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Showroom – Frequently Asked Questions. Dovetail joints often hold two boards together in a box or drawer, almost like interlocking the fingertips of your hands. As the dovetail joint evolved through the last one hundred thirty years, it becomes a clue for the age and authenticity of antique furniture. The type of dovetailed joint, especially in drawers, reveals much about furniture construction and dating.

How To Tell Whether “Antique” Furniture Is Really Antique

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Determining the date of old furniture pieces can be tricky. Learn how to look at construction and components that provide useful dating clues. There are certain parts of antique furniture that can reveal a great deal more about its age and authenticity than others and nowhere is this.

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When you want to refinish old wooden furniture, the best place to look is the family storeroom:

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Antique Furniture is one of the most fascinating sections of antique collecting. We buy what we like. Most antique furniture tends to be purchased by ordinary everyday people, rather than dedicated antique furniture collectors. In other words, more vintage furniture is acquired for its beauty and function rather than the profit potential of a piece. But whether you are looking for a piece of antique furniture for your home or looking for something to sell on; to become knowledgeable about identifying antique furniture takes research. And that is even if you are focusing on only one aspect of this very diverse subject.

Dating Antiques Part II – Drawers

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A single piece of antique furniture is more than a collection of nails, boards, and wood stain. Antique furnishings can tell a story one that may only exist in the imagination of the lucky person acquiring the piece. Some popular antiques are quite well documented and may be tied to a specific time period in history making an age determination quite simple. Adding to the complexity is the proliferation of copycat builders and modern furniture craftsmen who do an admirable job of cloning authentic antique furniture right down to the tool marks and date stamps. Determining the age of antique furniture is the first step in establishing a proper valuation, as well as verifying that the piece is indeed an authentic furnishing from the era in question. There is some detective work to be done if you want to really ensure that the antique is real, and a qualified inspector should be hired if you’re spending any appreciable sum of money. Until then, following these steps will help you determine an approximate age of nearly any piece of antique furniture:.

In the present study, furniture and coopered vessels from three Austrian museums were examined. Dendrochronology was used to date objects and to extract further information such as the necessary time for seasoning, wood loss through wood-working and methods of construction.

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Dating antique furniture handles

There are certain parts of antique furniture that can reveal a great deal more about its age and authenticity than others and nowhere is this more apparent than drawers. This is often the first thing an experienced appraiser will check when trying to accurately date a piece. The first thing to check is the way the face is joined to the sides. In older furniture, these dovetails were laboriously cut by hand using a saw and chisel. This typically left behind visible evidence such as overcuts or places where a chisel slipped. The pins between the dovetails are often much narrower and somewhat irregularly sized in hand cut examples as well. Machine cut dovetails can be identified by their perfectly consistent and regular size in addition to being somewhat wider. While hand cut dovetails do not guarantee that a piece of furniture is old, machine cut dovetails can rule out a date of construction before the latter half of the 19 th century. The finish of a drawer can also tell a great deal about the age of an antique. Traditional craftsman were often very conservative with their use of materials.

Dating antique furniture legs

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In with the old: Tell a story with antiques and vintage furniture

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This is a big topic to tackle and it will not be possible to cover many details in this short column. To determine age, consider the form and function, tool marks, construction techniques, and materials used in the furniture. Note the style. Check for evidence of age. Is it a coffee table or king-size bed?

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