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May 7: Webinar February 7. Calling All Campuses! Growing Your Foster Youth Program: Tools for Outreach, Recruitment and Understanding Eligibility. Question of the Week-Is there an amount required to be spent on clothing within a family resource rate?

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Monday 24 September Audrey Collins Records and research 4 comments. September was a very short month. In fact, it was 11 days shorter than the average September, to bring the United Kingdom into line with most of the rest of Europe. In fact, there were three separate calendars in use in 18 th century Europe; Catholic states had generally adopted the new and astronomically more accurate Gregorian calendar in place of the Julian calendar the 16 th century, Protestant states took it up in the 18 th century while the Orthodox Christian countries of Russia, Greece and the Balkan states did not come into line until the early 20 th century.

This can lead to misunderstandings over dates in historical documents, especially before September As well as the loss of 11 days to bring the days into line with those countries already using the Gregorian calendar, the other major change adopted was that the start of the year was now 1 January, and not 25 March, or Lady Day. If you look at early church registers of baptisms, marriages and burials you can easily see when the new year begins, as in this example from the baptism register of the Independent chapel at Wrentham, Suffolk.

But if you see a reference just to a single entry dated between 1 January and 24 March, perhaps on a family tree, it might not be obvious whether the date is exactly as it appears in the register, or has been adjusted to conform with the Gregorian calendar. From 14 September onwards dating is a much simpler business, but there was still scope for confusion. Countries where Orthodox Christianity prevailed continued to use their own calendar for much longer, so dates of events taking place in those countries need to be treated with care.

Registers of British consulates and churches in those countries habitually used both dates for events registered there, such as this entry from the register of the British consulate in St Petersburg recording the death of Henry Thornley, who died on 19 or 31 March Nowadays the Gregorian calendar is in general use, so you might think that the question of expressing dates was straightforward and unambiguous. We may all use the same calendar, but in the English-speaking world there is still a major cultural divide: So that is why the good genealogist, or any kind of historian, will never express a month in figures unless forced to do so when filling in an unforgiving online form, and when they do, they wince.

Behind the scenes on those online forms the dates are probably being stored in a database. Doing arithmetic on dates is a pain, so usually the database will actually store dates or usually date time, a combination of the date and a time on that day, defaulting to midnight if no time is specified as a number of seconds after a base date. Here again we have double-standards: There were only two separate calendars in use, but different countries switched between them at three different times.

See, for example:. The Spanish and Portuguese colonies adopted the calendar later because of the slowness of communication. France adopted the new calendar on Monday, 20 December , immediately following Sunday, 9 December The Dutch provinces of Brabant, Zeeland and the Staten-Generaal also adopted it on 25 December of that year, the provinces forming the Southern Netherlands modern Belgium on 1 January , and the province of Holland followed suit on 12 January From http: Dave, you are quite right to say that it is an over-simplification.

The main point I was trying to make is summarised far more elegantly by him as:. On reflection it would have been more accurate to say that there were three principal dating authorities, Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox, rather than three calendars, as you correctly point out that between them they only used the two calendars, Julian and Gregorian. There are, however, even more calendars and dating systems that a researcher might need to take into account: Of course if you cross the international dateline going east then you have to go through the day again.

Please note: You can still get in touch via the Contact Us page. Comments disabled Please note: Search for: Independent chapel Wrentham, Suffolk: British consulate St Petersburg, Russia. Tags genealogy , research , usa. David Underdown says: Mon 24 Sep at 4: Dave Cross says: Mon 24 Sep at 5: Audrey Collins says: Mon 24 Sep at 6: David Matthew says: Tue 25 Sep at Comments are temporarily closed Please note: We will not be able to respond to personal family history research questions on this platform.

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Monday 24 September Audrey Collins Records and research 4 comments.

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Gain free access to all the latest information on expat jobs, expat money, expat property and tax. Expat Network Money Newsletter — April This month we are focussing on the current state of the UK property market as the Brexit discussions drag on. Is it an attractive market for expat investment? And how easy is it to get a mortgage as an expat? We also look at other issues that impact the financial position of expats, including your rights to get a second medical opinion when you have health insurance, and the latest expat savings rates.


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DAAD Homepage. Plus, we’ll share the most important news about higher education in Germany and Europe. Sign up below for the electronic newsletter covering the region nearest you! This newsletter is published by our New York regional office and regularly covers events in higher education on the east coast of the U. This newsletter informs German speaking readers of current developments and trends in higher education in the United States and Canada.


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11 JULY — 11 AUGUST 2019

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Gay dating in knoxville tn

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