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  • FACEIT versus ESEA
  • Faceit vs ESEA vs CEVO
  • Faceit vs ESEA vs CEVO
  • Understanding the Main difference between ESEA, FACEIT and CEVO
  • Cevo matchmaking cs go
  • What is the best CSGO platform in Asia?
  • Understanding the Main difference between ESEA, FACEIT and CEVO
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  • Faceit vs ESEA vs CEVO

CEVO has been killing it lately. As this GosuGamers write-up points out , qualification will be decided by four single-elimination team playoffs. Professional teams, after all, play in so many events over the year, so condensing the process would certainly help any pro team schedule their time more wisely. Ultimately, the single-elimination qualifiers should be fun to follow—especially if a professional team is sent home by a minor team.


We advice you to try all services out and make your own opinion! If you’re like me, you get annoyed of Valve’s matchmaking pretty quickly. Either because of the high amount of cheaters or the fact that the servers provided by Valve feel terrible. However, there are other options available to you. If you just want a better experience with playing Counter-Strike or if you’re looking to play against better opponents to hone your skills, using a Third-Party website is probably better in the long run, even if it does cost money.

There are three main websites that are used and that the majority of people play on. These are: All of them have servers around the globe for you to play on and all of them have the Holy Grail that is tick. With this article I will explain how each of these services work with the features, pros, cons and which is the best overall.

Getting started with ESEA is very easy. The first thing you have to do is make an account on their website which takes 5 minutes. Then you have to download their Client onto your computer, this client is so it has all of the servers that ESEA provides and usage of their matchmaking system all in one place, making it easier for you to play. There’s a catch with ESEA however, this is the fact that you have to pay to use their services.

With the basic Premium pass, you unlock access to their servers which also features their wonderful anti-cheat client. If you have no idea how good ESEA’s anti-cheat software is, Valve requested help from them which resulted in a few professional players receiving a VAC ban. You can also sign up for their Leagues which feature money prizes. There are a few other features but none of these really matter if you just want to play PUGs. Recently ESEA have launched a big update to their systems, this update includes some nice new features.

This means that when you are searching for a game on their matchmaking like system, you will be matches with players that have around the same ELO as you, making PUGs fair and more of a challenge. You also get placed into their new ranking system with S rank being the highest, which is supposedly only achieved by professional players and D being the lowest.

You get more exciting items with the perk of being an Insider. You receive reserved slots to ‘Fragshack’ servers which are perfect for death match and aim training. You also get access to a part of their forum in which you can talk with pro players. Another interesting thing you receive is a free gift code to give your friends one month of ESEA premium for free. ESEA’s matchmaking selection screen. Matchmaking system places you in matches with players that have a similar ELO rank, making games fair and more of a challenge.

ESEA has the best anti-cheat out there so you can trust them not to put a cheater into your match. In my opinion, the best servers out of the three PUG services. High quality and it feels like if you miss, it’s your fault and not the server’s. Easy to use client which makes finding games nice and easy. Because of the cost there will be hardly any leavers or people that go AFK mid-game. Free and easy scrim setup. Cost money to play on any servers. Intrusive client, it constantly scans your PC and some people may not like this.

It scans your PC for cheats and injected software but some people don’t agree with this. I personally have no problem with it because it makes sure the games are cheat free. Another client originating in the USA, this client has many different features which may or may not be of use to you. Once you’ve made your account you should be prompted to download the client onto your computer. The client has improved a lot over the years, making it easy to use and nice to look at. Like ESEA you can pay for premium services.

This gives you access to premium servers and some other content that’s quite nifty when looking at improving your game. An example of this is when you vote for a map it gets counted twice, so your map pick has a higher chance to be voted in. You also get a chance to be a ‘PUG moderator’. What this means is that you can kick people who are being toxic in-game at your own discretion, you cannot abuse this however as kicks can be appealed and CEVO does look into the appeals. You also get unlimited access to their scrim service, you sign up as a team and can battle against other teams very easily making practice a lot easier.

CEVO have recently added a new ranking system to their servers which gives you one of 10 ranks. These ranks mean that when you use their new party matchmaking system you get placed in a server with people with a similar rank as yours. However, their system is still in place where you have to wait in a server for 10 people to join. There is also still a paywall behind this and you need MVP to have a rank and use their party system.

These two things are both new features to CEVO and they will surely improve the system once more players are buying their premium services. Free servers which allow you to join and play PUG matches without having to pay. Easy-access scrim service. You can create and join scrims very easily which makes practicing as a team a lot easier. Ranks and Party system if you purchase their premium services.

When joining a PUG you have to wait for people to join which can take a long time, meaning you may have more time waiting than actually playing the game. The anti-cheat is mediocre and the servers are free, meaning cheaters can come in as they wish. Because it’s free and people don’t care about getting banned, if they start losing a game or get annoyed they’ll just quit because there are little to no consequences for it.

FaceIt is the easiest to setup and make an account for. You simply make an account, add your Steam ID then you’re ready to play. There’s no client that you need to download which makes it easy to get into a PUG and start playing. Purchasing this means you get access to a lot more than a free user does. The best thing you receive is the fact that you can access their ladder system, this puts you in a rank and gives you an incentive to level up and play more.

With these points you can redeem things from their store such as weapon skins, pro jerseys and mousepads. You earn this currency through playing FaceIt cups which are like mini tournaments held every day for users to enter. If you purchase ‘Unlimited’ you can play an unlimited number of these cups. You can also earn these points from gaining points in the ladders and coming in the top With their Unlimited service, you also gain access to better servers, meaning you can hit shots and get a better experience with players overall.

There is a big downfall to FaceIt, however, and that’s the fact that if you’re a free user there are lots of cheaters in games. They can just join at will and cheat without any consequences. This was after they beat multiple professional teams. Their anti-cheat also has a sort of ghosting system that means players pop in and out if they are fast peeking corners.

This makes it very frustrating when trying to shoot at people because according to the server, they aren’t even there. You get unlimited access to Premium tournaments with a higher prize pool and access to ‘FaceIt Premium Prizes’. This basically means that you can redeem better things from their store and get more prizes for competing in premium ladders.

The FaceIt website on the matchmaking screen. Ladder system that means you can compete for prizes and prize money. Matchmaking which finds 10 people for you, instead of you having to wait for 9 other people. No client so it’s easier for users who don’t want to download something in-order to play. Poor server performance, often laggy and jitters a lot. Bad anti-cheat, rampant cheaters can ruin games and the ghosting system makes playing games irritating at times.

The original website is very poorly designed leaving it hard for first time users to actually find out what to do. However,, their beta website is fixing these issues. AFK and leavers in free games because there is little to no punishment for these actions. With that all said which one is actually worth your money at the end of the day? In my opinion and, this is strictly my opinion, ESEA is the best offer you can go with. Their servers are the best of the best as is their anti-cheat software.

Even though their client is quite intrusive, it doesn’t do anything malicious to your computer. FaceIt comes a close second, mainly because of the prizes. You can earn money and even get the amount that you spent on your membership back through just playing the game, but their servers are sub-par and can sometimes feel like garbage when trying to play. CEVO comes in last place.

Their premium membership is the cheapest out of the three, but once their new matchmaking and ranking system is improved they could well move up on the chart. However, their scrim service is excellent and if you wish to build your team and use strats it’s the only thing I’d recommend it for. The best free service is up to you to decide.

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NEWS Welcome to the Gfinity CS:GO Spring Series Playoffs! NEWS Spring Series CS:GO Playoff Details, Moveups/Movedowns, & Final Roster Lock. Cevo matchmaking. by Malishi 12 months ago. PUGs. Topics. 10 mans. by Geoff 2 months ago. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Page 39 of

Global Offensive , Guides 0 comments. Short answer: ESEA by a landslide! Read below to learn why.

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We advice you to try all services out and make your own opinion! If you’re like me, you get annoyed of Valve’s matchmaking pretty quickly.

Faceit vs ESEA vs CEVO

Not because I’m an elitist and don’t want to see noobs or anything like that, but because you need a good skill foundation before you’ll even see a difference. Active topics Unanswered topics. You must login or register to post new entries. Matchmaking is the process of linking players together for online playing sessions. It has seven elements — playlists, parties, lobbies, ranking, server browsers, contact lists and chat. However, there are many players who lose interest in matchmaking.

Understanding the Main difference between ESEA, FACEIT and CEVO

Global Offensive. See thru smokes in matchmaking Inferno. It was a specific update around 7mb that i applied and i am pretty sure the others didnt. Some other people reported the same issue specially in Inferno. I did my part and informed the opponents. Wins Per Rank in CS: GO Matchmaking – CS: GO Stats. Compare yourself to the average number of wins and commends in your rank.

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Cevo matchmaking cs go

If you are a fan of the Counter-Strike series, you should not miss the Global Offensive. Like other Counter-Strike series, it is an objective-based, multiplayer shooter game. You already know how it works — there will be two opposing teams known as the Counter Terrorists and Terrorists who will contend in different game modes to reach the objectives like securing a location to defuse a bomb or rescuing hostages. At the end of the round, there will be awards and the players with the best individual performance will be given in-game currency to secure more powerful weapons in the following rounds. Winning and completing objectives will give players more money or cash bonuses but uncooperative actions will lead to a penalty. Whether you are a beginner or professional, you know about matchmaking programs. Matchmaking is the process of linking players together for online playing sessions. It has seven elements — playlists, parties, lobbies, ranking, server browsers, contact lists and chat. However, there are many players who lose interest in matchmaking. If you lose interest, there are other options that you can consider. You can, for instance, consider pugging against good players, look for a team and play scrims. If you do not want this, you can try getting into leagues.


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What is the best CSGO platform in Asia?

Some people lose the drive to play matchmaking after reaching The Global Elite or are just fed up with the state of matchmaking. There are a couple of options out there. You can either start pugging against really good people, search for a team and play scrims or try to get into leagues. There are three third party companies that offer such services: After playing on them for about a year now I think that I can give pretty good insight on what these services do well. This will give you a pretty decent understanding about which service is best suited for you. You can find a breakdown of the pricing at the end of this article.

Understanding the Main difference between ESEA, FACEIT and CEVO

Knowing this problem, ESEA took an aggressive approach by providing anti-virus software to monitor the activities around the Counter-Strike. How do you is alberto del rio still dating paige know how you fare against the rest of the competition? The best free service is up to you to decide. The overall average skill on FaceIT is probably the highest. Currently, only a select amount of players need to download and install the anti-cheat client, but FaceIT will be making this mandatory for all players in the near future.

Matchmaking faceit

After playing around on the standard Valve run matchmaking present in CS: GO, the lack of quality matches and extensive amount of players cheating in some form might be enough to drive you from the game as a whole. That is where CS: GO third party matchmaking options become a useful alternative for those players tired of the clutter. Of course there are downsides to moving off of the built in system, but those will be listed alongside the positives.

Faceit vs ESEA vs CEVO

If you do not want this, you can try getting into leagues. However, there are many players who lose interest in matchmaking. Was this guide helpful? How To Get CS: There are three third party companies that offer such services:. If you lose interest, there are other options that you can consider. Relative Zoom Sensitivity for CS:

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