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If I owned Death Note, the manga and anime would have been like the live action movies. Which I love dearly. And you should all own copies of. Not just download. Author’s Note: Some LxLight!

Who wrote the ‘Death Note’ script?

Even if there is a god, and I had His teachings before me, I would think it through, and decide if that was right or wrong myself. After L’s death, Near begins his investigation of the Kira case, gathering evidence over a period of four years. Near takes his findings to the President of the United States and reveals himself to be the true successor of L. Near is a young man with gray eyes and white shaggy hair which he often plays with.

He is only seen wearing a white, long-sleeved pajama top and white pajama pants. In the anime, Near’s pants are light blue. In the Death Note One-Shot Special , which takes place three years after the end of the Kira case, Near is shown to have sharp bags under his eyes, slightly longer hair, and to have undergone a growth spurt.

He sits in a posture similar to L’s and is often seen being expressionless. Near is very intelligent, although his childish appearance and demeanor can cause others, such as David Hoope , to question his abilities. He has an obsession with solving complex problems and views an investigation as solving a puzzle. He is highly observational and was once seen piecing together a puzzle that was almost entirely colored white.

He is proficient when it comes to multitasking and is able to monitor multiple computer screens at once. Near also appears to be ambidextrous, playing darts with his left hand and stacking dice with his right. Despite his genius abilities, Near has a low social knowledge and is bad at interacting with others. As stated in Death Note How to Read , “he is only able to display his true deductive powers when he has the support of his members. Near is rather codependent, as seen when he asks Rester to accompany him on his flight to Japan due to having never flown alone.

Near is very calm and stable, a trait that is described in Death Note How to Read as potentially being “above that of L’s. He is also shown to have a sense of humor, such as when he stated that Light was “popular with the ladies” while discussing with Rester the roles of Misa Amane and Kiyomi Takada in the Kira case. Near shows much more emotion and displays far more facial expressions in the manga than he does in the anime. For example, when the SPK members were killed around him in the anime, Near keeps a stern look, but he is visibly upset in the manga.

However, in the anime, it is possible he did get genuinely affected by the deaths of the SPK members, as he started to berate Light for giving away the notebook just after they die, when immediately after that Near acknowledged himself that with the circumstances Light faced, anyone would have given away the notebook. Tsugumi Ohba , the writer of Death Note , said that Near becomes less likable as the story progresses, citing the upcoming plan to have the notebook at a later point in history.

Ohba added that Near’s cheeky behavior, intended to reinforce his childishness, had been construed as annoying. The author said that a negative reaction led to a difference in their attitudes and that people may have seen Near as a cheat or wannabe L. In the post-series one-shot chapter, Near is shown to have a great respect for L, basing much of how he solves crime on L’s methods, even to the point where he only takes cases that he has a personal interest in rather than trying to pursue justice.

Much like L, Near shows various unusual mannerisms during his day-to-day life. He is usually seen hunched over rather than sitting, and he also constantly plays with various toys, which he uses in his theories. With extremely childlike interests, his surroundings always have toys, dice, or darts strewn about. Even though he is only playing, piecing together a patterned puzzle starting out of nowhere and the like easily shows a sample of his abilities and intelligence.

Normally, his fixation with toys is light, but he does seem to have favorites, such as the toys he took with him when escaping the SPK headquarters while it was under attack by Hitoshi Demegawa and other Kira supporters. Three years after the main story, Near takes an interest in building Tarot card stacks. Of course, these structures are far beyond normal size, easily covering an entire room. It appears that Near would despise anyone who knocks down these structures, accidentally or intentionally.

He also seems to have a love for dice. Although Near is always surrounded with toys, few of them are electronic. Most of his toys are the types that need to be moved manually, such as his action figures, darts, and dolls. His electronic toys include his remote-control rubber ducks and a battery-powered train. However, despite his childish interests and activities, he seems to be the most mature in realistic compared to Light, L, and Mello, when it comes to his ideals, with a very pragmatic point of view on justice, being an existentialist.

Near is introduced to the story as a child at Wammy’s House. He is first seen sitting alone in a room piecing together a white puzzle, with the puzzle’s only design being a black letter ‘L’ in the corner. As some children run by the room, a young girl named Linda asks Near if he wants to play with them. Near replies, “No, thank you, Linda,” and continues to put together his puzzle.

Soon after, Roger Ruvie comes by the room with Mello and brings the two children to his office. There, Roger informs the two boys that L has died. Although Mello reacts rather violently to the news, Near remains quiet, sitting on the floor piecing together his puzzle. Mello begins questioning Roger, asking how L could say that he would catch Kira but end up dead himself.

Near picks up his completed puzzle and turns it upside down, causing the pieces to fall about. He states, “If you can’t win the game, if you can’t solve the puzzle, you are just a loser. Mello asks Roger if he or Near was chosen as L’s successor, and Roger replies that L had not decided yet. Roger asks if the two boys could work together.

Near responds with a positive “alright,” while Mello says it will never work because they “don’t get along. Mello leaves the orphanage, and Near stays at Wammy’s House for an unknown period of time. In the time between learning of L’s death and the creation of the SPK, Near gathers evidence related to the Kira case. Because all of the data gathered by L had been deleted, Near starts from scratch.

The Director informs the President that the current ‘L’ is false and was created by the Japanese Police to avoid disorder. The President is informed that the murders performed by Kira were done with a Death Note. The Director asks Near if these statements are correct, and Near replies that they are. Near explains that on November 5, , L pursued Higuchi , and Higuchi was surrounded by police cars in his vehicle within forty minutes.

Near says that L warned the police to not get near Higuchi’s car, meaning that there is no doubt that Higuchi had the ability to kill. The President asks Near if he thinks Higuchi killed with a Death Note, and Near responds that the notebook has the power to kill those whose name is written in it. Near explains that a policeman at the scene reported hearing Higuchi mention a notebook that could kill someone whose face you know if you write their name in it.

Near says that afterward, a notebook was removed from the scene and taken away via helicopter. Near says that this indicates that with L gone, the notebook is most likely in the hands of the Japanese Police. The Director tells the President that Near began his own investigation with no prior evidence, but his research materials that he brought for the President support his theory.

The President asks the Director who this boy is, and the Director responds that Near is the rightful successor to the name of ‘L. However, shortly after, Takimura committed suicide, and Near considers the possibility that Kira may have been responsible for Takimura’s death. The Task Force then decides they have no choice but to ask for Near’s help in this situation. Over the phone, Near taunts the second L by letting him know that Near is aware of the previous L’s death.

Near agrees to have satellite surveillance on the estimated area where the exchange will occur, then tells the second L that the Task Force will be in charge of the situation. At the site of the exchange, Near’s satellite surveillance proved useless thanks to the fact that the exchange is taking place underground. Near sends a chopper in order to transport Soichiro back to where he originally was. He asks Soichiro several questions regarding the trade, and Soichiro talks about someone eating chocolate during the call, signifying to Near that Mello is behind this and that Mello his taunting him.

During one of Near’s conversations with the second L, Near taunts him and calls him incompetent. Near, thinking there may be a spy within the SPK, plans on finding out who the spy is then getting to the mafia and Mello through the spy. However, just then, all but three SPK members drop dead, thanks to Mello, preventing any possibility of Near getting to the mafia. Near and the second L then agree to share information, Near tells the second L that Mello is behind the kidnappings and what Wammy’s House is, while the second L tells Near everything the Task Force knows about the Death Note.

The Task Force eventually retrieves the notebook and defeats Mello. Thanks in part to this situation, Near deduces the second L is, in fact, Kira. Because of these events, however, the president of the United States submits to Kira and dissolves the SPK as an official organization. Near speculates that the reason Mello left a few members of the SPK alive is to gain information from them in order to catch Kira.

Near plans on following Mello’s plan in order to see what he does next, so Near has Halle Lidner pass on information to him, particularly regarding the second L being Kira as well as Mello’s photo being with Near. Near has bugging devices be placed on Halle, forcing Halle, who was already passing on information to Mello, to share information to Mello solely in the shower. Mello enters the SPK headquarters, asking Near for his photo.

When Near told Mello that he managed to deduce who Kira is thanks to Mello’s actions, out of rage, he threatens to shoot Near, only for Halle to convince him from doing it. In return for the photo, Mello tells Near that there are fake rules in the Death Note. Near deduces that one of these rules is the day rule.

He contacts the Task Force, and discusses this fake rule. During his conversation with the second L, Near’s suspicion of the second L increases. He tells this to the Task Force, arousing doubt within them. Mello then gives Mogi to Near and tells Near to demand information out of Mogi, with Mello listening in on the conversation. However, Mogi, thinking that Near and Mello are working together, doesn’t spill any information. Soon after, a large crowd of Kira supporters were sent to attack the SPK.

Near manages to use L’s inheritance to distract them, then escape wearing police officer uniforms. Near then lies to the Task Force, telling them that Mogi has died of a heart attack, making it look worse for the second L. Sometime later, when Kiyomi Takada gets elected for Kira’s new spokesperson, Near has Anthony Rester keep watch of Takada, and finds out she is having meetings with someone. Near and Light converse once again, and they inform each other of their respective investigations of Takada.

At this point, Near formulates the plan to take down Kira, which is swapping his notebook with a fake then catching him in the act of writing down the names.

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Even if there is a god, and I had His teachings before me, I would think it through, and decide if that was right or wrong myself. After L’s death, Near begins his investigation of the Kira case, gathering evidence over a period of four years.

Internal, external, stylometric evidence point to live-action leak being real topics: We finish with high confidence in the script being real, discussion of how this analysis was surprisingly enlightening, and what followup work the analysis suggests would be most valuable.

Light was a genuis student who had become jaded with humanity. When he found the Death Note, which would allow him the ability to kill whomever’s name was written in it, he set about slaughtering all the criminals he could find, earning the moniker Kira the Japanese pronunciation of Killer. Light’s genius is rivalled only by his ego, frequently proclaiming his status as God of Humanity. Due to his good looks and effortless charisma, Light can charm any girl he wants. Here are just some of his most note-worthy girlfriends.

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So I only recently discovered Death Note sad, I know..

The liveaction films briefly played in certain North American theaters in before receiving home video releases. The editor reviewed the thumbnails and sent them to the illustrator Obata with the script set in stone and the panel layout mostly done. Near deducing that the second L is Kira calls Light and claims that he has interrogated Mello and that he learned that there are fake rules. Would you like to tell us about a lower price He also demonstrates a willingness to use the notebook for personal gain shown when he murders a criminal live on the internet news in order to impress his love interest Mia Sutton based on Misa Amane.

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