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Part Two: Lilit Khachatryan cast a cool eye over the two private detectives who had just barged into her office. The pair of British ex-cops had been brought in to investigate the crisis-stricken Cyprus-based bank where she worked as head of anti-money laundering compliance, and now they were asking questions about a major customer whose accounts threatened to reveal some of its darkest secrets. She needed to buy some time.

With her perfect composure, pristine suits, and Harvard MBA, Khachatryan was the organised and efficient face of an institution in chaos. FBME Bank had been accused by the US government of allowing money laundering on a vast scale for terrorists , drug traffickers , repressive dictators , organised crime groups , and financiers for the Syrian regime — and now it faced being barred from using the dollar. The partner leading the case for Quinn Emanuel was one of the most high-profile lawyers in Washington — William Burck, who was special counsel to President George W.

But now Brown and Leighton were demanding information about a particularly problematic network of accounts — belonging to a gun-loving porn baron they suspected of running a massive credit card scam through FBME. The situation could not have been more dire, but Khachatryan held on to her composure. When she was asked to produce it, she left the room silently. The better part of an hour later, Khachatryan re-emerged clutching a few loose sheets of paper that declared the porn baron was exactly the sort of person the bank would want to be doing business with.

The detectives looked at her in amazement. When they dug deeper, even her Harvard diploma turned out to be a fake. Now the very executive whose job it was to keep the bank honest had been exposed as a liar. But when the two investigators began disclosing their evidence to the US and Cyprus governments, Burck and his firm were brought back in to help silence them by suing to enforce their confidentiality agreement.

In recent years the world has woken up to the ease with which the super-rich can form offshore companies to conceal their wealth and avoid tax legally. And getting away with money laundering requires the support of powerful players within the wider global system — many of whom profit by propping up bad actors without themselves breaking any laws. It requires unscrupulous financial institutions to open accounts for nefarious individuals and their sham companies without performing proper due diligence checks; accountants to overlook red flags and vouch for the books of those corrupt institutions; correspondent banks in the West prepared to wave through suspicious dollar and euro transactions without verifying the true origin of the money; and powerful global law firms prepared to fight to silence whistleblowers and bat away attempts by governments and regulators to enforce the law.

The FBME files provide an anatomical insight into the secret workings of these powerful enablers within the global financial system — enablers that persist and flourish long after the institutions they have propped up, like FBME, finally fall. Quinn Emanuel said the payment it received from Saab Financial was entirely lawful.

They said they sidelined Brown and Leighton because they were incompetent — and that the investigators had sent false and misleading information to the US and Cypriot governments in revenge over a fee dispute. The only issues identified publicly by FinCEN, they said, were historical. Both law firms vigorously defended their work on behalf of the Saabs. Brown and Leighton also declined to comment, citing client confidentiality.

But BuzzFeed News has reconstructed their investigation using the leaked files and their detailed affidavits sent to government investigators in the US and Cyprus. The bank had the chance to confess its misdeeds to FinCEN, clean house, and regain its access to the dollar. Documents suggest some of them even considered it. This is the inside story of the rotten institution they fought for. When they landed in Cyprus in August , Brown and Leighton were plunged into a dizzying crime drama playing out in the shimmering Mediterranean heat.

In Cyprus, FBME had situated itself on a political and financial faultline that suited its aims perfectly. That would render its services all but useless. That was where the investigators came in. Brown was tall and soft-spoken, a decorated former senior detective with four bravery awards and a service injury to show for his own year career at Scotland Yard. Since retiring from the police, they had carried out internal investigations for a host of blue-chip companies grappling with allegations of fraud, money laundering, and bribery.

They cut a cultured international profile to match, speaking several languages and flying a Yak private plane on regular trips to Russia, where FBME got most of its business. Farid, in his late seventies, was the grandee of FBME, with a sparse white moustache and wire-framed spectacles perched near the end of his nose. Fadi, a decade younger, was a chain-smoking jazz pianist with a Cheshire Cat grin and a fondness for shiny, wide-lapelled suits.

The brothers were instantly welcoming, folding the two detectives into the familial embrace of the patronage they bestowed on many of their employees. But they were also quick to anger. Fadi, in particular, mixed furious outbursts with flourishes of generosity. The Saabs had cultivated extensive political contacts in both Cyprus and Russia, staff said, and they had become adept at ducking and diving to dodge the long arm of the law.

Now, with everything in jeopardy, and regulators in both the US and Cyprus crawling all over their affairs, the Saabs assembled their cavalry. Burck was an outwardly affable man with soft, round features and easy smile — but his pedigree was formidable. After graduating from Yale Law School he had spent years inside the government, prosecuting Martha Stewart and working as special counsel to President George W.

The Saabs introduced the assembled lawyers, auditors, and investigators to Khachatryan, their glamorous Armenian head of anti-money laundering compliance, with obvious pride. Self-contained and punctiliously professional, Khachatryan was unfailingly immaculate in sharp suits and stilettos and seemed to show a strong grasp of the problems facing the bank. The Saabs plainly adored her, telling the investigators she was like a daughter to them and boasting about her Harvard qualifications.

But however cultivated and hospitable the Saabs might be, and however impressive their hyper-efficient head of compliance, signs soon began to emerge that the detectives had entered a world of intrigue and skulduggery. The colleague rushed out to tackle the stranger, and dragged him into the kitchen to explain himself — whereupon Fadi greeted the newcomer warmly, conducted a hushed conversation with him in the corner, and sent him on his way. An attendee at the meeting recalled that the man turned out to be a relative of a Cypriot government official bearing a morsel of inside information.

It was becoming abundantly clear that this was no ordinary assignment. And, as they dug in, the investigators began to learn enough about their new employers to make them deeply uneasy. The two detectives had initially set up camp at the Hilton Cyprus, a five-star resort with a white marble interior and ground-floor storefront displays featuring oil paintings and fur coats. While some inside the bank maintained in their interviews that FBME had been unfairly maligned by FinCEN, others acknowledged that the bank had systematically skirted around money laundering checks on its clients for years.

Fraud ratios that high could cause trouble with card processors such as Visa and Mastercard. The ploy ultimately failed: Visa had noticed, and had commissioned an audit by the blue-chip global investigations firm Kroll, which in had uncovered the network of suspicious accounts. But he downplayed its significance. After the discovery of the suspect accounts, the Saabs had fired key figures from inside the card services division and taken steps to tighten up the checks on new customers.

But as the detectives probed further, they would discover that a senior executive inside the bank remained deeply entangled with the owner of dozens of the shady accounts inside the credit card division. And that executive was none other than the heir to the FBME kingdom: Michael Saab had been educated in American military-style schools and racked up banking experience at Merrill Lynch in London before returning to Cyprus in to run swaths of the FBME business, and he liked to talk as if he already owned the bank.

But Michael was adamant: The bank had been framed. FBME had, he said, meticulously complied with all its anti-money laundering requirements. By now, this had become their operational base, with hundreds of files stacking up and sprawling diagrams all over the walls. But, when they told him to back off, heated arguments erupted. On that occasion, they stood down. But then Michael started trying to send them on what seemed to be wild goose chases. Michael backed down on that request, Brown wrote, but continued trying to influence their inquiries.

Michael Saab sent a short statement in response to detailed questions from BuzzFeed News. The problems inside the credit card division were a particular sore spot , the detectives wrote in their affidavits. Michael kept interfering when Brown and Leighton asked about it, preventing them from accessing its accounts.

But, Brown and Leighton wrote, he also let slip that he was worried: That client was a businessman with a number of interests in pornography — and he had ties to a network of accounts that Kroll had suspected of using fake innocuous transactions to dilute their overall fraud rate in His name was familiar to Leighton. Michael had lived large with the porn baron. Leighton recalled that he told them how the pair once flew on a private jet from New York to Vancouver, then traveled down the West Coast together.

The source close to Michael said he had made no such comment. The following day, the investigators learned that Michael was holed up in his office anxiously trawling through his emails. Suddenly, their door flew open, revealing Michael with a panicked look on his face. He handed them a paper copy of an email he had sent the porn baron the year before, discussing a deal he was contemplating with a man connected to a separate network of accounts in the card services division.

FBME had sued that client for breach of contract after becoming suspicious that companies under his control were miscoding illicit transactions to make them appear innocuous, and now Michael wanted to settle. The porn baron had no connection to child pornography, but he too had been embroiled in a dispute with this other client, so Michael had turned to him for advice.

The Saabs told BuzzFeed News that by the time of this email, they had reported the client to the Cypriot financial intelligence unit. Instead, Michael was just speculating that the client could be miscoding credit card transactions to cover up his involvement in all sorts of heinous crimes — even child pornography. He put his face in his hands. Soon he became angry, pacing around the room.

In the car, Michael handed him a USB stick containing more emails — and that was how the truth finally emerged about his involvement with the rot inside the credit card division. And he corresponded directly with the porn baron about the need to lower the fraud ratio across his businesses in order to alleviate pressure from the processing giant. His friend did not want to be listed as the ultimate beneficial owner UBO of the accounts on due diligence documents, so he wanted to open them in the name of a puppet owner in Britain.

Happy to help, Michael set the process of opening the accounts in motion. When a brief delay arose, he called Khachatryan asking what the problem was. A Quinn Emanuel lawyer reading the emails became alarmed. More disturbingly, the compliance chief appeared to have complied — raising questions about her independence. She also strongly denied that she had ever taken orders from any of the Saabs; she said she was fully independent and told BuzzFeed News of how she had rejected accounts in other situations.

Michael decided the time had come to lawyer up, and he chose his own high-powered Washington attorney. The investigators needed to find out as much as they could about the porn baron in order for the lawyers to figure out a way to mount a defence. But they were having difficulty pulling up enough documentation on many of the accounts linked to his suspected credit card scam.

Kevin Roose BuzzFeed Contributor Here’s what every junior banker on Wall Street experiences on their way to becoming a real rainmaker. I work at a big name investment bank in New York and have been in Times about a sugar daddy dating site, and it was a eureka moment.

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Over a few beers after work one spring evening, two junior Goldman Sachs employees started contemplating the best ways to kill themselves.

Part Two: Lilit Khachatryan cast a cool eye over the two private detectives who had just barged into her office. The pair of British ex-cops had been brought in to investigate the crisis-stricken Cyprus-based bank where she worked as head of anti-money laundering compliance, and now they were asking questions about a major customer whose accounts threatened to reveal some of its darkest secrets.

20 Signs You’re Dating A Banker

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Buzzfeed Dating A Banker

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Dating an investment banker associate

I work at a big name investment bank in New York and have been in banking since college. I interned my freshman year and was hooked. I love making money, but frankly, it was a lot more fun in the 90s to be a banker. I still love what I do and I’d never be one of those guys you see talking about how they got laid off from Lehman and went to bake cupcakes or some shit. No, I’m a banker through and through. I have a wife and two kids. I live in suburbia, in the white picket fence sprawl outside Manhattan, but I often work late and have stayed in the city a few nights a week for years now. On those nights, I used to go to bars, frequenting various happy hours around the city where I thought there’d be hot young girls, and then sometimes alone. I would often end up failing miserably, though. I could never seal the deal, you know. Maybe was too nervous, or too old, or I was looking for the wrong kind of girls. I met a few women, but they were all older, never the young ones I wanted to be taking home.

Dating female investment bankers

It was weird and crappy and your mom should never be your wing man! Who says I want to be struggling to pick up loose change! Put the money in my hand dang it! This list is why I got an office job that deals with money on paper, because people are rude and think their always right. When most of the time they are not. Like what made you feel like you had to do that?

The Woes of Wall Street: Why Young Bankers Are So Miserable

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Summers reports on hospitality, travel and real estate. Contact this reporter at mariah. After grounding all of its flights Wednesday morning for more than an hour, United faces a costly recovery process. The company’s new fathom brand of “social impact” cruises will head for Cuba in spring , making it the first U. The government is looking into allegations of collusion among big airlines. But where does loose talk end and conspiracies begin? The promotion to celebrate ” million customers already this year” has been shared more than 60, times, which would be impressive if it wasn’t a hoax. In a presentation to investors, the company said onboard Wi-Fi will hit broadband speeds within five years, and be available on many more flights.

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