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When I first came to this church, there was next to nothing. There was preaching, but that was all. Images were hunted and burned, but there was no reform. Everything was in tumult.

6 Truths About Singleness You Won’t Hear in Church

This is the post that started it all. I have just posted the written content. Nate Sparks nate. The Gospel Coalition thegospelcoalition. I am writing you regarding an important and distressing issue within your organization. I have been following The Gospel Coalition quite closely for the better part of a year now and have been deeply bothered by many of the things I have observed.

As such, I have chosen to provide a representative list of examples, carefully cited grievances demonstrating the validity of this claim. As you will see below, I have grouped these grievances thematically in order to facilitate easier reading and engagement. I encourage you to not only consider my words, but the works I have cited as well.

Read carefully each cited source and decide, is this really what you are about. What I intend to highlight are intentional, systematic injustices on which your ministry is built and from which it directly profits. As such, I invite your response to these claims. I hope you will see the pain you are causing and reconsider your actions. These things have placed a stain on the body of Christ, as you have repeatedly favored the power and privilege of an elite few men over the well-being of entire congregations.

How, precisely, are you caring for the victims when two council members of the TGC and one board member of Desiring God have openly stated that the allegations against him are false? While we are on the subject of Doug Wilson, here are some other interesting facts. Why would the TGC sell the books or feature the blog posts of a man who openly blames victims of sexual assault for their own abuse?

You have also enabled Matt Chandler. Within these covenants, members sign their lives away to the church, signing contracts that, among other things, forbid them to divorce abusive spouses without the churches permission. He even intimates, without explicitly naming her, that Hinkley is lying. I must ask, what policies and procedures does TGC require to be in place for a church to join your network?

Is there a commitment to certain standards, or do you simply require financial remuneration? If there are standards, do they include a strict policy on handling instances of abuse? If so, how are they enforced and what resources does TGC have in place to ensure the victims and their families receive fair treatment? This is an interesting approach because, as noted above, John Piper openly supports Doug Wilson, who has created an environment of unrepentant revictimization of abuse victims.

If John Piper cannot speak out against that situation, to call a friend to repentance, to what degree can we expect him to address it in his own church? Do the actions of your elders reflect the beliefs of TGC? If so, what code of conduct is there for dealing with pastors accused of abuse? In these instances, has John Piper followed this code of conduct? To be clear, he is not speaking against involving civil authorities, but given his emphasis on appeal to the church it seems clear it is not his preference.

This is further supported by noting that Piper also states that such an action must be done with concern for continued humble submission to her husband. Thus he claims:. Piper even pleas with women to go to their church before their husband ends up in jail while warning them there is no way of ensuring their church will actually care. It seems notable he does not speak at all of ways the church can be a safe haven, nor does he offer practical advice from his own extensive ministry experience.

Noting his open associations with CJ Mahaney, I again find it dubious that Piper has protecting victims at the forefront of his mind here. Within this article he made several very bothersome claims. First, he claims that women are equal in worth but have divinely appointed separate roles. It seems to me ironic that he exhorts the virtues of complementarianism when Russell Moore himself has stated that your views are not creating effectively complementarian marriages. Instead people who try to love their spouse as Christ would have them do so, despite their commitment to complementarian theology, end up in functionally egalitarian marriages instead.

Further, Meyer himself states that the headship teachings of complementarianism leave women vulnerable to abuse. Why have TGC council members teamed up with men who actively silence incidents of sex abuse? He even goes so far as to claim that a female cop pulling over a man is an affront to his masculinity and a usurping of his divinely appointed position of authority.

In what way is the TGC an organization which protects women and values their dignity? Does the TGC believe that there is no true Gospel without complementarian theology? Her father must be the authoritative presence in her courtship who protects her. However, if the young girl should buck this system at all she is asking to get raped. Does the TGC see rape as simply the consequences of non-submission?

Wilson also shows that he has no respect for women. Do you agree with Wilson here? Do you agree with using violent, aggressive, misogynist language to silence women? Voddie Baucham has made a number of strange and disturbing statements about women. A lot of men are leaving their wives for younger women because they yearn for attention from younger women. And God gave them a daughter who can give them that. And instead they go find a substitute daughter….

These old guys going and finding these substitute daughters. He does not approve of women going to college unless it is through a home study program, like the conservative Christian homeschooling program his daughter completed. If someone who comes across Baucham through TGC reads this, how do you think they would handle abuse? If their young daughter were raped by a family member, and if she recoiled at the sight of that person, would she then be spanked? Is this not a breeding ground for domestic abuse and the revictimization of sexual abuse victims?

CJ Mahaney has openly stated that women are responsible for the lust of men. He has stated to them that when a man stumbles into lust, it is because she has failed him as. Does he not encourage an environment where women are treated as sex objects, breasts and butts to be ogled when arbitrary standards of modesty are violated? Does it really uphold the dignity of women to place the weight of lust on them? What are you doing to vet the men you associate with?

Why is there no requirement for your council to distance themselves from these men? It has shown near zero actual results. Further, Wilson has expressly stated that transgender women are little more than rapists. Yet Wilson paints these persons as the enemy. He tells parents that transgender women are perverts looking to ogle and assault their daughters. So I feel some questions need answered regarding the close associations between Wilson and many persons who represent the TGC. Why have you failed to make a public statement condemning his tactics?

Why have you not removed his teachings from your website? Why do you still have links selling his books as solid biblical teaching? If a Christian is known by their fruit Matt 7: He completely ignores the fact that this has been tried before. A well-known example will demonstrate the dangers. As a result of the therapy, Turing became increasingly depressed and committed suicide.

Yet Mohler would apparently see nothing wrong with the way Turing was treated and even thinks that a fetus should be altered to prevent it from being gay if a test were ever developed that could demonstrate sexuality prenatally. He considers these people the enemies of religious liberty and persecutors of the true Christians like himself. Is it the official position of the TGC that all persons who disagree with you on a particular topic can automatically have their Christianity revoked?

Even if being gay is a sin, do you believe that sin automatically cancels out faith? Would you support a chemical reparative therapy if it should be discovered? If so, would you want a therapy which fundamentally alters the hormonal balance of a person used on a fetus in utero? How about on a small child? That is, he not only thinks that gay sex is a sin, but that their very existence is sinful. He equates attraction with lustful desire and thus he refuses to recognize that the attraction and love a gay person feels for their partner has no more to do with sex than the attraction and love a straight female feels for the male she desires to marry.

That is because Burk categorically defines being gay as a sex act either of lust or fornication while he considers being straight a default orientation. Does the TGC agree with his assessment? Is being gay automatically an act of lust? If so, why do you not call the attraction a man feels for a woman lust? It is my opinion that the seventeen grievances addressed above, and the many like them I very well could have included, demonstrate an environment of sustained and unchecked injustice festering within the TGC.

And worst of all, you have built an empire which profiteers off the abuses suffered by its subjects, all the while silencing their voices of impoverished dissent. In what way, given the multiple citations above, and the many more we both know I could have cited, is The Gospel Coalition a Christ-centered or Christ-like organization?

I enumerate these grievous offenses as a brother in Christ seeking your repentance. And thus, as a sign of good faith, I invite you to read my blog and consider its contents during your deliberation process. Thank you for your humble consideration of each of them. I will patiently await your reply. Nate Sparks: The thanks goes out to you, Nate.

Paul Maxwell offers a third and biblical approach to dating. Shepherding single Christians who desire marriage and battle Here are nine things to teach and emphasize to discontented singles in your church. But does this mean the single Christian fails to mirror the gospel? . Matt Smethurst is managing editor of The Gospel Coalition and author of Before You.

This is the post that started it all. I have just posted the written content. Nate Sparks nate. The Gospel Coalition thegospelcoalition. I am writing you regarding an important and distressing issue within your organization.

I love the church.

Is it really that big of a deal to date a non-Christian? And since dating is the first step toward marriage, it follows that Christians should not date non-Christians either.

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Injustice: An Open Letter to the Gospel Coalition by Nate Sparks: Part 2

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Matt Chandler on Finding ‘The One’