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  • Gay Leo Dating: The Attention Whore
  • The Leo man in love and life
  • The Leo Man
  • The Leo Man
  • The Leo man in love and life
  • Can straight Leo men get turned on by Gay men?

You can hear an awfully loud, crashing, roaring sound. Warm, enthusiastic, gregarious — he is on top of his world. He is dignified and strong, with an aura of power around him. The Leo man is a natural born leader and his animal magnetism draws followers to him by the dozen. In a team situation, he is quite happy to work together with others, and will often be a key player, providing motivation and drive to his team.

Gay Leo Dating: The Attention Whore

Forums Leo forum Can straight Leo men get turned on by Gay men? You are on page 1 2 out of 2. It’s just a curious question as I have no prior experience with Leos at all. Since I’ve read that they love to be worshiped I kind of wondered if straight Leos could get turned on by other men and gay men if praised too much? Or is there a line with you Leo? I have read in a topic somewhere that Gemini’s are most likely sign to be bisexual so I was wondering if Leo could be similar to that too.

Ok, I understand the basic asking out and stuff from a gay man. Let’s create a senario. What if that person is a friend the to the Leo man. Doesn’t hit on or nothing but highly praised and everything that supposedly would attract a Leo. Would the thoughts even cross the mind of a straight Leo? It could, you have tread lightly though you may lose a friend that way if misconstrued and they really aren’t gay.

Has no straight Leo man here ever had feelings for another man in general but disregarded it? Posted by JohnnyRed Posted by cancertheropy Ok, I understand the basic asking out and stuff from a gay man. I had a gay friend in University, he helped me with my math homework and i supplied free weed. We hung out, smoked dope had a few beers at the pub but i never viewed him as a potential lover.

He never tried anything like you are supposing, even subtly and things were normal. The girls he hungout with though Is he really a straight man then if he gets turned on by another man? If he does, it sounds more bisexual. Posted by JustALeo Is he really a straight man then if he gets turned on by another man? If he does, it sounds more bisexual Ding! Being flattered and turned on are two different things. Bored yet? Lol it doesn’t seem like anyone could make up their mind.

Even if someone’s straight it doesn’t stop them from getting curious about trying gay sex and seeing what it’s like. It doesn’t make the person gay at all. I’m actually curious now to know if a Leo could get curious about this? Or are they so prideful in their sexuality that they won’t even try thinking about it?

I see that haha. I was reading through the zodiac chart about Leo’s and it makes it seem that they’re the easiest group to seduce regardless of sexuality. That’s why I got curious about the subject lol. I was in a 3 way with a bud and a bar chick. He wanted to high five in the middle of me being balls deep. That felt gay as treetrunk. I always feel that in three ways with a girl the two guys would stay away from each other’s bodies.

Sure why not. I’m a sucker for positive attention and admiration, especially if they are attractive. But I also have CiV in the 1st house which also makes me a sucker for attractive people in general. I don’t consider myself bisexual though. I’d never date a male, nor could I. I do have a kinky adventurous side though. Posted by blackphase I don’t think the praise and attention has anything to do with it..

A man of any sign can become gay or bisexual. I have a Leo brother.. I also have a Leo ex, who since we have broken up almost 4 years ago has discovered that he is bisexual. It’s different for everyone, other placements and life experiences would likely impact this. Posted by TrueFantasy I think straight Leo men can be flattered generally by gay men or just anyone in general.

It depends on the individual. Some might not care and just say they’re straight while others might act aggressively like “stay away” kinda thing. It’s raining outside heavily while I’m typing this Attraction is weird in my book lol. Who u could find attractive and hot someone else would be eh- while vise Versa with them to me. Reverse Order Return to Leo Forum.

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Gay Leo Dating: The Attention Whore you’re the most special thing that’s ever happened in his whole life-exactly the way he made his boyfriend last week feel. Ruled by the Sun, the Leo man is outgoing, confident, and energetic. Love, Sex , Romance, and Relationships with a Leo Man . These zodiac male/female profiles are designed to be read for heterosexual, lesbian, gay, date. Date. Title . Type. 05mayalldayMay 5, Daily Overview(Overview of the Day: sunday) EDT.

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Well, it was really fun and interesting to read your comments and experiences regarding the compatibility of Leo and Pisces.

Leo’s Response. I’m not a Leo, but having known one for a while; I had to laugh at some of the Leo responses. They were so on-target Leo.

The Leo Man

Leo is a dramatic sign with some fundamental contrasts. Overall they’re straightforward and very predictable people. On the surface Leos are one of the most confident and aggressive signs. Fearless, charismatic and powerful. They’re some of the optimists and leaders of the Zodiac, always seeing the good over the bad, and often wanting to take charge and be noticed. They have a flair for the dramatic and often enjoy being the center of attention.

The Leo Man

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Forums Leo forum Can straight Leo men get turned on by Gay men? You are on page 1 2 out of 2.

The Leo man in love and life

– Увы, в мире полно наивных людей, которые не могут представить себе ужасы, которые нас ждут, если мы будем сидеть сложа руки. Я искренне верю, что только мы можем спасти этих людей от их собственного невежества. Сьюзан не совсем понимала, к чему он клонит. Коммандер устало опустил глаза, затем поднял их вновь. – Сьюзан, выслушай меня, – сказал он, нежно ей улыбнувшись.  – Возможно, ты захочешь меня прервать, но все же выслушай до конца. Я читал электронную почту Танкадо уже в течение двух месяцев.

Как ты легко можешь себе представить, я был шокирован, впервые наткнувшись на его письмо Северной Дакоте о не поддающемся взлому коде, именуемом Цифровая крепость. Я полагал, что это невозможно. Но всякий раз, когда я перехватывал очередное сообщение, Танкадо был все более и более убедительным. Когда я прочитал, что он использовал линейную мутацию для создания переломного ключа, я понял, что он далеко ушел от нас.

Он использовал подход, который никому из нас не приходил в голову.

Can straight Leo men get turned on by Gay men?

Новость не обрадовала коммандера. Выслушав подробности, он долго молчал. Дэвид, – сказал наконец Стратмор мрачным голосом, – обнаружение этого кольца – вопрос национальной безопасности. Я возлагаю эту задачу на. Не подведите. И положил трубку.

Беккер решил, что трубку поднимут на пятый гудок, однако ее подняли на девятнадцатый. – Городская больница, – буркнула зачумленная секретарша. Беккер заговорил по-испански с сильным франко-американским акцентом: – Меня зовут Дэвид Беккер. Я из канадского посольства. Наш гражданин был сегодня доставлен в вашу больницу.

Я хотел бы получить информацию о нем, с тем чтобы посольство могло оплатить его лечение. – Прекрасно, – прозвучал женский голос.

Беккер почти вслепую приближался к двери. – Подожди! – крикнул.  – Подожди. Меган с силой толкнула стенку секции, но та не поддавалась. С ужасом девушка увидела, что сумка застряла в двери.

Беккер заткнул уши и оглядел толпу. Куда бы ни падал его взгляд, всюду мелькали красно-бело-синие прически. Тела танцующих слились так плотно, что он не мог рассмотреть, во что они одеты. Британского флага нигде не было. Ясно, что ему не удастся влиться в это море, которое раздавит его, как утлую лодчонку. Рядом с ним кого-то рвало.

Он подбежал к крепко сбитому охраннику. – Мне срочно нужно такси. Охранник покачал головой. – Demasiado temperano. Слишком рано. Слишком рано. Беккер беззвучно выругался.

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