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In 2008, St. Mary's  small parish of approximately 200 families in Barnesville, Maryland, began a twinning relationship with St. Joseph's parish in rural, isolated and  impoverished Carcasse, Haiti. Carcasse is located on the southwest coast of Haiti which is both on the coast and in a mountainous region.  

Our world became forever brighter as the love of Christ radiated to us from this charming and kind people.

We helped to bring the first-ever medical mission and doctor to Carcasse soon thereafter. We built a much-needed primary/secondary school and brought in computers. We collaborated with Global Solace to install solar panel energy. We helped farmers form a coffee association in order to sell their coffee to JUST HAITI using its FAIR TRADE PLUS pricing model. We built a rectory/community gathering place. We pay the teachers' salaries.

We love the people and we try to do all we can within our limited means as a small rural parish.  Help from friends like you greatly expands what we can do in Carcasse.

In October 2016,  Hurricane Matthew DEVASTATED Carcasse. Initial reports say that 4 people died in the initial casualties, many more were injured,  90% of the homes are gone, the crops are gone, the church is gone, the school sustained massive damage and will have to undergo massive reconstruction before it can be used again. The only road in and out was destroyed. 500 people are living in the modest rectory/gathering space.  Cholera is threatening to take many more lives.

Please, we NEED your help to help them.