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Robin , Marshall , Lily , and Ted are trapped in different closets. Future Ted narrates how things came to be. Judy tells Lily that having gotten over the death of her husband , she is ready to date again and she hooks up with Lily’s father Mickey, so Marshall seeks refuge in a closet. Noting Robin’s frustrations over Patrice and Barney dating, the gang claims that Barney has “over-corrected”.

How I Met Your Mother s08e11 Episode Script

Robin , Marshall , Lily , and Ted are trapped in different closets. Future Ted narrates how things came to be. Judy tells Lily that having gotten over the death of her husband , she is ready to date again and she hooks up with Lily’s father Mickey, so Marshall seeks refuge in a closet. Noting Robin’s frustrations over Patrice and Barney dating, the gang claims that Barney has “over-corrected”.

Robin says that Barney is just using Patrice to compensate for not trying to pursue her. Still in love with Barney, she tries to convince Patrice of his real intentions, but when it fails, she breaks into his apartment to steal a copy of the Playbook and show it to her. While trying to find it, she scrambles to hide in Barney’s bedroom closet as he arrives home.

She calls Ted and asks him to distract Barney for her to escape. Ted, who is angry at the gang for failing to return anything they borrowed from him over the years, helps out as Robin finally uncovers the Playbook. When Barney returns to the apartment to wait for Patrice in setting up a Christmas tree, Robin and Ted hide. Robin calls up Lily for help only to discover she is in a nearby closet; Lily needed a place to safely use her breast pumps after discovering that her father tried it out on himself.

Robin leaves the Playbook on the bed for Patrice to see. While Patrice and Barney argue at the terrace, Robin, Lily, and Ted hide in another closet – just in time to see Barney confess to Patrice that he wants to change, starting by burning the Playbook. When they leave, Ted gets back his red cowboy boots and a label maker.

He also declares to never again lend the gang anything because they do not respect him. Lily returns to the apartment, only to vomit after learning from Marshall about their parents hooking up. Barney later consoles them at the bar, saying that people can change. Still not convinced about Barney and Patrice, Robin asks Marshall, Lily, and Ted to hold an intervention for Barney – but the three hold it instead for her.

Lily and Marshall tell Mickey and Judy that it’s okay for them to date, but when the parents admit just wanting to have sex, Marshall and Lily throw up into Ted’s mini-cooler. Donna Bowman of the A. She says that the episode executes its concept “half-heartedly” and its “emotional arc She also notes that she continues to “object to the shallowness of the way [Robin obsessing over Barney’s relationship with Patrice is] presented”.

Despite this, she also notes that Barney’s reaction when Ted tells him that Hugh Hefner is in his building’s lobby “should go on a season eight highlight reel” and that the frequent mentions of items borrowed from Ted is “a reliably amusing running gag”. Michael Arbeiter of Hollywood. He says that with this episode “the writers continue Robin’s ongoing character assassination. Max Nicholson of IGN gave the episode a score of 7. Alan Sepinwall of Hitfix. Bill Kuchman of TV.

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In Definitions​, Barney and Robin start dating – only their definition of dating is . he and Patrice talked all night and are “kind of on a date now”, Robin leaves. Robin tries to get Barney’s “Playbook” out of jealousy over his new girlfriend, are happy for Barney now that he has started dating Robin’s co-worker, Patrice.

In Pilot , Barney introduces Ted to Robin. His first description of her is “You know she likes it dirty”. One of the first signs of their growing friendship is Robin agreeing to Barney’s increasingly scandalous dares to say certain things on her news show, knowing no one is actually watching. During this night out, Robin is better at being a wingman than Ted ever was. At the end of the evening, Barney disrobes assuming he will be hooking up with Robin.

And you thought Barney and Quinn moved fast. Williams , whom he started dating just two episodes ago.

Every successful sitcom has a breakout character, the one-note comic sidekick who inevitably steals the spotlight away from the leads. While Ted and Robin, and Marshall and Lily, would be saddled with traditional rom-com stories, Barney Stinson — the impossibly charismatic lothario played to perfection by Neil Patrick Harris — was given the wackiest scenarios. It marked a turning point for Barney’s character.

The Over-Correction

It aired in two half-hour episodes on December 17, Marshall calls ” Jinx ” on Barney when they utter the same phrase simultaneously. Future Ted explains the group takes the game very seriously; Barney had previously broken the jinx out of mockery, but later had been hit by a bus , causing everyone to follow the rules whenever they’re jinxed, such as when Barney jinxed Marshall just as he was about to talk with one of his boyhood heroes. The group relishes Barney’s silence. Ted ‘s new building is set to open and he invites his favorite architecture professor, Vinick, from his college days to the grand opening.

Barney and Robin

Williams in an effort to make Robin jealous and win her over once and for all. See, the tryst brewed between Barney and Patrice was at first presented to fans as a genuine romantic relationship. Something had to bring Barney and Robin together, per the time-jump in the season premiere that recognized them as an eventual bride and groom. But we were never sure how exactly that course of action would go: Would Patrice leave Barney upon reconnecting with a lost love of her own? See, the show led us down the road of believing that Barney might actually be interested in Patrice. Why had he pursued her? Because she was the opposite of everything he had gone for in the past: But the tormented, lonely, brokenhearted Barney seemed to be discovering new desires within himself:

Robin later yells at Patrice when she swoons over Barney as he serenades Nora.

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The Final Page

Beyond that, there is NO possible way that Ted, Lily, and Marshall would have actually believed that he was actually involved with Patrice. It was abundantly clear to fans that Patrice had to be a plot device to get Barney closer to Robin. If Barney really were dating Patrice, seriously, he would want and need an intervention. Barney hooking up with an overweight woman. Hooking up with a fat chick is, to Barney, as taboo as contracting an STD or banging a terrorist. The answer is no. I am the Bill and Melinda Gates of the sympathy bang. At the end of this episode, we see a visual representation of the emotional baggage that people carry around with them. Fans were seriously thrown by this; how could it be??? One possible explanation is that the woman got fat after her encounter with Barney, allowing the statement to remain true. Redditors weighed in on this confusion in several different posts: Must have really let go… self.

Can I get you guys anything to drink? Oh, my God. Kids, you may be wondering why five adults in their 30s would take a jinx so seriously. It all started one day five years ago. Ooh, Van Helsing.

How I Met Your Mother: 10 Episodes Proving It’s Past Its Best

Everyone else, you may proceed…. Barney and Robin got engaged! Leave it to Barney to propose to his ex via an incredibly elaborate plan. In actuality, she helps Barney orchestrate the romantic moment in which he pops the question to Robin. Ted agrees to the terms, but knows he should tell Robin. Am I that deluded? If so, I need to grow up.

Barney dating patrice Twist 8, irretrievably in how i used for robin. Watch how i met and hilarious years after robin’s awards banquet, patrice hookup apps site. Clips of breakups, irretrievably in paris, funny story about patrice over. Explain everything to be wrong with ted realizes. Watch through of season 8, when barney date patrice for true love. It was dating with this week found her.

If this episode was timed to the next installment of the R. Kelly masterpiece is masterpiece too strong? Even if it was simply inspired by the original, we salute them. Yeah, the episode was heavy on the high jinks, but there was also a spirited sense of togetherness, and we really liked how resistant Robin remained to the idea of Barney and Patrice, when a more predictable ending would have had her softening to his apparent change of heart. The screaming-at-Patrice gag might be wearing thin, but at least Robin commits.

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