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They can affect a partner, child, parent or friend. This is the account of a Minnesotan whose husband was a problem gambler. That changed after I learned more about my husband. The first sign that something was wrong was when he asked me to lend him some money so that his dad could get a new water heater for his car. But a few weeks later when I saw my father-in-law I asked him how his car was working. He gave me a surprised look.

What It’s Like To Be In A Relationship With A Gambling Addict: The Aftermath

Subscribe To Friends and Family of Alcoholics. Sorry, I know this isn’t alcoholism but there wasn’t a gambling specific forum for friends and family. Anyway, here’s the deal I met my boyfriend online about 4 months ago. We hit it off right away – he’s funny and intelligent, we have a great time together, and the physical chemistry is very strong. Despite this, I felt like there was something off about him.

I couldn’t put my finger on it but one night I started piecing things together My thought was drugs so I confronted him. He’s actually a compulsive gambler and has been for years, but no one in his life knew the extent of his problem. I ended things immediately. But we started emailing back and forth and then saw each other again – stayed up all night talking and he told me his story, etc.

He recently told his family, attended his first gambler’s anonymous meeting, and started 1-on-1 therapy. He’s doing all the right things but we haven’t been together long and I’m at a loss over what to do. My life is pretty much in order – I don’t gamble save the occasional round of bingo with my grandma or have substance abuse problems, I have a good job, and consider myself pretty emotionally healthy. I’ve been in therapy for about a year and feel like I know myself and my issues; I’m in a good place.

He says I’m a very good influence on his life, but I’m worried that dating him would put my stable life at risk. He swears it’s OK for us to continue dating because we were already dating when he started GA, but I worry about our relationship putting stress on him and his sobriety. I really like him and my instincts tell me he’s a good guy. I know if we stay together the road won’t be easy, but he seems to have a good support system.

My friends think I should run the other way. Am I stupid to stay with him and believe that he can change? Any advice or personal experiences are appreciated. I think just about anyone CAN change, but a lot of them don’t. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any experience at all in the area of compulsive gambling. Maybe someone else here does, though. I do think that since you’ve just known the guy a short time, you might be better off finding someone who doesn’t have a problem that could wind up dragging you down with him.

When I met him he was active in AA, seemed like a really good guy with a great job, we had fun, etc. I had a great life, lots of friends, good job, my own condo It wasn’t until after we were married for a year that I discovered his addiction to gambling and the web of lies that was woven through our entire relationship. He tried going to GA, didn’t like it, thought he could stop on his own, relapsed twice, lost two jobs We will be divorced on Tuesday. I thought that would be a wakeup call for him.

I found out yesterday that he’s back gambling, and has been for a while. Gambling addiction is very difficult to beat although not impossible , and it can literally bankrupt you in one night. I had no idea what I got myself into. That’s just my personal experience. I don’t mean to be a downer, but please be very careful.

Actually – what I want to write is RUN. You can do better. Thank you so much for the reply! My decision has been made – I’m moving on! If the relationship is really that great to him, then he should have no problem working away at his own recovery and reconnecting when he has a good amount of sobriety under his belt.

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My God’s honest truthful advice to the OP if they are thinking of dating someone who is addicted to gambling and who isn’t getting help for it is simple. Run a mile . My Boyfriend’s Gambling Addiction Destroyed Our Relationship I really struggled with the fact that I could be so turned off by someone I loved. Relationship—Don’t Make The Same Mistake · “Breezing” Is The New Dating Trend We Should.

Compulsive lying is one of the symptoms of compulsive or pathological gamblers. These gamblers are addicted to gambling, and lying becomes second nature to them. What are some of the common lies compulsive gamblers tell? Read on. Anyone who flat-out denies they have a gambling problem, despite evidence to the contrary, is either well on their way to full-blown gambling addiction or is already there.

We all dream of getting rich, telling our boss to shove it, and buying our own private island one day, right?

Many people can enjoy gambling without it becoming a problem, but over time, some people develop a gambling addiction that can ruin their lives. The urge to gamble can be overwhelming, leading someone to lie, steal, blow through their savings and miss out on the rest of their lives. Several signs indicate when normal enjoyment of gambling transitions into a problem.

Real Voices: The Wife of a Problem Gambler Details Its Damaging Impact

My father was a compulsive gambler. This is what I learned about how to protect myself. If you are a compulsive gambler, you have my sympathy, but you may want to skip this article. It will upset you. I am not a trained counselor or psychologist, and it is definitely a good idea to seek the help of a licensed professional for support. In the meantime, here are some tips that can help avert disaster until you and the gambler get the help and support you need.

How to leave my gambling boyfriend

It will be fucking impossible to reconcile that. The injustice will threaten to kill you. And you knew nothing at all about it. So on top of everything else, you feel pretty stupid yourself. You will be caught up in a whirlwind of regrets, what ifs and if onlys. What if you had checked the bank statements more frequently ever? Are you guilty? You allowed an addict access to your hard earned cash — does that make you a dealer or a pimp?

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Who here has experience with these types? I suspect the person I am currently dating is a gambling addict. The last three times we have had lengthy discussions, he has brought up betting on football.

How to Help Someone With a Gambling Problem

Hi, everyone. This is my first time writing in this forum but I think it is really time for me to hear from others who can relate. Sometimes people I am close with don’t understand how much being with someone you love very much with a gambling problem can cause so many emotions. I feel like people either 1 don’t think a gambling problem can be that serious, or 2 think that person is terrible and tell you to leave them without understanding the major guilt you feel for leaving someone you love with such a terrible mental illness. Back story: He is truly an amazing person and has never done me wrong. However, about 2 years ago he started going to the casino. Eventually he started hiding it because he was going so much. He started by calling me crying and asking to see me because he lost his money happened three times, and at the time, I didn’t even consider that he could possibly have a gambling problem. Now, it is so serious that he has taken money from his brother which he paid back within 2 months, though , loses his whole paychecks to the casino, etc. We live in Indiana and we have the option to sign up for the voluntary exclusion program which prevents him from going in to a casino in Indiana, and if he does he can be arrested. I thought this was a huge step and everything was going to be okay.

Tips for Dealing With a Compulsive Gambler in the Family

No one has ever seemed so smitten with you. And the sex? You text more than you actually see each other and she has a hard time committing to your next date. So if you spot red flags flapping in the distance, you need to slow things down. The bottom line? Brought to you by. Just the guy I dated.

Boyfriend is a compulsive gambler 🙁

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My Husband Has A Gambling Addiction; How Do I Handle Our Finances