when they hang out with male friends.

Perhaps behavioural norms play a role in the challenges foreign women face in the dating world, but year-old Arlene Tuang also thinks it has something to do with the transience of expat life. The New Zealand native points out that, in many cases, men are more inclined to settle down in a foreign country or find a home abroad. For women, however, expat life is often an adventure and usually comes with an exit strategy, whether that means returning home or carrying on to another foreign country.

Tuang, a long-term expat who has lived in Vietnam for five years and out of her home country for nearly a decade, is beginning to feel the itch to move on. While neither woman is in a hurry to find a partner, both have recognised that Vietnam is probably not the place to start looking. Your email address will not be published. In Saigon, young, single, female expats are often misunderstood.

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Keep it simple and just mention that you’re an expat living in HCMC. A lot of girls don’t Vietnamese girl from Tinder asks for date. Tinder girl. You can probably find a girlfriend within 3 days of landing in Saigon. I once got in an argument with an American expat at a girly bar because.

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Steve has a lot of words for things that already have words.

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Meet Expat Singles in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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The 9 types of expats you’ll meet in Vietnam

Facebook groups are very useful wherever you go in the world, well, probably not in China. If you are undecided which city to live, check this best cities to live in Vietnam. Why You Should Move to Vietnam. To navigate faster, use the table of contents above. This article about Facebook groups for expats in Vietnam is being updated as often as we can to bring the most active groups to new comers in Vietnam. If you know other groups that should be here, leave us a comment below together with the link of the group. I hope you find this list useful if you know other groups that we should add here, comment the link below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you decide to leave your comment on this section, this mean that you are happy to leave your name, email address, and website link.

Have some expat work associates who are interested in travelling to Vietnam. Their main objectives are to meet Vietnamese women with a view to forming a long-term relationship.

Basically they needed to get away from fellow white people. In a strange turn of events, this country symbolizes hope and a new beginning to many, regardless of nationality.

2018: Most Active Facebook Groups for Expats in Vietnam

Our business directory is a great place to find telephone numbers, addresses, emails and reviews of local shops, restaurants and businesses. More than listings! Are you looking to rent an apartment of villa in Ho Chi Minh City? We work with reliable and trustworthy real estate agents in Saigon. Do you need assistance in obtaining a new or renewing your current visa? We work with one of the most reliable agents in Ho Chi Minh City. We are able to offer expat health and medical insurance and reasonable prices. We work with more than 20 providers to get you the best coverage. Our online magazine is focussed on providing expats and the local community with up to date informative and interesting articles about life in Vietnam, living in Saigon, travel, business and more! Saigon Expat Services was founded by three expats from the UK, who have been here for 32 years between them. The purpose of setting up SES is to assist expats who are looking for information about moving to and living in Ho Chi Minh City and to keep the local community updated with community news, events, services and more!

Young and single female expats in Saigon

We all know Vietnamese women are better than American women. That is obvious to anyone that has lived in Vietnam for longer than a day. However, what may not be so obvious is how to find a Vietnamese girlfriend. Finding a Vietnamese girlfriend is one of the easiest things you can do while living in Vietnam. You can probably find a girlfriend within 3 days of landing in Saigon. Almost every Vietnamese girl you interact with will want to be your girlfriend. However, finding a good Vietnamese girlfriend is pretty damn hard.

2018: Most Active Facebook Groups for Expats in Vietnam

Okay Just throwing this out there. FYI i’m not lookiong for anyone on here i know this is not a dating site Just some advice. I’ve dated a few girls but nothing pan-out a couple of them seem all fine and well in the beginning but it all went down hill after a few weeks. Are all the girls looking for marriage only??? Is it a cultural thing??? Thanks in advance. If u r looking for just sex, there’s lot of those too

Expat Men meeting Vietnamese Women

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