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This post contains affiliate links. We are in LOVE with them!! We the girls planned a potluck meal and everyone brought their assigned food items so we could have a nice meal together BUT there was a twist…. We put everything in a bag and everyone had to stick their hand in without looking and choose a utensil to eat with. You could make the dinner even more creative and come up with a quirky menu to hand out. I was going to create a cute menu, but I ran outta time.

Bedroom Bowling

We are in the midst of family week. Well, not officially, but I have just sort of tried to force it to be family week. Pete and I have been traveling so much over the last few months, and Pia has the week off of school, so I am making everyone spend time together. We went bowling last night, which was hilarious! Especially the teeny-tiny bowling shoes they had for Pia and Coco and the. This week we also went to a tiny pretend Bavarian Village in the Cascade mountains, about 2 hours outside of Seattle.

Is that funny!? If you are from Washington, you have probably heard of Leavenworth. But that is fine with me, and clearly I purchased bags full of Christmas Ornaments and shrieked over the fake snow and glitter. I was supremely pleased to find an English Mastiff Ornament. Very obscure? That is how extensive the ornament collections were there. Then I ate an enormous Almond Mocha Fudge ice cream cone. I prefer size XL blue cookie monster costumes. Especially after that ice cream cone.

But they were so good. So, so good. And I started to think about all the occasions you could serve these up for. Or maybe Thanksgiving? Or maybe tomorrow morning for breakfast? Probably any of those ways would be just fine as far as I am concerned. If you love pumpkin pie , I promise that is how you will feel as well. I used a silky smooth pumpkin-vanilla filling and fried the pie dough to a crispy golden brown.

When it is rolled in cinnamon sugar and served hot, all my dreams come true. And yes, you should definitely serve these with fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Using a 4 inch cookie cutter, cut circles out of the chilled pie dough. Spoon the chilled filling into the center of the circles. Fold the pie dough over and pinch and fork tine the edges. Chill in the refrigerator while you heat the oil to Heat the oil in a heavy pot over medium heat.

Gently fry the pumpkin hand pies until the dough is golden brown. Number of servings yield: Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Baskin Robbins Jamoca Almond Fudge is my all time favorite ice cream! And this little pies look incredible. That is my husbands hands down favorite too Vicki! Yes- the village is adorable.

You would be able to capture it perfectly. My landscape photography is tragic- but you would love it. It reminds me of Switzerland. What do I think of eating fried pumpkin hand pies for Halloween? YES please! These look so so good. I love pumpkin pies. Love the pics of your girls — so cute! Hi Heather, These look great. A few questions: What is the temperature of the oil for frying? What is the thickness of the pie crust? Is the pie crust a special recipe substantially different than most or can any crust including store bought be used?

Can these be made ahead and gently heated in an oven or should they be made to order? Great questions! Thank you! You could use store bought crust for sure- that would be easier 4. I have not done that- but I do bet that you could do that if you fried them within a few hours of serving. I only cook with ghee, EVOO, or coconut oil.

I almost never deep-fry. Coconut would unduly influence the flavor maybe for the better? How do you think these little babies would fare if baked? Sounds real good. I like fried pies and pumpkin sounds goo for sure. Happy Birthday Dad- I love you!! I ate Mexican food for lunch. In a pretend German town. Is that funny? Then we came home and all I wanted was more sweet stuff.

Preheat the oven to degrees. Combine until smooth. Bake the pumpkin filling for 45 minutes. Take the filling out and leave until cooled. Drain for a moment on paper towels. Instructions 1. Chill in the refrigerator while you heat the oil. Drain for a moment on paper towels and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Eat while hot! Sign up to get recipes from me in your inbox. Dessert Tagged: Get Email Updates. October 26, at October 26, at 7: Oh, my, those are a fabulous way to celebrate a birthday.

Or Halloween. Or breakfast time! These are gorgeous!! Lovely idea! What a treat! October 26, at 9: Deep fried goodness! Dipped in a little whipped cream … Reply. October 27, at These look amazing, but do you have a link to your pie crust recipe? October 27, at 1: October 27, at 5: October 29, at 9: November 1, at 8: November 24, at 2: October 29, at Half a teaspoon or tablespoon of nutmeg and ginger?

Forget the candles and romantic music {don’t get me wrong – there is definitely a time for that!} it’s time for some bedroom fun! This sexy and flirty Bedroom Bowling Game for married couples is sure to mix things up in the bedroom! This bedroom game is sure to boost the FUN. The Super Bowl is the perfect excuse for a fun date night with your husband, and even with friends! Enjoy the free printables to make it.

We’ve all been there. It seems that life can take over pretty quickly and get in the way of the most important relationship of all Between careers, kids, church responsibilities, family and friends, home projects and everything else that seems to get in the way, it is hard to take the time to really DATE your spouse. Our goal is to make sure that we always keep our relationship with our spouses a top priority. With the help of The Dating Divas, we hope to get couples back on the right track to keeping the romance alive in their relationships.

Make your Halloween bash extra special with these fun DIY games that kids and even adults!

It was pretty fun! I asked and he said that he would play it with me again… And, you guys out there, it might surprise the hell out of your lady if you did something like this for them. The beds were magnificently luxurious!

The Dating Divas: Date Night on the Cheap

With a list of over 45 hilarious Halloween games that range from wrapping someone up like a mummy to tossing spiders into a spiderweb across the room, these are some of the most fun Halloween party games out there. There are a number of different sections below including Halloween games for kids, Halloween games for adults, and even Halloween games for seniors! This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything via these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Pick out any of the 10 Halloween party games below and play them in either an individual or team minute to win it competition. Supplies Needed:

The PERFECT Super Bowl Date

For special announcements and Info see. Need to add an event or meeting to the Calendar? Add an Event or Meeting to Calendar. Back to Top. Future Events. June is Pride and Stonewall Commemoration Month. Blue Ridge Pride Festival September Calendar of Events. G ay A sheville N c.

These easy-to-assemble games and activities are perfect for any Halloween party , spooky or sweet.

Bedroom Bowling. This post contains affiliate links. Sometimes the bedroom is meant for laughing and fun just as much as candles and oils. This bedroom game is sure to boost the FUN in intimacy.

Fun Bowling Ideas For The Whole Family

It only happens once a year and you need to be ready! This post contains affiliate links. She has made the perfect set that can be used no matter what teams are fighting for a ring. The first thing you are going to want to do is invite your guest s! We have 4 invites in case you want to invite some other people over, if not, just use one for the love of your life. Next, start planning the details! We are fans of this adorable football bowl but if you are serving a bigger crowd we suggest going all out with this stadium serving set. We love serving pita chips and the tortilla chips with a hint of lime. And of course, you have to decorate that food table! Nina Bean Designs created the cutest mini-bunting to hang on your treat table.

The Funky Town Date

Let Dad know he is loved this Father’s Day with a special surprise gift for him! Many families have a tradition of making a special meal for dad on Father’s Day. Whether it is breakfast in bed or his favorite dinner, you can make dad’s place at the table extra special with this fun Father’s Day Placemat. She did a fantastic job of creating a keepsake that Dad will love! Check it out:. Simply print your placemat before Dad’s special meal, and have the kids fill it out! There are two sides full of activities that can easily be printed back to back!

45+ Awesome Halloween Games For All Ages

The bowling alley is a classic place for a night of fun. Bowling is a game that offers a challenge on its own, but sometimes it is fun to shake things up a bit and do something a little different. Each of these fun bowling games provide a unique, sometimes embarrassing, twist to the classic game. This post contains affiliate links. Get your group excited for an evening at the alley with this bowling night invitation. Whether you are going on a date night with your spouse, a group date night with friends or taking the kiddos, an invitation can help everyone get excited. Personally, I am all about using texting and emailing to invite my friends for date night.

By Helen Collis. As he approached the lane to bowl his last ball, the venue was quiet. He delivered what looked like a perfect 12th ball, but just inches from the pins the rack came down and blocked the ball’s path, to the gasps of the audience. The pins were swept away by the rack and immediately a mechanic is seen jumping down to fix something, before another set of 10 pins were positioned. Scroll down for video On target: Troy Walker looked like he’d bowled the perfect ball on his 12th and final go – which would have given him a maximum score.

Last week we talked about the importance of dating your spouse, and I shared with you our new date night plan. There are so many fun group date ideas out there! We have only ever gone on one double date, and that was just to a restaurant! These would be a lot of fun if you are part of a small group Marriage Bible Study! I had so much fun searching for these dates. My husband and I were dying laughing to the point of tears on some of these! Who Dunit?

We are in the midst of family week. Well, not officially, but I have just sort of tried to force it to be family week. Pete and I have been traveling so much over the last few months, and Pia has the week off of school, so I am making everyone spend time together. We went bowling last night, which was hilarious! Especially the teeny-tiny bowling shoes they had for Pia and Coco and the.

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