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  • Good looks alone may not get you a date on Valentine’s Day, but this might
  • Online dating site matches users by credit score
  • Credit Score Dating owner Niem Green is Delaware’s matchmaking mogul
  • What’s In A Credit Score?
  • In What World Is Credit-Score Dating Actually a Thing?
  • Dating a Credit Score Loser: Do Credit Scores Matter in Matters of Love
  • Credit Score Dating Sites Bringing Couples Together
  • Dating site focuses on couples’ credit scores

A credit score is a number ranging from , which creditors use to evaluate how well you will potentially be able to repay your bills. There are three credit bureaus: Transunion , Experian , and Equifax. These agencies receive information about you from creditors and compile that information into a credit risk score. Some creditors send information to only one credit bureau, some to all three. Each credit bureau only uses the information that is supplied to it in order to calculate your score, so it is entirely possible to have different scores from each bureau.

Good looks alone may not get you a date on Valentine’s Day, but this might

However, everyone has a breaking point or limit to the type of loser to date. Is dating a credit score loser such a bad thing especially if that person wants to improve his or her credit score? How do you know if you are dating a credit score loser? Are there any key numbers? Is there a breaking point? Credit score losers consistently pay their debts late if they pay them at all. They have no problems borrowing and paying for any and everything with high interest credit and loans.

The fact that they are robbing Peter to pay Paul and feel comfortable with taking calls from unknown numbers aka bill collectors may be enough proof that you are dating a credit score loser and potential problem. I have dated two credit score losers in my day. Even though he was my boyfriend and we had been together for over a year I had to say no to his generous offer.

He is and was not a loser but he was a credit score loser. He was old enough to have known better than to have not understand how is behavior impacted his credit score. The second credit score loser could not be helped in my opinion. I have a knack for digging up information on people. He wanted a new car so when he found out how great of a credit score I have and how much little debt I had he asked me to buy him a car in my name and with MY credit.

A credit score loser will not accept help. A credit score loser will make excuses for their situation and will not do work another job to pay off debt. There is one person who says she only dates men with high credit scores. That leaves a lot of people who are willing to be personal credit repair partners for their significant others. Credit score losers need love, too, and they can be guided on how not to be a credit score loser.

Whether to date a Credit Score Loser is up to you obviously. You determine the degree to which credit scores matter in your relationship. This entire site is ridiculous. Checking credit scores before dating someone? What are we, employing the people we date? Your email address will not be published. Podcast Interviews Budgeting Worksheets. The Frugal Biddy.

Dating a credit score loser may or may not matter in matters of love. It depends on those people involved. Dating a Credit Score Loser: Just Say No. Comments This entire site is ridiculous. My father, on the other hand, has a perfect credit score and is a serial cheater. Point is…you cannot get to know someone based on a credit score. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Approximately 42% of adults say knowing someone’s credit score would This can be useful for people using dating sites like Tinder, Bumble. There are dating websites for every niche minority these days. Maybe what I needed was a nice, financially responsible girl? It turns out this credit score and.

Read more: You already know that credit scores hold the key to unlocking better interest rates for borrowers, lower premiums from insurance companies and even job offers from many employers. Most credit card lenders now offer you your real FICO credit score for free. But have you ever wondered exactly what info goes into your score?

Based on the recent study , the credit score is the perfect proxy for trustworthiness, financial stability, self-discipline and the best available predictor for the outcome of relationships.

A lot about your credit risk of. During the distribution of problems in addition to judge whether a selected.

Credit Score Dating owner Niem Green is Delaware’s matchmaking mogul

Valentine’s Day is a holiday all about love, but many millennials today aren’t ready for commitment if it doesn’t also come with plans for a solid financial future. A potential partner’s credit score doesn’t have to top your list of concerns when it comes to dating. However, researchers from the Federal Reserve Board, the Brookings Institution and UCLA stated in a research paper that “credit scores reveal an individual’s relationship skill and level of commitment. While asking for a date’s credit score before going out could be a little awkward, you might find the right person on a dating site that does just that. The case for knowing may be worth it, though, as the same researchers found that credit scores can be used to reveal information about trustworthiness and commitment—important relationship factors. According to their findings, credit scores show a lot more than just a person’s creditworthiness from paying bills and debt.

What’s In A Credit Score?

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I set about investigating the details—mostly because I couldn’t believe this was not an article in The Onion —and found out that it’s not a satire.

And how they handle their finances tells you a lot. Metro Merchant Services carves out niche in electronic payments market. Those are the same fundamentals of solid relationships. A report by the Federal Reserve Board would appear to back up Green’s claim.

In What World Is Credit-Score Dating Actually a Thing?

Niem M. Green born October 9, , also known by his stage name The Daydreaming Mogul , Nye , and Nye the Daydreaming Mogul , is an American businessman, Internet entrepreneur, rapper, songwriter, author, motivational speaker, record producer, film and television producer and founder of creditscoredating. He was born and raised in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania. He worked as a credit underwriter at JPMorgan Chase and spent 10 years in the financial sector. The book explored his philosophy on how to achieve one’s desires through the power of daydreaming. Green was born on October 9, , in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was raised in Philadelphia by his mother Gwendolyn Payne , [3] a court clerk for the City of Philadelphia. In , Green launched Creditscoredating, an online dating site that matched single by financial compatibility and credit scores. The novel was based loosely on events that affected Green’s personal life. The highly anticipated book that outlined the basis and reasoning behind green’s site, Creditscoredating. In , Green announced that he would be releasing an album to further engage millennials in the credit score dating brand and released the Hip-hop single “Daydream Girl”. Green is head of Interactive Daydreams, an umbrella company for his portfolio of his businesses.

Dating a Credit Score Loser: Do Credit Scores Matter in Matters of Love

The study, which surveys single Americans with prime and non-prime credit scores below , seeks to understand how credit and financial wellness impact dating. According to the study, online dating platforms and tools are the top methods for meeting new dating prospects. Among American singles that use online dating platforms, prime men were on average, on one more dating platform than other cohorts. That might explain then why non-prime men and women are much less satisfied with online dating and set-ups than prime men and women. More than a third of those surveyed reported experiencing financial stress very or fairly often.

Credit Score Dating Sites Bringing Couples Together

If you don’t already have a date set for Valentine’s Day , don’t count on your good looks or material possessions to get you one. What potential partners really want to check out is your impressive credit score. The findings show that 58 percent of online daters say a good credit score in a potential partner is more attractive than driving a nice car , 50 percent say good credit is more important than an impressive job title and 40 percent said they favor good credit over physical fitness. It turns out it did. Plus, “driving a nice car doesn’t say whether you are paying for it, or what you’ve been doing in it or where you’re taking people in the car,” Helen Fisher , chief scientific adviser at Match. A nice car, a job title and physical fitness may say something about “who you are today,” whereas “a credit score says who you were yesterday, who you were 10 years ago … and who you’re likely to be tomorrow.

Dating site focuses on couples’ credit scores

Jennifer Murtoff, 39, wants to do just that before she accepts her next date. The Chicago freelance editor who helps city people raise fowl in their backyards is asking a question she hopes will help her weed out the losers: She could find the answer on CreditScoreDating. Plenty of other people agree. The age breakdown is somewhat similar to that of Match. Credit scores are derived from a complex formula that weighs factors such as outstanding debt, payment history and new credit lines. The three-digit number is used to predict the likelihood of delinquency on obligations from credit card bills to a mortgage.

I haven’t been on a date in a while happily married for 30 years , but one thing I might ask a person I was dating is their credit score — if I was really serious. Of course, I’m not suggesting this an easy thing to do. I had a tough time divulging this information recently for a contract. I said it was none of their business; it had nothing to do with my work. But in an age in which nothing is private and our online and financial behavior is being monitored, measured and sold all the time, I’m not sure if one’s credit score should be off limits. Credit and debt can be really important in long-term relationships.

This article is from the archive of our partner. Ah, love in the early aughts, a time when you might meet a super girl or guy, fall in love, and then find out that person has a subpar credit score and have to dump them. In order to prevent that sort of emotional bellyflopping, you should just ask first, right? Those four little words, so easy, so important, so relationship-killing:. LaShawn, 31, said, recalling how the date this year went so wrong so quickly after she tried to answer his question honestly. But wait, this is not just one weird dude with aspirations, and his flummoxed date, who did not match up, for whatever reason.

How Sexy is Your Credit Score?