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The love story of Richard Castle and Kate Beckett is one that fans couldn’t wait to see. The song and dance of flirtation and tension between the two continued for multiple seasons. Some wondered if we would ever see it culminate into a relationship. Beckett couldn’t make up her mind on how she felt about Castle and yanked him back and forth like a yo-yo.

14 Most Romantic Castle and Beckett Moments

Their couple name is referred to by the duo themselves Murder, He Wrote , and most commonly referred to by shippers as Caskett. Beckett’s initial relationship with Castle was strained because she viewed him as immature and reckless. She suspected correctly that Castle was using his “research” as an excuse to pursue her, and only tolerated his presence at the request of Captain Montgomery. While she came to respect the value of his unique perspective on crime, she remained frustrated with him on a personal level.

This frustration reached a boiling point when Castle, against Beckett’s wishes, re-opened her mother’s murder case. She was angry and hurt, and requested that he ends their relationship. Only when he apologized and agreed to end the partnership did she relent and offer to let him stay ” A Death in the Family “. Castle continues to pursue Beckett, while she still fends him off. However, the flirtation is now two-way, and there are signs that she sees Castle as more than just a friend. While hotly denying it, she is clearly grief-stricken in ” When the Bough Breaks ” when it seems that Castle will be ending their partnership now that he’s finished writing Heat Wave.

In ” A Rose for Everafter “, Castle reunites with an old flame. Kyra Blaine is not what Beckett would have expected: Beckett tells Castle, “She’s real. I didn’t think you’d go for real. We also see Castle from a new perspective. He was heartbroken when Kyra never spoke to him again after a “break” in their relationship, and this puts the more shallow women he’s been with in a new light. Like Beckett, emotionally isolated after the loss of her mother, Castle avoids taking emotional risks by staying in superficial relationships.

Castle was taken hostage when their informant turned out to be the hit man himself, and Beckett was forced to kill him to save Castle. Dick Coonan died before revealing who hired him, and Castle, blaming himself, offered to end their partnership. Beckett asks him to stay. She explains that she’s “gotten used to you pulling my pigtails” and that he’s made her job more fun.

From then on, the banter between them becomes more affectionate and playful, and a genuine friendship develops. In ” Tick, Tick, Tick… “, Beckett’s jealousy is professional, not romantic, as Castle’s attention focuses on Agent Shaw, her reputation as a brilliant profiler, and her high-tech equipment. Agent Shaw immediately sees the chemistry between the two and assumes that they’re already sleeping together.

Beckett expresses horror at the idea. Shaw later comments on Beckett’s emotional isolation, and tells her that Castle genuinely cares about her. Beckett, clearly conflicted, tells her that the situation is complicated ” Boom! This does not prevent either from entering romantic entanglements with others. Castle has a fling with a movie star, not realizing that she’s really gunning for a part in the movie adaptation of Heat Wave ” The Late Shaft “.

Beckett then develops a romance with a handsome young detective, Tom Demming. This relationship becomes increasingly serious, and Castle’s jealousy makes him increasingly hostile and competitive with Demming. In ” Food to Die For “, Castle and Beckett discuss their victim, killer and the girl caught in between.

Castle says that the girl should have gone with the one she obviously truly loved, and Beckett argues that she saw the logic in staying with the one that seemed responsible and more dependable at that time, as opposed to the one with a history as a playboy that makes you feel good for a while, but has a risk of just letting you down eventually.

Castle replies that she should have just followed what the heart wanted since things would have turned out well for them as the former playboy turned out to have been planning a proposal before he died. The conversation is their indirect reference to the current situation between themselves and Demming. Beckett refuses, claiming she is busy, but it quickly becomes clear that she will be on a different beach—with Demming. Realizing that he’s lost, and Demming has won, Castle ends the partnership on the pretext that he needs to finish his book.

While he claims he will be gone for the summer, Beckett and the other detectives realize that this might be a permanent parting. Unknown to Castle, Beckett has re-examined her feelings for him. Desperate not to lose Castle, she breaks up with Demming and approaches Castle to declare her own feelings for him. But it’s too late: Castle has already planned to go to the Hamptons with another woman: Gina , his ex-wife, with whom he’s rekindled a relationship.

Castle explains this, believing that he’s gracefully stepping aside, but this crushes Kate, who waited too long and took an emotional risk for nothing. Castle returns after the summer, but does not call Beckett or the precinct. The detectives, especially Beckett, feel snubbed, and she assumes that he didn’t call because he doesn’t really care about her. Castle, for his part, assumes that she’s still with Demming and has procrastinated about contacting Beckett again because of his unrequited feelings and a sense that things might not be the same.

They are forced together when the detectives arrive at a murder scene to find Castle standing over a dead body while holding a gun. Though he explains the victim was an acquaintance that called him for help, he is arrested for murder and interrogated by Beckett at the precinct. The questioning quickly turns to a reflection of what Beckett feels was Castle abandoning her.

Stung by the snub, Beckett doesn’t want Castle back, but he eventually regains her trust. Castle and Beckett are friends, and while each wants something more, outside events and their own emotional issues keep them apart. Executive Producer Andrew Marlowe refers to this as “the dance”. The two enjoy witty banter and unresolved sexual tension, but without the fulfillment of actually engaging in a relationship. Eventually, she comes to refer to him as her partner, as if he were another officer, but tacitly acknowledging that the two are more than just friends.

Martha holds up Greg’s willingness to do absolutely anything for Amy in ” Anatomy of a Murder ” as an exemplar of passionate love, and Beckett unlike Esposito passes the attendant test, telling Castle she would break him out of prison too. Nevertheless, the two continue to pursue relationships with other people. Castle remains with his ex-wife Gina, though the relationship remains stormy and the two break up in ” Poof!

You’re Dead “. However, by this time, Beckett is now in a relationship with Josh ” Punked ” , a philanthropic doctor, whom she remains with through the rest of the season. Beckett rushes to the room scared that Castle may have been killed. But Castle has been left knowing that Tyson is free to kill again, and forced to live with the guilt at having failed.

The closing scenes of this episode clearly show their emotional connection: Beckett’s terror that Castle might be dead, and then her compassion when she sees how depressed his is over his failure. The two hold hands for the first time; “the dance” continues. As always, Castle pursues a relationship with Beckett, while she continues to fend him off. However, despite her boyfriend, it’s clear that she harbors secret feelings for him.

Dressed as Beckett and imitating her mannerisms, she’s the next best thing to the real thing. Beckett’s jealousy at seeing Castle kissing her in the elevator is obvious She deconstructs their relationship for Beckett: Beckett is shocked, but doesn’t deny the truth of Rhodes’s read of the situation. In ” Knockdown “, Castle and Beckett finally kiss for the first time. Although this is a ploy to distract a guard and save Ryan and Esposito, there is much more to the kiss than a simple ruse.

In ” Setup “, Beckett acknowledges that she and Josh are having problems, stemming from a sense that he’s not really there for her. Later, in the same episode and the second part, ” Countdown “, the two are trapped in a freezer. Huddled together and slowly dying of hypothermia, the two express the depth of their commitment to one another, and Beckett very nearly tells Castle that she loves him, but passes out just before she can finish her sentence.

Castle wakes to find Beckett being treated by Josh, who she says she thinks she has a chance with. Later, Castle is about to admit his feelings for her, but Josh walks in, and he leaves instead, heartbroken. Castle’s jealousy isn’t limited to Josh. At the end of the episode, Castle admits openly to being jealous and she responds by committing to be a “one writer girl”.

In ” To Love and Die in L. She says he’s not so bad himself. They look at each other for several seconds. As the tension builds, she backs down and walks out, terrified. In her room, she collects herself and goes back out to talk to him, but he’s already gone to bed. In ” Knockout “, Castle must choose between his relationship with Beckett and saving her life.

Montgomery and Beckett’s own father urge him to talk to her, to tell her to stop pursuing the case. Castle confronts her, and the heated conversation segues to the question of exactly what their relationship really is. The argument escalates, and she throws him out, ending the partnership. Despite his role in getting Castle to speak out against the investigation in the first place, Montgomery quickly agrees to eliminating Castle.

Beckett had expecting him to argue with her, and has second thoughts, but holds her ground. What she doesn’t count on is that Montgomery has been involved in the conspiracy from the beginning, but has also been protecting Beckett. He has Castle intervene to make sure that Beckett doesn’t get herself killed as he sacrifices himself to save her. He is only partially successful; Hal Lockwood is dead, but another assassin shoots Beckett at Montgomery’s funeral.

As she lays, seemingly dying, in Castle’s arms, he confesses that he loves her. The new season opens moments after Beckett is shot and Castle has made his declaration of love for her. Beckett survives, and tells Castle that she does not remember her shooting describing it as just everything “going blank”. She also asks Castle to give her a few days to get things back together.

Castle agrees, but days turn into months with hearing no contact from her.

In the Season 4 Finale, Castle asks Beckett out on a date, and she accepts. Their ‘friendship’ is later tested, however, when Kate learns that Castle had been. Brad Dekker is a firefighter that Kate Beckett goes on a date with after being set up by their mutual friend Lanie in The Third Man. Given his “chiseled good looks” and “rock hard abs”, he became the FDNY Calendar’s Mr. July. The second time she excuses herself, Castle meets.

He became prominent among some because of his stint of going back into a fire after saving the parents and the kids to come back for the puppies. Kate is able to get a table at Drago, a restaurant ranked by NY Ledger as one of the top ten most romantic restaurants, which also happens to be where Rick brought his date, Amanda Livingston. During their date, Kate could not stop talking about the peculiar situation of the case her team was currently working on, and Brad could not be any less interested, later even asking Kate bluntly if she wants to have sex with him. Someone took this to mean that it was “obviously the only thing he was after in the date,” but another interpretation is that he says it for shock value, just to see if he can reclaim Kate’s attention since she is so comically oblivious to him.

Beckett’s strange dating raises concerns for some members of the 12th.

These are just a few of our top heart-thumping memories from our favorite episodes. They manage to make their way out to the dance floor during the undercover operation. She finally reveals her gift to him at the end of the episode.

Kate & Rick

Their relationship has always been complicated. At first, they were just partners at work, but then they became friends and got closer. Later on, they started to have romantic feelings for one another. It is noted that they were quite possibly in love with each other, but they were too afraid to say it to each other. Kate realised she had feelings for him in the Season 2 finale.

Brad Dekker

She is portrayed by Stana Katic. Her grandfather was an amateur magician and frequently brought her to the famous Drake’s Magic Shop after school in her early teens, resulting in her fascination of the art. She is also a comic book fan, having bought her first when she was 14 and envisioning herself as Elektra if she had a choice of what character to be. She was also raised by her father to be a baseball fan. Beckett went to Stuyvesant High School , a public school in New York City reserved for highly gifted students; in ” Food to Die For “, she becomes reacquainted with her old high school friend, Madison Queller, who stated they shared 9th grade French and expressed her surprise that “the biggest scofflaw at Stuy became a cop”. She then studied pre-law at Stanford University , dreaming of becoming the first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court , before transferring to New York University after her mother’s death to pursue a career in law enforcement. Between her junior and senior year of college, she spent a semester studying in Kiev , Ukraine. Throughout the series, Beckett demonstrates functional knowledge of a broad range of general topics she has studied, to the point of having ready familiarity with and informed opinions on those topics, even in subjects she did not specialize in during her education or subsequent career, such as literature or economics. Castle occasionally remarks that he finds her intelligent and educated and that his character of Nikki Heat was written to reflect these traits. On January 9, , when she was 19, her mother, Johanna, was stabbed to death while on her way to meet with Jim and Kate for dinner.

Their couple name is referred to by the duo themselves Murder, He Wrote , and most commonly referred to by shippers as Caskett. Beckett’s initial relationship with Castle was strained because she viewed him as immature and reckless.

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И прошептал чуть насмешливо: – Llamo un medico. Вызвать доктора. Беккер поднял глаза на усыпанное родинками старческое лицо. – No, gracias. Estoy bien.

Kate Beckett

– Мы нашли Северную Дакоту. Вызовите службу безопасности. И давайте выбираться отсюда. Стратмор поднял руку, давая понять, что ему нужно подумать. Сьюзан опасливо перевела взгляд в сторону люка. Его не было видно за корпусом ТРАНСТЕКСТА, но красноватое сияние отражалось от черного кафеля подобно огню, отражающемуся ото льда. Ну давай же, вызови службу безопасности, коммандер.

Слушаю, Джабба. Металлический голос Джаббы заполнил комнату: – Мидж, я в главном банке данных. У нас тут творятся довольно странные вещи. Я хотел спросить… – Черт тебя дери, Джабба! – воскликнула Мидж.  – Именно это я и пыталась тебе втолковать. – Возможно, ничего страшного, – уклончиво сказал он, – но… – Да хватит.

Ничего страшного – это глупая болтовня.

Стратмор потерпел неудачу. Я знаю, что ты о нем думаешь. – Это не имеет никакого отношения к Попрыгунчику, – резко парировала. Вот это чистая правда, – подумал Джабба. – Послушай, Мидж, к Стратмору я не отношусь ни плохо ни хорошо.

Беккер с трудом сдерживал волнение. Его безумная поездка вот-вот закончится. Он посмотрел на ее пальцы, но не увидел никакого кольца и перевел взгляд на сумку. Вот где кольцо! – подумал.  – В сумке.

Я позвоню и все объясню. – Из самолета? – повторила.  – Что происходит. С какой стати университетский профессор… Это не университетские дела. Я позвоню и все объясню. Мне в самом деле пора идти, они связи, обещаю.

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