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Yesterday morning: What a gent. My Band: The Q My Blog: This Charming Saucepan. Cheers Just been on your myspace, top tunes: Adventures in Effectors my blog. If they are modern re issues you can t date them. Every time anyone has ever asked how to date a pedal someone always has to use that joke…: The pots are what the knobs are mounted to. The first three numbers are a code identifying the manufacturer as CTS each electronics manufacturer was assigned a code , the next two numbers are the year, and the last two numbers are the week of the year they were made.

So a pot stamped was made in the 33rd week of Note that this does not mean a pedal with a pot was actually made in , it just means it was not made any earlier than The pedal could have been made months or even a year or more after the pots were purchased as it is rumored that Electro-Harmonix bought the pots in bulk. CTS may have stamped the pots in large runs also, so they could have shipped pots dated earlier than the year Electro-Harmonix ordered them.

E-H did not exist until The pots on the newer USA made pedals from around and on do not have date codes. The Russian made pedals I own also lack date codes on the pots. My Big Muff Page http: Is there a sequence to the … pot code which makes it possible to date the pedals? Star https: However when I got it I was disapointed at first, because the colored field on the pedal was black, and I thougt all the old ones had blue color. Maybe this picture can help for a start, if this model corresponds to the Memory Man you have.

Otherwise you have to check the serial numbers on the pots. How to date an Electro Harmonix Pedal. Post Reply. Talk soon, Pablo. Pablo89 – 18 February Ned Flanders – 18 February Sorry Kit. But I did learn to read at school! The picture comes from: Click thumbnail to see full-size image. Remember Me? Pablo Sr. Member Total Posts: This Charming Saucepan Quote. Adventures in Effectors my blog Quote. Ned Flanders Administrator Total Posts: JordanLikesToRock Sr.

Kitrae Sr. WatsonWood Sr. Image Attachments Click thumbnail to see full-size image Star https:

How can I date my old electro-harmonix pedals?? The easiest My old MXR analog delay is too hard to open up to get at the pot date codes, how can I date it ?. I’m looking for some information on an old Electro Harmonix Deluxe on the transformer is a date code of late 78 then a pedal manufature year.

Yesterday morning: What a gent. My Band: The Q My Blog: This Charming Saucepan.

And for many players, the greatest rendition of that was the Electro-Harmonix Memory Man.

I started out using some info from Bob Schwartz, retired EE. I give him credit for his article which I have edited and modified from computer equipment specific to guitar effect specific.

Anyone know of a site for information on vintage Electro Harmonix?

Tape echoes had been around for a few years when solid-state echo technology appeared in pedal format. The Deluxe version of the Memory Man delay from Electro Harmonix, released in , was the fifth iteration of the Memory Man design, which made its debut in Key to its significance were two additions that made for an organic delay sound – a knob to control the preamp level, and a dedicated knob for the chorus and vibrato effects that had been introduced on the two previous versions of the pedal. Although a delay time of ms is short by modern standards, it was pushing the bucket-brigade chips inside the unit to the limit. Bucket-brigade devices, or BBD for short, are discrete capacitor arrays that were used to pass analogue audio signals before buffer-based digital delays were available.

Electro Harmonix – News and Rumours

For a better experience on Gearnews, we recommend JavaScript to be enabled. We’re happy to oblige: NAMM Electro Harmonix Attack Decay — Its back! Yes, please! Check out the brand new Electro Harmonix Bass Mono Synth pedal in all its glory – and it looks like it will have an attractive price, too. Electro Harmonix: Something for everyone and lots of dirt all round! Amp Tone Shoot-Out: This time he is comparing 17 different preamp valves in his old Marshall amp – and the differences in sound are astounding.

Electro-Harmonix is a New York -based company that makes high-end electronic audio processors and sells rebranded vacuum tubes. The company was founded by Mike Matthews in

There are very few websites dedicated to the Big Muff Pi, so I created this site with all of the information and history I have gleaned from various sources over the years, including some good photo references pix from my collection, stolen from ebay auctions, and sent to me by other generous Big Muff owners and audio clips. I think it is the most comprehensive one on the web.

Classic Gear: Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

Matthews, armed with a unique mix of business instinct and technical knowhow, had his professional start in sales at IBM. To many guitarists, the Big Muff Pi, with its large pressed steel chassis and unique name, is the definitive fuzz box to own. An often-replicated design, but never truly duplicated in terms of sonic character, the Big Muff Pi helped launch EHX as a leading contender in the growing world of guitar effect manufacturing. Matthews also has a signed personal check from Carlos Santana, which served as payment for his very own Big Muff Pi in , he recalled in an interview with Premier Guitar. The Big Muff Pi still sells around 3, units a month, according to Matthews, and the LPB-1 boost is a strong seller as well, with EHX still moving around units a month almost 50 years since the product was launched. Together, both products helped launch EHX into a global company that still has their principal assembly and product finishing operations located in Queens; other classic EHX products soon followed. The pedal, like the Small Stone, was developed by Cockerell and was the first flanger that was able to be used on stage, a large technical achievement at the time. The Deluxe Memory Man , released in , essentially puts the hypnotic sounds of early U2 into a single steel box. This time EHX mastered the electronic delay and, over the years, the pedal grew into the Deluxe Memory Man, one of the most sought after and popular pedals of all time. The Memory Man sound is uniquely EHX, and the sonic possibilities of the six knobs are nearly endless.

The FX files: Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

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12 easy tips to date a pedal (Boss, Ibanez, EHX and more)