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  • 7 Free and Cheap Date Ideas to Try in Manila
  • 12 Places To Take Your GF If She’s Matakaw But On A Budget
  • Going On The First Date: 8 Places in Manila to Break The Ice
  • 10 Low-Budget V-Day Date Places In Manila
  • 7 Free and Cheap Date Ideas to Try in Manila
  • Dating places in the philippines
  • Dating places in the philippines
  • 10 Low-Budget V-Day Date Places In Manila
  • 10 Date-Worthy Places Around Manila You Can Spend Under 500 Pesos

The cherry on top? View menu View all branches View their Instagram account. Read our full feature here. Little WineHaus transports you to another city other than Manila. There is also a wide range of Cheese to pair with wine. View menu 2 Scout Lazcano St cor.

7 Free and Cheap Date Ideas to Try in Manila

No, not Netflix and chill Cheap and simple plans! Reenact them all here. Do you even thrift? And for as low as the same budget, you can fuel up after a tiring day at Burgoo Gateway branch, just a train ride away. Time to get cheesy with your lover. Add to that a fine selection of wines to pair up with your meals. Need a little starter? Try their Mozzarella tower!

With good food and a nice view, the rest is history! Breakfast All Day is a late night breakfast bar that offers toasts, sweet and savory waffles, and more. View menu Avail at 8 branches View their Instagram account. All we need is a cup of coffee and a little bit of conversation. Aside from their signature coffees and drinks , they serve all day breakfast, sandwiches, pasta, and dessert. View menu Avail at 1 branch View their Instagram account.

Find out what kind of person your partner is by what toppings they put on their pizza. View menu Avail at 2 branches View their Instagram account. It offers Filipino and international fusion dishes including grilled skewers, street pizzas and wraps. Versus Barcade is the first bar-arcade in the Philippines where you can eat, drink and play. Liquor up with their wide selection of alcohol and get competitive with bae!

Know more romantic restaurants in Metro Manila? The best things in life are almost free. GO Search for restaurant names, locations, or cuisine. Fitness Beauty. Romance on a budget. Also read: Related Articles. Shake it Up: Save on food, fitness, and beauty when you download Booky.

This list features some of the best dining spots all over Metro Manila that guarantees good food, good company, and beautiful interiors. Love in The Old City: Top 20 Romantic Spots in Manila, The Philippines. Vacation cuisine and fine wines, ideal for a couples date night.

You want conversations to be free-flowing and not stiff. You want that time to be fun and not predictable. Whether you end up with your date or not, you want to be remembered as the date who was awesome and easy to get along with.

No, not Netflix and chill Cheap and simple plans! Reenact them all here.

For couples with a love for photography and finding little unknown corners of the city, walking aimlessly around the areas of Intramuros and Binondo , camera in hand, makes for the perfect date. Explore Intramuros and admire what remains of Spanish era architecture.

Going On The First Date: 8 Places in Manila to Break The Ice

Is your girlfriend matakaw? That’s fine. Studies show that women who eat a lot means that they are very content and happy in their relationships. Jon’s girlfriend eats an order of crab good for 5 people by herself. No regrets. Image via Jon Gutierrez.

10 Low-Budget V-Day Date Places In Manila

Here are some ideas. Photo by Claudine Callanta. Below are some ideas for dates in Metro Manila or just a few hours away to kick-start your date planning. You can dine with a view of green hills and landscapes at Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa. You can also start from Escolta if you have more time. Enjoy Intramuros’ old-world charm. All photos and videos by or courtesy of Rhea Claire Madarang unless otherwise specified. Explore and appreciate the National Museum’s artworks and artifacts. Whether coming from Intramuros or the National Museum, head to Rizal Park in the evening for its colorful light and sound show. If you come early, you can even just spread a mat on the grass, relax, and soak in the scenery around you.

The ideal first date place should also offer a good selection of interesting sights and sounds you both can talk about, and should be fairly accessible in case you need to bail for some reason. Fortunately, Metro Manila offers a wide selection of awesome first date locations that offer all of the above.

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7 Free and Cheap Date Ideas to Try in Manila

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Dating places in the philippines

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Dating places in the philippines

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10 Low-Budget V-Day Date Places In Manila

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10 Date-Worthy Places Around Manila You Can Spend Under 500 Pesos

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