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And so begins Phone Swap, a new dating show in which two singletons exchange phones with potential partners. Check your camera roll, add some things to make you look like a better person — meditation sounds, language apps? But alas, it really does appear that the show-makers stopped their charges having a quick blitz … or perhaps Demi just forgot to bin her nudes. BBC3 has been playing with this conceit for a while now, with previous shorts featuring colleagues and family members swapping phones. In reality, though, this social experiment translates into rifling through porn and texts from exes , and dealing with the odd overly-sentimental date.

Phone Swap: the dating show that swipes through your ex’s texts

The BBC has been a pioneer. They have been the first to invest in technology like the iPlayer, which has done a great job. It should just be the BBC. Shane says this has my name all over it …. Fancy sharing your dating dramas with the world? As data has grown and given people more means of communication, so technology has advanced to bring people even closer than ever — or has it? With social networking sites connecting friends via a number of platforms, the cyber highway has taken networking to the next level — literally.

Assistant producer, Alana McVerry, says: Or does it make us more likely to find a good match? When I first heard about it I said sure sounds good, then Marie wrote on twitter saying, would I like to be on TV again. And what is the link with welovedates. The Year of Making love … and How to have more sex …. I would have to be some sort of sadistic guy to put myself through it all again. And frankly this has such a small amount of information about its actual purpose. If it was a good BBC programme, it would mention both sides really?

Anyway unless I hear differently from Marie Northon and the rest of the production team, its going to be no. Thanks to Teknoteacher for the tweet … alerting me to the Times review. Just as I feared …. Yes science we all shout…! They should have matched up half of them at random. That would have been interesting. Yes most people who watch BBC Three would yawn but thats part of the reason why I personally took part ….

But I leave you with this fun section…. Essentially, personality-profiler Thomas and behavioural-psychologist Emma have analysed the assembled single masses and paired them off with one another. Imagine Yente, the matchmaker in Fiddler on the Roof, if she exchanged the layered shawls for a lab coat. However last night it was time for the whole thing to be played out on BBC Three.

Nope the TV magic or the beauty of editing pretty much cleaned away the slate of last year. With it also the grand claims of a record breaking attempt, couples, blah blah, etc …. Interestingly during the show there was no official hashtag, so we used the yoml hashtag which a few of us had been using during last years recording. Most of the comments were reasonably positive about the show which seemed to focus more on the couples than the experiment and process.

Was I in the show? Yes I saw myself twice but only really passing shots. Most of the shots for the show focused on the start of the day when everyone was happy and still expecting great things to happen. However there are some shots where its clear the audience has thinned and are a lot less enthusiastic about the whole thing. In actually fact there was other signs of the conflict which was unveiling….

To which I said no its not… Actually the science or luck is a interesting one … Being TV and the heavy editing they will show a selection of couples with a bias to the ones who last the longest. I would suggest luck is in play more than science at this moment. With enough Big Data can algorithms work on some of the most human of things… falling in love? Yeah, very true, the science was brushed over very quickly.

TV has really strict guidelines about faking things, and we know there was lots of manipulation going on so they clearly had to be very vague about it! Actually we were asked to make personal videos which you will see popping up on the show now and there… Of course I did my own and I have now made it public here.

My part to play in it was minimum which was good because frankly Laura is a great woman and I have to say my match which I finally got after many months , seemed slightly off on the face of it. Actually would you like to know who my match was? Plus frankly I had enough of it by a certain point…. Would I ever do anything like this again? Just there looking for stardom?! I think the not knowing was the problem.

Our aim is to add a physical understanding of the subject to the mental and emotional impact of traditional Newsround journalism. As things gear up for next season, it will be interesting to see whats changed. The lack of interest and push indicates to me, this show will go down without any major fan-fare or flames. Maybe the BBC will think again before entering the world of dating and love?

Got to say, it might pass without any real comment. But they seem to be recruiting for part 2, cover there tracks or trying to rescue the year of making love… A friend removed details just incase , sent this to me, I first thought it was a old email but when I looked at it again, I noticed the date was way after the epic fail which was the year of making love event. Flanagain, Kerry, Fevermedia [kerry. Exciting new BBC Three show looking for single people to take part!

The show will put the new science of compatibility to the test and in order to do this we are looking for single men and women that would be interested in going on a date with their perfect partner. I have attached a flyer to this email, it would be great if you can pass this onto your students via the intranet, or display it somewhere? Anyone that is interested can contact the team using the details on the flyer and someone will get back to them ASAP.

Can the you retweet the link to our application stage please? Our twitter account is yearofmakingluv And to post the following on your facebook page please:. Would you like to be set up with your ideal date in a ground breaking scientific dating experiment? Fever Media and BBC3 are looking to fond you the perfect match! To take part please call or email your details toyearoflove fevermedia.

But this time it might be that they stacking the deck as such this time to be sure? Once again, the scientific experiment is just a washed away in the aim of creating TV. First of all, thank you very much for attending. As you know, hundreds of people joined us on Saturday in Bedfordshire. I and the entire team are extremely sorry for the difficulties you faced. By way of explanation I want to say a few things about the day.

We invited people to the event, all of whom had been carefully matched in advance by our experts. You held up your side of the deal by coming along on Saturday. Unfortunately, we were surprised by the high number of people who did not arrive at the venue. This was entirely unexpected, since every single person who was invited had confirmed their attendance with the production team in the days prior to the event. The contributors who did not turn up caused a large number of problems for us throughout the day, and had a serious knock on effect on the smooth running of the event.

When it became clear early on Saturday morning that some contributors had not got onto their coach, our team immediately began to call around those individuals to try to get them to the venue. As the day progressed more and more people were turning up who had not got on their original coach but had instead made their own way to the venue. We also decided to delay some coaches to give people more time to get to the venue.

This meant people were arriving later and in larger numbers than planned which caused queues and a delay in the registration process. Later in the afternoon, it did become clear that for a number of you, your match was unfortunately not going to turn up. Unfortunately, a number of people who had registered on the day left the venue during the afternoon without first informing anyone on the production team. If you are one of those people I hope you trust we tried to do what we could in difficult circumstances.

From my point of view, having one unhappy contributor is not acceptable, so I am extremely disappointed that some of our contributors feel let down. We could not have made this event happen without our contributors and I do thank you for being there on the day. I should also let you know that we will be contacting everyone who did not turn up on the day to try to find out why.

We are also looking in to the possibility of putting people in contact with their original matches but this is entirely dependant on two way consent. Finally, should you wish to share your thoughts with us, I would genuinely welcome your feedback. We are working through the emails we have received, but if you have anything more to add the best way to reach us is at yoml-update fevermedia.

Thank you again for taking part and please accept our apologies. Fever Media Finally a better understanding of what was going on in the background. If only this was made clear during the event instead of keeping it a bloody secret. Theres also no information to say if the show will go ahead in its current form or greatly changed? Fevermedia once again blame us and not themselves. Are they really surprised people started leaving when there was no communication? They must have known the risks, this is why they had researchers calling us up right to the last moment.

One of the guys I met on the day from Manchester, received a call on the coach up from one of the researchers asking if he was on the coach or not. I never can explain to people who were not there how frustrating the whole event was… Even now a week later 8pm its crazy to think at this time last week I had not eaten or drank for close to 8 hours. The intriguing nature of meeting my perfect match kept me at the venue and there should have been a system or solution to keep people informed if they went away, even to the toilet.

The idea of matching people in front of the cameras blindsided the whole process till it became very clear it was totally impossible. Not sure when Fevermedia caught on to this fact but it was certainly hours after everyone else.

at the series about an experiment to create scientifically-compatible couples. of Making Love experiment launches with Britain’s biggest ever blind date. BBC Three has announced that Zai Bennett, Controller BBC Three and Sean of matchmaking to the test in a major new documentary experiment. as scientifically robust) employed by online dating agencies and other.

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If there was ever a week to go full-on telly mode, this is it.

The BBC has been a pioneer. They have been the first to invest in technology like the iPlayer, which has done a great job.

New mass dating TV series by the BBC

Choosing to Die taking the award for single documentary. Our War marked the year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, telling the story of the conflict through the words and pictures of the young soldiers themselves; while Choosing to Die saw Sir Pratchett, best known for his Discworld series of novels, exploring the issue of assisted suicide. The Experiments. Channel 4 News also picked up the prize for best News Coverage, for its reporting on the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disasters. Realscreen title, tagline and logo are trademarks of, and the events are produced by Brunico Marketing Inc.

Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

Yesterday the corporation revealed a new set of logos for its little watched channel BBC3, costing more than a pound for every viewer. While the channel only pulls in on average about 2 per cent of the TV audience, the corporation decided to splash the cash on a revamp. Many staff are angry that some of the 1, jobs being axed by the corporation, could have been saved with the money lavished on the new look. MPs also recently said the case for keeping the Corporation’s little-watched channels “has not yet been wholly justified”. Yesterday Conservative MP Philip Davies who sits on the culture, media and sport select committee branded the logo change a complete waste of money. He said: I am sure all the people at the BBC that face losing their jobs because it does not have enough money, will be raising their eyebrows. Yet it gets just a tenth of BBC1’s figures. BBC bosses were heralding yesterday’s launch as the “rebirth” of the channel, perhaps aimed at silencing it critics of the past. The corporation says it is making BBC3 its first multi-platform channel, simulcasting all programmes on the internet.

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In the first experiment of its kind, The Year Of Making Love will put the science behind finding love under the microscope. Three experts will use compatibility tests regarded as scientifically robust employed by online dating agencies and other match-making services to create hundreds of brand new couples on day one of the experiment. Once the singletons have met their ‘perfect’ match, the experts – and cameras – will follow the ups and downs of the relationships as they develop over the course of the year.

“Our War,” “Choosing to Die” triumph at BAFTA TV awards

Miss Holland Play video. Best of BBC Three: Entertainment miss holland, posh, class, etiquette, lessons, butler, guide, how to, royal, eline, eline van der velden, beauty queen, comedy, parody, holland, dutch, bbc3, bbc 3, bbc three, prince, harry, william, charles. She’s found a suitable candidate and she’s meeting him for a first date to plan their future together – but will he be “switched on” by her and become her Great British love? And what will happen if her plans go awry? Entertainment miss holand, date, eline van der velden, beauty queen, miss holland, comedy, parody, holland, dutch, social experiment, first date, boyfriend, ginger, bbc3, bbc 3, bbc three. And will the male players get naked and want to wear her dress? All is very nearly revealed Entertainment miss holland, eline van der velden, beauty queen, parody, holland, dutch, bbc3, bbc 3, bbc three, netherlands, great, british, sport, rugby, comedy, shorts, tennis, games, funny, silly. Entertainment islam, christianity, muslim, christians, miss holland, comedy, shorts, lessons, guide, eline, eline van der velden, beauty queen, parody, holland, dutch, bbc3, bbc 3, bbc three, netherlands, priest, imam, religious, learning, jesus, kanye west.

BBC Three moves online after final night as TV channel

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The Year of Making Love

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BBC3 (PUMA) regulates developmental apoptosis but not axonal injury induced death in the retina

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£400,000 for new BBC3 logos – that’s £1 for every viewer

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Disgusting Search History And Secret Cross-Dressing Photos – Couples Phone Swap