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Bulova Watch Identification Guide

Throughout the decades since the company’s founding, Bulova produced pieces that represented many of the latest and greatest trends in luxury watches. It is nearly impossible to date a Bulova watch made between and without the help of an expert, but for those made in later years, the date can usually be identified through the use of a special code. Certain stylistic elements common to each decade can also help you date the watch. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time.

This article has also been viewed 17, times. Learn more. Learn more Method 1. Locate the date code. Genuine Bulova watches manufactured between and should all have an imprinted date code marked somewhere on the watch. Once you locate and identify the date code, you should know the year during which that watch was manufactured. Bulova watches made between and are marked with a date code symbol.

These symbols are typically located on the inside movement of the watch, so you or a professional jeweler will need to open the watch to locate the code. Bulova watches made between and are marked with a two-digit alpha-numeric date code. This code is typically found on the outside backcase of the watch, just below the serial number. Opening the watch should not be necessary.

Note that these codes only specify the manufacture date of the watch. It is possible that the watch did not go into circulation until a later date, but there is no way of identifying the exact year a specific watch went on the market. Also note that many Bulova watches also have a serial number listed on the backcase, but this number cannot be used to date the watch and only served as a method of identification. Match the symbol for pre watches. If there is no alpha-numeric code on the backcase of the watch, it probably dates back further than You will need to check the inside movement of the watch for a pictorial date symbol to identify the manufacture date.

Note that some dates share symbols with other years. When in doubt, you should cross-check the date symbol with the watch style to determine which era the watch likely fell into. The date symbols are as follows: Translate the code for post watches. For Bulova watches created in or later, the manufacturer switched to a two-digit alpha-numeric code system.

These codes are usually found on the backcase, but some can be found on the inside movement near the set-screw. The first digit of the code corresponds to the decade. The second digit of the code corresponds to the specific year. The decade codes are as follows: L s: M s: N s: P s: T s: A The second digit of the code matches the ending digit of the year in which the watch was manufactured.

When “0” is used, the end of the year was a “0” , , , and so on. When “1” is used, the end date of the year was a “1” , , , and so on. This pattern continues for digits “0” through “9. A Bulova watch marked with “T8” was manufactured in Method 2. Understand when and how to use appearance for dating. Since Bulova watches are marked with date codes, you won’t usually need to rely on the watch appearance for dating purposes.

There are some circumstances that make this a beneficial practice to know, however. For example, if the date code has worn away or is otherwise obscured, your next best option is to date the watch by appearance. An understanding of watch styles can also help you narrow down a date for pre Bulova watches. Some of the date symbols used for these watches were shared with watches of other decades. For instance, the asterisk marked watches manufactured in both and Knowing the difference between a s style watch and a s style watch can help you determine which date or an asterisk-marked Bulova was made in.

Note that dating a watch by style will only tell you the decade the watch likely came from, not the exact year. Identify key s elements. Most Bulova watches from the s feature a “deco” style common to other fashions and decorations of the decade. Look at the style of the watch face. The sides and front of the metal will usually be decorated with engraved patterns.

Look for markings of s style. Watches of the s were smoother and more elegant than those of the previous decade. The lines of the watch are generally fairly clean. Watch faces no longer had much engraving on them, and when engravings were used, they were minimal. Square watch faces came into fashion during the s. Rounded faces were still common, especially early in the era, but rectangular faces were more prevalent in the later part of the decade.

Watches in general had a more straightforward, “masculine” appearance during this decade. Date a watch made in the s. Watches made in the s were very similar to those made in the late s, but the designs were even more rigid. The lines and angles were much more rigid, with very few rounded edges. Rectangular watch faces were common, while founded faces were fairly rare.

Watch faces were small, but the designs were bold and blocky. The hour markers were quite simple, though. Know which style elements were common to the s. Watches manufactured during the s were more decorative than in the previous two decades. This decade marked an era of technological and scientific advancements, and this trend shows up in most watch styles of the decade. Many watches took on what would have been a “futuristic” appearance.

Bold, fancy watch faces were back in style. The numbers and hour markers became elaborate again, and the metal surrounding the watch face was often curved or angled in a decorative, rather than straightforward, manner. Rectangular faces were still common, but rounded faces came back into style again. Note s style elements. During the s, watches were bolder and took on an appearance inspired by the modern art era.

Most watch faces were round and notably larger than in past decades. The metal surrounding the face was usually quite thin and simple. The hands of the watch were usually wider, yet they also came to a sharper, more defined point. Consider key markings from the s. In thee s, watches were heavy, big, and fairly flashy. Square faces were back in style.

The metal surrounding the watch face was simple yet heavy and blocky. Hour digits were somewhat rare, and most watches marked the hours exclusively with lines or dashes. Metal bands were more common than ones made of leather. Consider an expert appraisal for watches past the s. Many watch styles from the s and beyond were quite varied, making it difficult to pinpoint a specific style to a specific decade.

If you suspect that your Bulova watch originated during one of these decades, you may need to turn to an expert jeweler or appraiser for a more exact idea of the likely date. That being said, there were still a few key design elements were noting from each decade. During the s, metal watch bands and simple hour marking were in style. In the s, decorative leather bands and hour digits came back into fashion, but metal bands and plain hour markings were also common enough.

Once the s hit, watches of nearly all previous style eras could be found on the market. Checking eBay is a good start. You can also check chrono Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. Unanswered Questions. How do I find out what year my Bulova watch was made?

The following tables will help you date your vintage Bulova watch. Watches dated post have a 2 alpha-numeric date code on the outside backcase, whilst. Bulova Case Serial Numbers. Case Serial No. Year , Accutron Pocket Watch, Accutron -, , Westchester, 21 , Accutron Date & Day, .

Search this site for. Bulova Serial numbers indicating production dates. Buy Watches. Company History. Date your watch.

Throughout the decades since the company’s founding, Bulova produced pieces that represented many of the latest and greatest trends in luxury watches. It is nearly impossible to date a Bulova watch made between and without the help of an expert, but for those made in later years, the date can usually be identified through the use of a special code.

Bulova watches can be identified with a reasonable degree of certainty, due to the existence of a body of work gathered by collectors over the years. Bulova watches are not marked with names or identification codes that allow you to simply look at the watch and derive the model and age. Rather, you have to do a bit of research and try to match case styles to online resources.

How to Identify a Bulova Watch

Posted by flopez19 on Mar 05, Serial numbers are generally on the back of the watch. You may be able to find two or three numbers on the watch. A case number, a movement number and a serial number. Alternatively you might find a style number which in your case is 26B44 and a serial number. Posted on Mar 05,

Brief History: Bulova Watch Company

For purposes of assigning a date, Bulova watches break down nicely into three basic groups: Those three date ranges are differentiated by the presence or absence of certain case and movement markings as well as the nature of any such markings, as explained below. In general, for all time periods, it is important to understand that Bulova watches never provide an obvious date of manufacture anywhere on the watch. Rather, the date must be “de-coded” using symbols, serial numbers, and two-character codes placed on various parts of the watch. These codes and the manner in which they should be interpreted is the subject of this article. Many observers of Bulova watches are confused by the sometimes seen patent dates stamped on the inside of some Bulova watch cases, and they misinterpret such dates as the time of manufacture. In point of fact, those patent dates apply only to certain aspects of the case design and indicate only when those general designs were patented. Those designs were used on many watches produced over a number of years, and the applicable patent date in no way indicates when any particular watch was produced. Below are images showing the two patent dates that often cause confusion.

The first step in identifying a Bulova watch is to ensure that the watch is a legitimate, genuine Bulova.

In , Joseph Bulova, a Bohemian immigrant, started the J. Begun as a wholesale jeweler, the company produced small table clocks and good-quality pocket watches, By , driven by the increased demand for wristwatches, Bulova built a factory in Bienne, Switzerland that was capable of mass-producing fully-jeweled wristwatch movements in large numbers. For the most part, these movements were cased and timed in the USA before shipment to retailers. Under Joseph Bulova’s guidance, Bulova became a world-leader in the mass production of reliable, good-quality wristwatches.

Determining the Authenticity and Identity of a Bulova Watch

The information below was gathered and amalgamated from various sources on the Internet. Sadly, I didn’t keep a record of where it all came from, but none of it is my own work. I can at least say thanks to Agent Orange, JoT, “mach 0. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of any of this information, but I’ve found it useful as a first step in estimating dates of manufacture for some of the watches in my collection. Serial numbers may be found on movements, case backs or dials depending on the make, model and age of the watch in question. It’s not unusual to find movements that are one or two years older than the cases containing them. So, how old is your watch? Read on! Bulova used a two character identification system. The first character is a letter defining the decade of manufacture: So “M6”, for example, is

Where Do You Find the Serial Number on a Bulova Watch?

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How do I find my serial number on my bulova watch

Since, when Czech immigrant Joseph Bulova established the Bulova watch factory in New York, Bulova has come to symbolize high-quality, affordable watches. You should purchase a Bulova watch with care. The popularity of Bulova watches has resulted in fake watches made with the name Bulova. If you have a Bulova watch that may be a valuable vintage watch, you should verify its authenticity before attempting to sell or auction the watch. Look in the telephone yellow pages for a Bulova watch dealer or jeweler who deals in Bulova watches. You can also search on the Internet for the nearest Bulova dealer or jeweler who deals in vintage watches.

Bulova Date Codes

Finding out what model your Bulova watch is can be quite challenging. This is because there are no model numbers stamped on them. Using this information, you can compare your watch to the models that were made during that time period to identify the model. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 13 references. Die Bulova Modellnummer herausfinden. Learn more.

Bulova Pocket Watch Serial Number Lookup

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