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Cade Yeager is a character that appears in Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: The Last Knight. A mechanic and inventor who lives in Texas His area of expertise is in robotics, he has a 17 year old daughter named Tessa who he raised alone after her mother died when she was still a young child.

Visual Characteristics

Familiar Autobots and Decepticons are all over the place in this new ‘Bumblebee’ trailer. Come for the first look at ‘Bumblebee,’ stay for the Very Good condemnation of the Rickroll. Is it just us, or does this Transformers movie actually look kind of fun? The official trailer for Michael Bay’s final ‘Transformers’ film is here. With the original voices of Optimus Prime and Megatron along for the ride.

We teamed up with Hasbro to get people excited for ‘Transformers: Earth Wars’. Autobots and Decepticons duke it out in ‘Transformers: Earth Wars. Even a Decepticon would get a kick out of this remixed ‘Transformers’ trailer. Devastation’ looks a million times better than it actually is. Check out Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Bumblebee and their Autobot friends as they face off against the garbage Decepticons.

We’re using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. A wake-up call to the voices MeToo excludes. What a pleasant surprise! Buzz buzz. Let’s hope this one is an ‘Autobot. OK, that’s impressive. Autobots, roll out! Transform your trash into Optimus Prime. Who needs CGI when you have cardboard? Cardboard in disguise. Who needs CGI when you’ve got cardboard? Take me to your leader. Get ready for the Bayhem. And Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins narrates the whole thing. Fate called upon her at the perfect time.

And how filmmakers made them happen. Hello, miniature Optimus Prime. The future is here. A cake even a Decepticon would love. Someone’s in the running to be Father of the Year. One man’s trash is another man’s Optimus Prime.

DATING FENDER TRANSFORMERS, SPEAKERS & POTENTIOMETERS USING EIA CODES EIA (Electronics Industry Association) Source-Date Codes. Dating Vintage Guitars and Amps by Source-Date Code. . = Electrical Windings; = Grand Transformers; = Forest Electric;

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Utility lines have changed very little in appearance over the past century, but there are some clues in their construction that one can use to determine a relative time period. Prior to the introduction of electricity in the late s and s, telephone lines alone crossed the streetscape.

Cade Yeager

Familiar Autobots and Decepticons are all over the place in this new ‘Bumblebee’ trailer. Come for the first look at ‘Bumblebee,’ stay for the Very Good condemnation of the Rickroll. Is it just us, or does this Transformers movie actually look kind of fun? The official trailer for Michael Bay’s final ‘Transformers’ film is here. With the original voices of Optimus Prime and Megatron along for the ride.

Justin Bieber rumoured to be dating Transformers actress, Nicola Peltz

We have always encouraged businesses to have an active presence on TGP; but in the past, the rules about it have created some confusion and issues for businesses and members alike. Walking the line between what was considered spamming and what businesses wanted to communicate was sometimes clouded and at the minimum confusing for business and members in general. We are announcing a new policy that will hopefully simplify and ease the tension for every member of The Gear Page. The rules for businesses have been updated. We are focused on member experience here on the page and the goal here makes it easier for vendors to participate without all the barriers and confusion while at the same time allowing members to easily seek out or ignore threads that are promotional in nature. When that thread loses activity, you may post new content but not more than once every 24 hours. In this one thread you may post the following:. There is a thread on this with far more detail here:

Tailgate was Arcee’s first partner and close friend.

Over three Transformers films now, Sam Witwicky Shia LeBeouf has been befriending noble robots, taking down evil robots, and openly defying the U. But perhaps the most unbelievable aspect of the character is the notion that he exclusively dates supermodels. He is only attracted to the hottest women on the planet and they only have eyes for him.

Carbon dating transformers – send first email dating site

Some will vehemently refuse to admit it exists. Others really don’t care about the brand beyond it. Regardless of opinions , Transformers engaging in or pursuing interaction of a romantic nature is a well-established element in pretty much every continuity. For the most part, Transformers are observed searching for romantic partners amongst their own kind, but attraction to organic lifeforms and even non-living objects has been documented as well. Some wonder why a species that likely does not reproduce sexually would participate in behavior that in other creatures exists as a means to promote sex and thereby new life. While a definitive answer to this has yet to be given, the question as to why Transformers become romantically involved with one another can be approached from a different angle. Transformers are a highly social species. This is shown through their very human-like society, interpersonal interactions, familial relationships , and even the fairly common practice of merging bodies and minds. If these are not frowned upon, then why should social connections of the romantic kind be regarded much differently, if at all? Perhaps there is no reason for them to engage in romance, but then there is equally no reason for them not to. Though rather obscure, there is even an official term for two Transformers in a relationship:

Transformers fan dating – writing a dating profile summary

Bumblebee appears to mark a shift in tone for the Transformers movies. It looks more light-hearted and kid-friendly. The titular Autobot star, a playful mute who speaks through radio soundbites, embodies the qualities of a loyal puppy more than it does an intergalactic hero. But this is still Transformers, and the latest Bumblebee trailer recognizes that. A string of underwhelming movies has left Transformers with an image problem. Bumblebee shifts course, embracing the vibe of ’80s and ’90s kid-befriends-alien-thing classics like Batteries Not Included , Flight of the Navigator , and of course E.

dating fender transformers

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: I apologize for my bad writing I usually don’t write fanfiction– but a comment on one of my posts on tumblr http: Viviane stands afar watching Optimus and Cade talk. As soon as Optimus returned Cade had ignored her completely and focused all his attention on the Prime.

Dating hammond transformers

Since I primarily collect amps by Fender, and guitars by Gibson, Fender, Martin, National, Epiphone, Gretsch and Rickenbacker, I really can’t help them with these other less popular brands. As you have probably noticed, there is plenty of information here to help date the brands that I am interested in. But where does that leave everyone else? Well I’m not one to leave you out in the informational cold, so here’s something that I use quite often in dating amplifiers and electric guitars. It’s called the “source-date code”, and it can help determine the approximate age of an electric instrument by the date its components were manufactured. Source-Date Codes On American made vintage gear, the pots and speakers provide an excellent opportunity to date a piece of equipment by referencing their “source-date code”. The source-date code found on pots and speakers gives the manufacturer and date roughly when the components were made. It may have been some time before the part was installed at the factory, but it still provides a good approximation of when the gear was made.

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